Operation: Lobes & Liberties

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Making an announcement that is felt across the quadrants, Ferengi Grand Nagus Rom is abdicating the sacred scepter and position of Grand Nagus of Fereginar. Rom’s son is a Starfleet officer and has no claim to the scepter, and Rom’s only other child is a half Ferengi female. Bidding is slated to begin among the wealthiest of Ferengi families in order to purchase the position and scepter.

In a wild turn of events, someone does step forward to claim the scepter; Makeena, daughter of Gaila (nephew of Ishka and cousin of Rom) who by recent Ferengi reforms has inherited her father’s moon and vast fortune. She has the reputation of being as cunning, ambitious, and dangerous as her father Gaila, but the progressivism of her great aunt Ishka. Her progressive ideologies are tempting to the Federation, and her becoming Grand Nagus would mark a new dawn in Ferengi history, but she is being challenged by several Ferengi vying to become the new Grand Nagus themselves.

Makeena is betrothed to the Lurian crown prince. If Makeena becomes Grand Nagus and weds the Lurian crown prince, their respective governments would be united, and their business associates include the worlds of Lissepia, Cardassia, and Clarus. A meeting of representatives of these worlds and others are to meet on Ferenginar to haggle and barter over who will become the next Grand Nagus, and the future of Ferenginar; however, the Federation make an uninvited arrival with the crew of the USS Standing Bear to represent the Federation’s interest in the matter.

Part of Season 2

Shore Leave

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Operation: Postverta

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Starfleet Intelligence acquired information on a rogue Romulan dissident movement, a fractured shard of a cabal with insidious intentions that would tear a hole through the space-time continuum and pervert the natural order of events. Receiving priority one orders to report to a classified sector containing an unnamed planet under Federation protection, the USS Standing Bear joins a dozen Federation starships patrolling the sector, preparing for the Romulan arrival. On the surface of the unnamed planet contains a device of catastrophic importance; the guardian of forever.

Operation: Wrinkle In Time

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Though the crew of the USS Standing Bear was able to foil the Romulan dissident movements’ scheme, an inadvertent incident has sent Dr. DeVala Victrix over a century into the past. Fearing that she may be lost to time forever and the risk of potential contamination, a specialist with the Department of Temporal Affairs and an away team from the Standing Bear venture through the Guardian of Forever and find themselves where Dr. Victrix ended up, in the 2250s aboard the Federation Sentinel class starship, the USS Musashi-A under the command of Captain Donatella Figueroa.

Operation: Overdrive

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Lieutenant Commander DeVala Victrix is given temporary command of the USS Fontana with a skeletal crew and a mission-specific assignment, track down a former Starfleet officer who resigned his commission several years ago and has gone “off the grid” and bring him back into the fold. Using their Quantum Slipstream Drive (QSD), the USS Fontana leaps deep towards the galactic south near the galactic barrier and arrived at the USS Camelot. Several members of the crew aid exploratory division cadets on a dangerous rescue mission while the USS Fontana dispatches a shuttlecraft to explore nearby nebulae.

Part of Season 1

Operation: Recall

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With the discovery of an unstable wormhole, Lieutenant Commander DeVala Victrix and the crew of USS Fontana continue on their mission-specific assignment to track down a former Starfleet officer, Commander Barret Stillwater who resigned his commission several years ago and has gone “off the grid” and bring him back into the fold. The crew of the Fontana track down Stillwater’s location to the wild frontier of the triangle sector and begin searching several planets including the world Prarie.

Part of Season 1

Operation: Iktomi

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From Tellar to Risa and spanning in every which direction, no one has been safe. Several high-value Federation cargo vessels and Risan luxury cruisers have fallen victim to serialized criminal activity, undetectable and swift acting, this vessel has been earning its reputation as a menacing specter and tactical trickster; it arrives undetected and quickly drains the power from its targets, leaving them helpless and defenseless as they are boarded and their cargo holds emptied. The newly rechristened USS Standing Bear is handed over to its new Commanding Officer, Commander Barret Stilwater who receives an ambitious mission to investigate the increase in marauding activity and capture a notorious marauder wanted by several sovereignties including across the Federation as part of a flotilla under the command of Vice Admiral Raitchaak of Tellar Prime.

