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Lieutenant Konata Hiiragi

Name Konata Hiiragi

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Other Names Kona-Chan
Gender Cisgender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 40
Sexuality Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8
Weight 90 lbs
Hair Color blue
Eye Color green
Physical Description Konata looks a lot younger than she actually is. This is due to her maternal grandfather being obsessed with Japanese Kawaii culture as well as having a bit of a Lolita complex, and performed illegal genetic experimentation so that his offspring looked like innocent schoolchildren forever. It is such genetic experimentation that is believed to have been the cause of her mother’s death, as Kanata had more of the alterations in her body than Konata does. Konata stands a full foot shorter than her wife Tazuko, and has a rather petite physique to match. Unlike Tazuko, Konata is known to neglect her Starfleet uniform, as well as let her calf-length blue hair flow freely.


Spouse Tazuko Miyahara (wed 2379)
Children none yet
Father Sojiro Hiiragi (Human)
Mother Kanata Hiiragi (Betazoid; deceased)
Brother(s) Tadashi Miyahara (Older; In-Law)
Tanaka Miyahara (Older; In-Law)
Other Family Teruichi Miyahara (Grandfather-In-Law)
Yutaka Kobayakawa (Cousin)
Yui Narumi (Cousin)
Kiyotaka Narumi (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Konata has been described by many as ‘Lazy’, often putting in the bare minimum for her work, and more often than not counting the time until she gets off duty. However, despite her weak work ethic, Konata proudly wears her heart on her sleeve about her sexuality, among other things. She has a slightly mischievous streak, which she often utilizes her Betazoid side for, but she generally considers it all in good fun.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Telepathic
+Wears her heart on her sleeve

-Often uses telepathy to pull pranks or scare people
-Terrified of having children because of an underlying fear that either she or Tazuko will die
-Weak work ethic/lazy
Ambitions Konata’s ambitions are rather vain, as she is still figuring out what exactly she wants to make of her Starfleet career. For now, she is just content to be with Tazuko.
Hobbies & Interests -Anime
-Erotic video games
-Music made by the 20th century rock band Queen
-1980s new wave music
-Hiiragi 85 - A holoprogram made for her by a holoprogrammer friend of hers set in 1985 Las Vegas
-Live Aid (Konata also has a holoprogram adaptation of the famous earth concert)
-Electric guitar

Personal History Konata Hiiragi was born May 28, 2355 on Vega colony. Her mother, Kanata Hiiragi, passed away when Konata was an infant. Though a cause of death was never found, outside of “natural causes”, it was highly suspected that her death was due to illegal genetic experimentation performed by her father, Konata’s maternal grandfather. Regardless, Kanata’s sudden passing left her husband Sojiro, a self-published light novelist, to raise Konata alone.

Sojiro was a huge fan of anime and manga, and from a young age, his obsessions rubbed off on his daughter. When Konata was 4, she discovered her father’s collection of erotic video games that he bought for himself. Much to Konata’s surprise, her father wasn’t at all mad that she had found his guilty pleasure. In fact, he praised her when she unlocked a sex scene that he had been struggling to unlock and had caused him to stop playing.

As Konata grew older, she discovered that her father had a Lolita complex, preferring his women ‘on the younger side’, which was one of the factors that drew him to her mother. It was also the reason why the Hiiragis lived so far away from schools in the area, as Sojiro was on a sex offender registry.

When Konata entered high school, a lot her friends’ sexualities developed, and the other girls gravitated towards boys. However, Konata discovered that she had a harder time getting into boys as her friends, instead feeling more of an attraction towards women. When Konata confided in her father about her possible bisexuality, Sojiro said he always suspected Konata was a boy trapped in a girl’s body, and he would always support her, no matter who she turned out to be. When she confessed to her friends about it, she received similar reception, which made Konata a lot more comfortable about being open about who she was.

When Konata was 15, her class took an overnight field trip to the NX-06 Myogi museum in orbit of the colony. The intent was to give the class an idea of what life was like on board early Starfleet ships, which included staying the night in quarters identical to what early Starfleet personnel may have lived in. During their tour, the class crossed paths at multiple points with two tourists from Earth, which included a girl a couple years younger than her, who eventually introduced herself as Tazuko Miyahara. Tazuko and Konata riffed off each other so well whenever they met that together, they convinced the young man she was with; her older brother Tadashi, to sign up to stay overnight on the ship.

