The Sim

The USS Standing Bear (NCC-52145) a Federation light cruiser an early Merian class starship constructed in the 2370s that has been recently refitted. The starship Standing Bear is a testament of time, having stood its ground during times of peace and endured the hardships of conflict. Her hull has been ripped to shreds several times over, but those scars are deep and Standing Bear still stands.

When command of starship was passed onto a returning Commander Barret Stillwater, he requested the starship be renamed and he christened it the USS Standing Bear after Chief Standing Bear, a Ponca tribe chief who fought for indigenous civil rights on nineteenth-century Earth. The starship already had a long history of service to Starfleet, much like Captain Stillwater, but as the Standing Bear it was a new beginning for both starship and Captain as they set forth on a journey to rekindle to morality that has slipped through the Federation's fingertips.

Nearly two years after being recalled to service as Commanding Officer of the USS Standing Bear, Barret Stillwater (having been promoted to the rank of Captain) saw his starship through the Andorian succession from the United Federation of Planets, definding the planet of P'Jem, and trying to stabilize a fracturing Federation. However, these were not the missions that could be undertook by one man, a yesteryear's Captain. With 2394 coming to an end, Stillwater sought to return to retirement leaving the USS Standing Bear in the capable hands of Caprain Pippa Whitley.