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Lieutenant K'Var

Name K'Var

Position Chief Tactical Officer | Security Chief

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Other Names K'Var
Gender Cisgender Female
Species Caitian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Golden brown (like a lion)
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description K’Var is a female Caitian of average build. Her species are a bipedal feline race that have long tails. K’Var has glossy golden colored fur (like a lion) and the typical Caitian golden colored eyes.

Physically, Caitians are extremely agile and fast. They have retractable claws and improved hearing and sight over most species.


Father Commodore M’Ril - Commanding Officer - USS Harper
Mother Captain V’lin - Commanding Officer - USS Kirkland

Personality & Traits

General Overview K’Var is very calm and collective on and off duty. She enjoys learning as much about the ship she's serving on as she can. She feels this let's her be the most useful to the Commanding Officer and her fellow crew. She has always been very dedicated and loyal to her friends, family, and Starfleet.

When off duty the feline officer enjoys practicing her cello and continuing her martial arts training.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Fast and Agile
+Improved sight and hearing
+Top rated marksman
+Excellent close quarters combatant
+Excellent leadership qualities

-Weak in medical and science field
-Hates getting wet
-Sometimes skittish
-Has a hard time getting people to accept her or feels that way
-Sometimes over protective of her CO
Ambitions To protect and serve while a part of Starfleet. Puuurrrhaps advance to commanding her own ship one day.
Hobbies & Interests Holodeck physical activities (rock climbing, track and field, etc.)
Martial arts
Learning as much as possible about the ship she is on
Music - K’Var plays Cello

Personal History K’Var was born to a pair of Caitian Starfleet officers that like their parents joined Starfleet as soon as they were of age and were doing very well in their careers in Starfleet. Lieutenant Junior Grade M’Ril had been stationed aboard the USS Thompsonas a propulsion specialist, he was a great engineer and earned the respect of his superior officers very quickly . Aboard the Thompson is where M’Ril met his future partner V’lin, who started out as a transporter operator and quickly advanced to an Operations Officer.

Only six months after their first date the Caitian pair discovered that V’lin was pregnant. It was a joyful time in their lives and their friends and family were very happy for the couple. Luckily for the couple the USS Thompson had just been given orders that would be them in deep space for up to a year. The Galaxy Class Starship faced a few challenges while on their long range survey mission, but the crew and ship were up to the challenges and the two new parents had their own challenges ahead of them.

V’lin took leave for the first six months of her daughters life, which cost her a promotion but she was okay with that. M’Ril had been promoted Assistant Chief Engineer during and while M’Ril was happy for him she missed her duties. The first six months passed quickly and it was time for M’Ril to go back to her duties, it was a welcomed break from mostly being in her quarters. She missed the bridge and her fellow officers.

The family would spend the next several years on the ship they called home, there would be crew mates that came and went and even some they lost in more dangerous situations. V’lin would be made Assistant Chief Operations Officer and made one of the bridge watch officers. On the V’lins twenty-seventh birthday she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. K’Var would start primary schooling while aboard the USS Thompson. It was by chance that K’Var had the opportunity to meet her father's parents when the USS Thompson and the USS Summer went on a mission together.

As K’Var grew in age her parents exposed her to as much of her heritage and culture as possible, K’Var didn't have that much interest in it. In her teen years, her parents took a leave and did take time to learn about her heritage and even spent some time with her grandparents on Cait, her mother’s parents who had retired from Starfleet several years ago.

K’Var decided to follow in her parents and grandparents footsteps and join Starfleet Academy. She made high marks in general studies and was of average popularity. It wasn't long until K’Var decided she would train specifically in security and starship tactics. She excelled in marksmanship, close quarters combat due to her keen eyesight, agility, and speed. She found she was far more accepted at Starfleet Academy, then aboard starships as a child.

The Caitian officer was excited that her first assignment was as a security officer aboard the USS Texarkana, where she would serve for the next several years and see her fair share of security run in's. As time went on K’Var migrated into the tactical department as well and served rotations as tactical officer on the bridge.

The USS Texarkana, was an aging Miranda Class Starship that had seen her fair share of battle over the years and Starfleet decided to decommission the ship and reassign the crew. K’Var was assigned as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the USS Vector. She enjoyed her time aboard the Defiant Class Starship and worked closely with the intel department on several occasions on 'classified' projects.

Only a year and a half later K’Var was offered the chance to be on a special security team. The team was tasked with escorting VIP's and other ‘classified projects’ She served on this team for a year before she was promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned as Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the USS Raptor a search and rescue and special operations vessel. Not long after she took the position the ship's Commanding Officer made her his Second Officer

Four years after her promotion the Lieutenant was forced to sadly step into the role as interim Executive Officer aboard the Saber Class Raptor when the Executive Officer was killed in the line of duty. While the crew finished their mission, they lost several fine officers and were forced to limp back to the nearest starbase for repairs. It was projected that the repairs on the Raptor would take close to six months if not longer. The crew were ordered to take at least a month leave after their last mission and the loss of their crewmates.

During her leave K’Var’s mother and father convinced her to apply for the open position her father knew he could get her in as an instructor at the academy. Her father spoke to her former Commanding Officer who had put in a recommendation to Command that K’Var would make an excellent instructor at the Academy and when her leave was up K’Var started her new job as instructor.

After a year of training Cadets on Earth the Lieutenant had grown bored and wanted to be back among the stars in her role as a Security and Tactical Officer aboard a Starship. She put in a request to be transferred to a starship and not long after her request was granted, assigned to the USS Standing Bear as Chief of Security and Tactical.

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