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Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander

Name Jarin Alexander MD

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 188 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Physical Description A fit and tall man Jarin works very hard to stay in good physical shape, he believes as a Physician he should lead by example. He also likes the way he looks with his shirt off and so do the ladies and some gentlemen.


Father Captain Kevin Alexander
Mother Captain Valerie Alexander

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jarin is a very dedicated Starfleet Officer and has a great bedside manner. The Doctor is a well rounded Medical Officer with knowledge in a wide variety of things from surgery to working on cures for disease. Able to keep a level head in emergency situations Jarin is completely on his game when on duty, but likes to cut loose and have fun when off duty.

Strengths & Weaknesses +Well rounded Physician
+Calm in emergencies

-Horrible at engineering matters
-Will question a superior if he thinks they are wrong
Ambitions Jarin would like to continue his career in Starfleet Medicine.
Hobbies & Interests Jarin likes to party when he is off duty and have fun with his friends. He also enjoys studying any of the latest Starfleet Medical research that he can get his hands on.

Personal History Jarin like most children born to Starfleet Officers often had a hectic and lonely life. As a child he spent most of his time with his nanny aboard Starbase 121, where his father was Commanding Officer and his mother Chief Medical Officer. Although as Jarin started to grow he came to appreciate the fact that his parents were stationed aboard a Starbase and he got the chance to make a lot of friends.

The little time the family did spend together Captain and Doctor Alexander were usually talking about mission stuff. Which inspired young Jarin to want to follow in his mother's steps and he started working extra hard in his studies and focusing on math and science courses. When he told his parents his plan they were both proud of him and his mom even cried, tears of joy she assured him.

Just a month after his arrival at the Academy Jarin attended a party and it was then that he realized he liked guys as well as girls when this very attractive guy started flirting with him and the two made out at the party. The next morning when he woke up with a headache and in a strange place Jarin rushed out of the room and quickly made his way back to his own quarters where he showered and got ready for class. The booming headache that lasted all day made him want to focus on his studies even more and after that he passed his general studies in the top twenty and went on to Starfleet Medical School.

Again Jarin dove head first into his studies and enjoyed the medical simulations that he was getting to do. He didn’t have time for any relationship or even one nighters, Medical School was hard and he was having a little bit of trouble at first. Moving forward to the second year with only a C average Cadet Alexander, pushed himself harder than ever and when his grades improved he finally relaxed a little bit and made a few friends that were in the same program as him.

Medical School and Internship took their toll on the Cadets, but the trio of friends ended up graduating with lower ninety percentile scores and the title Medical Officer. Starfleet Command didn’t give the new Ensigns much time to celebrate and gave them their first assignments as Medical Officers. Alexander was assigned to the USS Nightingale, an Olympic Class Medical ship and in the year and a half he was there he gained mounds of experience and was lucky enough that the CMO took him under her wing. His most memorable assignment was helping a planet that had been ravished by a natural disaster, it took them months to do everything they could before it was decided that the planet would have to be evacuated.

Jarin was always a quick study and quickly became the Assistant Chief Medical Officer to his mentor and friend Doctor Samuel Parker, who held the rank of Lieutenant Commander and had been the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Nightingale for the last ten years. However just a year after Ensign Alexanders promotion to Assistant Chief Medical Officer the Nightingale was damaged on a rescue mission and had to be towed in for repairs. Starfleet couldn’t afford to let the crew just sit around, so most of them were quickly reassigned if they were not injured of course.

Doctor Alexander was assigned to the USS Hawk a Defiant Class and boy was it different from the Olympic Class he had served on before. The Med Bay was hardly equipped properly and the missions they faced in the time he was aboard were rather dangerous, he didn’t mind that, but he did mind that it was hard to keep his fellow crew alive sometimes in the ill equipped Sickbay. However the Chief Medical Officer again took the young Doctor under her wing and taught him a trick or two, Lieutenant Susan Laws was amazing at trauma surgery and emergency medicine and Alexander picked up quite the bit of information from her in the six months he got to serve with her. The Hawk was damaged in battle and had to be repaired and again Starfleet couldn’t have capable officers sitting around.

The next stop for Doctor Alexander was the USS Standing Bear, he was to be the Assistant Chief Medical Officer and he hoped he continued to learn from his superior like he had at every previous assignment.

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