Part of Season 1

Operation: Jabberwocky

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While the USS Standing Bear is docked at Starbase 118 for minor repairs from their marauder hunt, the crew is permitted several days of shore leave to use at their leisure. Also at the starbase, and old friend arrives with some troubling and in search and enlists the help the assistance of a motley bunch to investigate criminal misuse of Federation property and expose the seedy underbelly of a network of illegal poaching and blood sport.

Part of Season 1

Operation: Dreamweaver

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A journey back towards the galactic south lends way towards testing the advanced sensors of the USS Standing Bear after the Merian class starships most recent refitting. Lieutenant JG Alex Kinglsey and the Science department personnel are permitted a detour to investigate nearby stellar phenomenon; a peculiarly dense globular cluster. Over the course of several days charting the cluster, members of the crew begin experiencing extreme discomfort, abnormal night terrors, and unprovoked irritability and hostility leaving Doctor Ryan Rose and Lieutenant T’Lanna Vali with something strange on their own to deal with. The “sensitives” among the crew begin to feel uneasy as though they are being stalked. In a baffling turn of events, some members of the crew have seemingly vanished only to resurface with no explanation or reelection of being gone.

Part of Season 1

Operation: Ouroboros

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In a homebound turn of events, the crew of the USS Standing Bear is brought into a domestic problem. An ongoing investigation of a new terrorist group, echoing the messages of Terra Prime and The Circle of the past, have sprung up on Earth. Federation Security needs help foiling the group’s next plot; the assassination of key Federation figures. On the potential list of targets is the incumbent President of the United Federation of Planets. Meanwhile, the USS Standing Bear itself remains docked at Jupiter Station.

Part of Season 1

Operation: Trail of Tears

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Patrolling along what once was the Federation-Romulan neutral zone, the USS Standing Bear, recently refitted with upgraded sensors, detects a very faint and dated Romulan transmission from the evacuation several years prior. Though distorted, the crew is able to clear up and decrypt some of the messages. With very little to go on, but a pinpointed source of the transmission, the USS Standing Bear cautiously investigates finding themselves swept up in a scientific trap with temporal repercussions.

Part of Season 1

Operation: Neu Reich

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With two of his crew members in a potentially dangerous situation on Ekos, Captain Stillwater has wrangled Admirals for support. The Federation’s need for new mining opportunities has led the USS Standing Bear to be ordered to rendezvous with the USS Monarch, taking on a special envoy tasked with negotiating mining rights to a moon on behalf of the Federation. The primary issue is the moon in question is disputed between two warring peoples: The Ekosi and the Zeon. A Federation scientist’s violation of the prime directive lead to Ekos becoming a Nazi society in the 23rd century, and the last Federation starship to visit the system abandoned their mission to Ekos in 2357 nearly forty years ago. Stillwater, however, is using the official mission to mask his ulterior motive to get his crew back safely.

Part of Season 2

Operation: Peace or P'Jem

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As if the phantoms of the past have been conjured, a re-militarization has been taken place on Andoria underneath the Federation’s nose. The Andorians are out for blood; green blood and they have their phasersbanks at full power as they no longer care if that blood is Romulan or Vulcan. With very little notice, the Federation dispatches several starships to the Vulcan system, but when the Andorians do not show up, it becomes apparent the target was not Vulcan; the starships sent to defend Vulcan now must scramble and act as humanitarian first responders following an unprovoked Andorian attack on P’Jem which had been home to a rebuilt Vulcan monastery and a settlement of Romulan refugees who have settled in hopes of restarting the reunification of Vulcans and Romulans.

Part of Season 2

Operation: Lazarus

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With approval for a personal request, Captain Barret Stillwater and the crew of the USS Standing Bear proceed to the remote Beta Magellan system in the deep reaches of the Beta Quadrant. The system is home to Bynaus, homeworld of the genderless interconnected humanoids known as Bynars which work in determined pairs.

It is with great hope and confidence in the Bynars’ technical expertise that they will be able to resurrect the deleted files of the Standing Bear’s former emergency medical hologram. En route to the remote system, the USS Standing Bear discovers a derelict vessel on an asteroid.

Part of Season 2

Operation: Mirror of Madness

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Commander Soral’s impassioned speech to persuade the Vulcans to vote against remaining with the Federation and carve a new path forward did not fall on deaf ears nor had it gone unnoticed on other Federation worlds like Earth. From the Alpha quadrant to the Beta quadrant, the Vulcan’s crucial vote was a pendulum that the Federation did not want swinging. Though Commander Soral has vocally expressed wanting to live to see Vulcans embrace their Romulan brethren, his speech has planted seeds of doubt between the United Federation of Planets and one of its founding members, the Vulcans.

