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Long Overdue

Posted on Sunday, 29 January 2023 - 3:25pm by Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Observation Lounge

It was long overdue for the USS Standing Bear to fetch and retrieve Lieutenant Adrianna Eberhardt and Lieutenant Joral from their undercover reconnaissance mission on a backworld of Cardassian space. With Soral and Kingsley also back, extracted from their impromptu 'tourism' of Bajor, Captain Whitley had summoned a portion of their Senior Staff into the observation lounge for a debrief.

Pippa looked aroundvtge room as everyone eventually settled in. "The Castellan remains safe, but is hoping to return to Cardassia Prime soon. Starfleet will be increasing a security presence there. I imagine your time collecting information would indicate that is not going to go over well?"

The Captain looked at Adrianna. She had spent enough time with Jodon Joral posing as journalists that Pippa felt that Adrianna had a pulse for what life was like on the minor and often neglected Cardassian worlds.

"Far from well," Adrianna confirmed, "as a generalisation, even if it is bark over bite, there is a serious unrest. It wouldn't take much. Equally, there have been collectives that are plotting in unison."

Pippa suspected as much. "They brought us here to assist with keeping this Obsidian Guard at bay, but I think Starfleet Command is starting to realize this is much deeper than a small group of individuals expressing dissonance."

Whilst Adrianna had her form and face back, her hair was still ginger. It was clear that she was still uncomfortable and getting used to herself again. Either way, she clicked back into reality, "no, far from it. War is a moment away from eruption."

Captain Whitley looked to Kingsley. "How was Soral's 'vacation' to Bajor? Any indication what the Bajorans are feeling about the situation on Cardassia?"

“Understandably the Bajoran’s are unsettled from what I’ve read into Soral’s reports. With the history they share with the Cardassians who can blame them? For now, they are preparing for the worst possible scenarios,” Alex told them.

"I'm not in the mood for a change of government and a return to the days of occupation" Pippa said sharply. "K'Var, Alex, can we do anything to provide protection to the governmental buildings on Cardassia Prime without supplying weapons?"

“Of course,” Kingsley nodded, “we could look at shielding the buildings, including key areas within some of those structures. I’d imagine they would already have some defensive measures in place, we could potentially boost what is there.”

"I would agree, Captain" K'Var had every feeling the Catain was right "however, Captain I'm sure between myself and my fellow Lieutenants we can probably find some improvements."

Captain Whitley shot a look over at T'Lanna. I'm concerned about Adrianna was what Pippa sought to express. Being undercover was not easy, and seeing the ginger hair color was a good indication that Adrianna was not quite adjusted to being back.

T’Lanna nodded her understanding as she looked towards Pippa. “I’d like to take some time to talk to Lieutenant Eberhardt now she’s back with us Captain” she offered Adrianna a warm smile. “Debrief and help re-acclimate to being back.”

Though somewhat reluctant, Adrianna couldn't help but agree. She needed to ensure she was sane, especially now that she had a family. The Italian nodded in agreement.

"I imagine introducing yourself and responding to the name Paisley Baird is going to take some readjusting," Pippa added politely. "The hair is not bad though. Suits you" noted Pippa.

"I have a nagging suspension that Starfleet Command is going to pill us from this mission sooner rather than later and send us on something more suitable for us."

"It's more shifting the accent," Adrianna chuckled, "I'll be back to me soon."

"Nothing a little Italian wine won't fix."

"Please," Adrianna muttered, "grappa will be the only help, not wine."

"Grapp?" was all K'Var asked squinting slightly and tilting her head to the right.

"It's a -- the Italian's answer to vodka. Colloquially referred to as rocket fuel. Very strong," Adrianna replied to the curiousity.

“Strong is an understatement,” Alex added, “of epic proportions.”

T’Lanna smiled as she watched the exchange, it was nice to have everyone back together again.

"Alright people," Captain Whitley said sternly but there was an undying softness. "We know our time here is limited. I'll set a course to Cardassia, we should be there before the end of the day. Let's burn that midnight oil if needed and come up with ways to help maintain peace and order down there before Starfleet Command pulls us out."

Pippa stood from their seat. "Meeting adjourned."


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