Operation: My Unfair Lady

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description Two decades ago, the Cardassian Occupation figure, Skrain Dukat took a vice grip hold of the Cardassian people and led them into war with the Federation, joining the Dominion in a galactic war that stretched three quadrants. After a period of reconstruction, Cardassia has been rebuilt, its culture returning to a society populated by artisans. The children of soldiers grew up to be great diplomats under the leadership of the democratically elected Castellan and the Cardassian Assembly. Follow attacks on outlying Cardassian colonies, a spike of domestic violence has struck terror in the homes of thousands. An attack at the Castellan's private residence has caused the Castellan to flee Cardassia, unintentionally leaving it open for their hidden enemy to step out from the shadows: The Obsidian Guard - a militant group of mercenaries, former Obsidian Order and Cardassian Union soldiers answering to a young charismatic leader looking to restore the fear in the Cardassian people with their namesake alone. The newly rechristened USS Standing Bear (replacing the former Merian class starship) is dispatched to Cardassian space to tackle the Obsidian Guard and the illegitimate Legate head on.
Mission Group Season 2
Start Date Thursday, 14 April 2022 - 11:50pm

Mission Summary