With the Andorians having already withdrawn from the Federation, the prospect of losing yet another founding member has the Federation Council and Starfleet Command scrambling. From the very moment his speech was delivered, Captain Barret Stillwater felt as though he were listening to a pale mirror reflection of the man, he had served alongside aboard the USS Standing Bear. Betrayed by his First Officer, the former Commanding Officer of the starship Standing Bear sets out on a one-man unsanctioned mission with one goal in mind: Stop Soral by any means necessary.

Is murder being on the meu when it comes to the preservation of the Federation? What lengths will one man go to when peace and prosperity are at stake? When lines are drawn in the sand, do allies turn into enemies?

Meanwhile, the USS Standing Bear receives its new Commanding Officer, Captain Pippa Whitley, a half-Efrosian who is gravely concerned with the state of the Federation. Captain Whitley must get the starship Standing Bear ready as it receives orders, but Whitley’s First Officer is still on Vulcan and Starfleet Command has ‘frozen’ Soral’s commission, uncertain if he even has a future with Starfleet given his most recent actions on Vulcan. Lieutenant Kingsley assumes the duties of her husband in an awkward situation that challenges her and places her in a position between her duties as a Starfleet Officer and the bond of her marriage to Soral.

With orders to proceed to Vulcan immediately, Captain Whitley and the crew of the USS Standing Bear find themselves on a diplomatic mission, but one well within the Federation’s. It is a simple and straightforward mission, meet with the Vulcan representatives and put out the flames of rebellion sparked by Commander Soral. En route to Vulcan, however, the USS Standing Bear detects abnormal readings from within the former Romulan Neutral Zone. What they soon discover will change everything. On the abandoned L class planet of Thieurrull, a single Vulcanoid life sign is detected after the starship intercepts a very weak automated distress signal, a homing beacon.

It becomes a tale of two Sorals as Captain Stillwater finds himself in a daring duel to the death with his former First Officer while the USS Standing Bear battles to save the life of a second dying Soral. When answers begin to surface, it becomes clearer that the Soral on Vulcan is not (Primary Universe) Commander Soral, but the version from Mirror Universe on a covert temporal mission to bring about the end of the United Federation of Planets and acquire technology to defeat a new menace in the Mirror Universe, the Borg.

Part of Season 2

Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope

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After delivering a rousing speech on Mount Seleya, calling for the Vulcans to reject further thoughts of secession from the United Federation of Planets, and rather embrace the infinite diversity in infinite combinations, continuing on the path of Surak, Captain Pippa Whitley returns to the USS Standing Bear to discover that their suspicions were spot on Commander Soral was not Commander Soral, but rather a Mirror Universe imposter who has abducted Lieutenant Kingsley and has taken her through a spatial rift into the mirror universe itself.

On the other side, a war wages across the galaxy - The Galactic Commonwealth, a mirror perversion of the United Federation of Planets is deadlocked in a losing war, pushed to the brink of extinction by the mirror universe’s Borg Collective, ruthless hive-minded cybernetic beings that do not merely assimilate those they deem a worthy addition their own but to assimilate and conquer all they view as inferior. They act as one though they are many, one mind controlled by the Borg King and it’s ‘ambassador to humanity,’ Locutus of Borg.

Part of Season 2

Operation: My Unfair Lady

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Two decades ago, the Cardassian Occupation figure, Skrain Dukat took a vice grip hold of the Cardassian people and led them into war with the Federation, joining the Dominion in a galactic war that stretched three quadrants. After a period of reconstruction, Cardassia has been rebuilt, its culture returning to a society populated by artisans. The children of soldiers grew up to be great diplomats under the leadership of the democratically elected Castellan and the Cardassian Assembly.

Follow attacks on outlying Cardassian colonies, a spike of domestic violence has struck terror in the homes of thousands. An attack at the Castellan's private residence has caused the Castellan to flee Cardassia, unintentionally leaving it open for their hidden enemy to step out from the shadows: The Obsidian Guard - a militant group of mercenaries, former Obsidian Order and Cardassian Union soldiers answering to a young charismatic leader looking to restore the fear in the Cardassian people with their namesake alone. The newly rechristened USS Standing Bear (replacing the former Merian class starship) is dispatched to Cardassian space to tackle the Obsidian Guard and the illegitimate Legate head on.

Part of Season 2