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Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Name Alex Kingsley

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Female
Species Human/El-Aurian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft5
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic build from regular workouts, she has a slender build with bright blue eyes and red curly hair.


Spouse Soral
Children None
Father Andrew Kingsley (adoptive) *deceased
Mother Laura Kingsley (adoptive)

Personality & Traits

General Overview While a scientist at heart, Alex’s curiously extends to more than just the work she does. Often full of questions and a stubborn determination to discovering the truth or understanding how something works, she combines this with an abundance of energy and general good nature.

While very little is known of her true heritage beyond what a genetic scan will say, a lot of her personality and nature emulates her adoptive mother. They both narrowly escaped the attack on Mars when Alex was a young child and so she was raised to appreciate and make the most of every moment.

She is intelligent and patient, with a quiet confidence that comes to the fore when she is discussing the things she is passionate about.

She keeps fit, using through a mix of running and kickboxing.

Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong knowledge of sciences across a range of disciplines.
+ patient, not easy to anger
+ alway curious and willing to meet new people

- has tendency to become obsessive when faced with a particular problem/project
- no clear interest in developing career despite commendations

Ambitions One day trace her biological family
Hobbies & Interests Running
Wine & a book (or research journal)

Personal History Before the devastating attack on the anniversary of First Contact Day, home to a young Alex Kingsley was the Kingsley residence on Mars.

When her mother died in childbirth, Andrew and Laura Kingsley adopted the infant when no other family could be traced. By all accounts it was a happy childhood and Alex thrived. Under the mentorship of one of her teachers, she excelled in sciences and her natural curiosity only grew and she was always engrossed in books or watching lectures.

At the age of 14 she was accepted to Cambridge University and relocated to England along with her adoptive mother. Andrew Kingston, a senior R&D tech at Utopia Planitia shipyards, remained behind to continue working on the Federation’s shipbuilding efforts. It was a decision which would ultimately tear the family apart, as Andrew was killed during the attack on Mars in April 2385.

Relocating permanently to Earth, Laura ensured her daughter completed her studies while she herself began to study as a therapist.

For Alex, the loss of her father and friends was devastating and her school work suffered for a short time. After a few months, she settled and with support regained her focus and her determination to do her father proud intensified.

Graduation from Cambridge with an honours degree in biological sciences, Alex found herself with many options to continue her studies at many prestigious universities but opted to follow Andrew’s footsteps and applied to Starfleet Academy.

At the academy she excelled in her studies but by far her biggest achievement was in learning to work with her peers and to develop strong friendships out with her own family.

Since graduating she has been assigned to the USS Rio, initially as science officer before being promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer and to Lieutenant JG.
Service Record 2396 - USS Standing Bear-A
2393 - USS Standing Bear (formerly USS Fontana)
2391- USS Rio
2387 - Starfleet Academy

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