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Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Name T'Lanna Vali

Position Foreign Area Officer | Ship's Psychologist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Other Names T’Lanna, Lanna or anna
Gender Cisgender Female
Species Vulcan/Betazoid
Age 36
Sexuality Straight

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description T'Lanna is an attractive young woman, she has the long brown hair of her Betazoid heritage and the pointed ears and slightly raised eyebrows of her Vulcan heritage. She has an ocular implant for her right eye due to her Borg heritage.


Children Son - Jayce (father Jason Sheridan - Deceased) - born Dec 2393
Father Solan - Admiral, Starfleet
Mother Deanna Vali
Other Family Various extended family on both Betazed and Vulcan.

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Lanna isn't your a-typical Vulcan, she's an ex-Borg whose spent years learning what it is to be human again.

T'Lanna is as emotional as everyone else, she is trained in Vulcan meditation techniques but has chosen to be emotional rather than purge herself of emotion. Much to the disapproval of her Vulcan father.

T'Lanna has an array of Borg implants left in her body, mostly in her spine, brain stem, brain and skull. She has an implant visible under her hair above her left ear. Her right eye is an ocular implant.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths;
- Telepathic: Line of sight and touch telepath
- Empathic
- Skilled in the use of the Vulcan mild meld
- Loyal
- Possesses limited Borg knowledge

- Her emotions can undermine her logic
- Let's others opinions of ex-Borg trouble her too much.
Ambitions T'Lanna wants nothing more than to be accepted for who she is, not who she used to be. She wants to be the best mother she can be and do her father’s memory proud.
Hobbies & Interests T'Lanna enjoys;
- Reading
- Holodeck time
- Collecting souvenirs of places she's visited
- Movies and movie nights in
- Meditation

Personal History The true T’Lanna Vali is dead, killed during a Borg attack, along with her mother. Until one night when an out of control Borg Sphere crash landed on one of Vulcan’s moons. Sent to investigate, and gain knowledge T’Lanna’s father came face to face with an exact duplicate of his daughter, barely alive he saved her and raised her as his own.

As far as T'Lanna knows she was born aboard the USS Vulcan her father's ship, named after its home world which was exploring the outer regions when her mother went into labour. The birth was an uncomplicated one and her father was proud to have a daughter bearing his Vulcan heritage, her pointed ears and raised eyebrows evident at that tender age.

As far as T’Lanna knows it was the night after her 5th birthday when the ship encountered the Borg, those on landing party duty were lucky enough to escape but the ship and all those on it were assimilated including T'Lanna. Her father was lucky enough to escape protected by the crew but there was little they could do for T'Lanna and her mother. It wasn't until six years later that T'Lanna was liberated when a scout ship she was on was brought down by a powerful solar storm.

It took the next five years for T'Lanna to readjust to being anything near Humanoid again, before she made the decision to enrol at Betazed University studying Psychology. Her perseverance made her tutors proud and her father even more proud although he wasn't so pleased with decision not to purge her emotions.

Upon graduation from Betazed University she applied for and enrolled at Starfleet Academy, sponsored by her father. She spent the next four years on the Psychology track, alongside the expected Academy studies. She graduated one of the top students in her field.

Upon graduation from the Acadeny T'Lanna moved onto her Clinical psychology residency. A further four years later she took her first major position at JAG headquarters on Earth as Victim Advocate and Resident Psychologist. She has since served aboard two Starships, before being assigned to the USS Standing Bear as ship's Psychologist.

During her time aboard the USS Atlantia T’Lanna met Jason Sheridan, the two hit it off big time and in the three years she served onboard they became very close friends. It was during a party aboard ship that the two ended up having one drink too many and woke up in bed together the following morning. They were planning on talking about it when Jason returned from landing party duty but he was lost along with several others when talks went dramatically wrong.
T’Lanna is now expecting her’s and Jason’s baby, she’s looking forward to being a mother.

After an encounter with aliens who kidnapped and experimented on the crew, T’Lanna’s pregnancy was accelerated to seven months. Shortly afterwards she went into early labour, resulting in a caesarian. She decided to call her son Jayce in memory of his late father.

After a problem with Jayce’s health, T’Lanna discovered that when she was born she had a genetic heart defect. The defect was repaired when she was a baby, but the lack of knowledge about it unwittingly put her son at risk.

After the death of her father at the hands of the Andorians, T’Lanna was surprised to be offered the position of Diplomatic Attaché for Vulcan, on top of this she was also offered the position of Foreign Area Office Officer, which she gracefully accepted.
Service Record 2378-2382 - Academy, San Francisco, CA - Psychology track.

2382-2386 - Clinical Psychology residency specialising in Forensic and Trauma

2386-2388 - Victim Advocate/Psychologist, Starfleet JAG HQ, Earth.

2388-2390 - Assistant Counsellor/Forensic Psychologist, USS Challenger.

2390-2393 - Chief Counsellor, USS Atlantia.

2393 - Assigned to USS Fontana/Standing Bear, Psychologist.

2395 - Ship's Psychologist / FOA Officer, USS Standing Bear

2396 - Ship's Psychologist / FOA, USS Standing Bear-A

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