After the students were given the time of when lights out was expected, Tazuko showed up to the quarters where Konata had otherwise been assigned by herself, and together, the two girls stayed up well past lights out playing video games until they passed out together. During this time, Konata and Tazuko discussed, among other things, their relatives in Starfleet (Tazuko had another brother, who was around Konata’s age, currently in Starfleet Academy), and before the two went to sleep, they realized that they had shared desires to go into Starfleet. Before parting ways the next morning, Konata and Tazuko exchanged contact information so that they might keep in touch.

When Konata graduated high school, the Dominion War broke out. Together, the Hiiragis and their close friends and relatives listened in to news reports of Dominion advances. Konata’s cousin Yui, who was in Starfleet Security, was concerned for her relatives’ safety, and Konata teased her for overreacting. Starfleet moved several ships into the Vega system due to the system’s strategic importance and proximity to Earth.

In 2374, several Jem’Hadar ships appeared in the system, and though the Starfleet presence in the system was just barely able to hold them back, with the NX-06 Myogi itself rendering limited aid, they discovered that the force sent to Vega was merely a diversionary force to distract Starfleet while the Dominion steamrolled through Betazed. However, the close call with the Jem’Hadar was justification enough for Yui to evacuate her relatives from Vega to Earth until the war was over. When discussing where on Earth to relocate, Konata suggested Hiroshima, Japan, saying she “knew someone who lived out there.” Once they had found a modest home in the area to rent, Konata found where Tazuko was living, and paid her a surprise visit, which she spent dispelling Tauzko’s fears that Vega had fallen to the Dominion.

The following year, the Breen attacked Earth, which caused Konata to mock Yui for her decision the previous year. However, the war itself came to an end later that year with the signing of the Treaty of Bajor. Following the treaty’s signing, Sojiro, Yutaka, and Konata’s other relatives moved back to Vega. However, Konata elected to stay behind, citing that she wanted to attend Tazuko’s graduation instead of hearing about it back on Vega. As the date of Tazuko’s graduation drew near, Konata revealed her true intentions of remaining behind, as she was going to go into Starfleet, and she wanted Tazuko to do it with her.

Tazuko, having wanted to have followed her brother Tanaka into Starfleet since she was 15, agreed to Konata’s proposal, and when Tazuko graduated, the two of them were accepted into Starfleet Academy, with Konata selecting a medical major while Tazuko selected a security major. During their time at the academy, Konata and Tazuko became somewhat inseparable, and Tazuko finally came around and realized that she might be bisexual. When she confessed, Konata simply smiled and said she was glad Tazuko had finally caught on, as she had always considered Tazuko “just a little bit more than a friend.”

In 2377, Tazuko was offered a field training assignment aboard a brand new California class starship called the USS Myogi. However, Konata talked her out of it, due to the condescending things she had heard in regards to the class, including the derogatory nickname ‘Cali-Coffin’. And indeed, her concerns were justified, because just five months later, the Myogi was destroyed.

By 2379, as graduation drew closer, Konata became more concerned about she and Tazuko being separated for their first assignments, and so, one day, Konata got down on one knee and asked Tazuko’s hand in marriage. Tazuko was surprised by Konata’s proposal, and told her that there was someone whose blessing they would need if Tazuko were to go through with the marriage, and that person was Tazuko’s brother Tanaka.

The two met with Tanaka, and each of them at different points pulled him aside for a one on one to explain their wish to marry, and though it took a while for Tanaka to come around, largely due to Konata’s behavior, he eventually gave his full blessing for the two of them to marry. A few weeks before Tazuko and Konata were set to graduate, the two were married in a private ceremony attended only by close friends and relatives, with Commander Miyahara, as the highest ranked officer present, officiating the ceremonies. Despite being married, Konata and Tazuko retained their maiden names for professional purposes.

A few weeks later, Konata and Tazuko graduated at the rank of Ensign. Though Konata was urged to continue her education at Starfleet Medical Academy, Konata elected to take her chances, stating that she could always come back later. And so, despite everything Konata had heard about California class starships, Konata was assigned to one; the USS Suzumiya, which had been commissioned around the same time the Myogi had.

However, Konata found out that it wasn’t all bad being on a California class, as the lower decks threw some of the sickest parties in the fleet, because for all they knew, they wouldn’t see tomorrow. Konata spent a decade aboard the Suzumiya, gaining the extra half-pip only to lose it just as quickly multiple times over before Tazuko, who had managed to gain and hold the rank of full Lieutenant in the same amount of time, intervened and had her transferred off the Suzumiya to the USS Iowa, where Tazuko was working as a mission advisor.

Konata found that aboard the Iowa, behaviors that had been tolerated aboard the Suzumiya were frowned upon aboard the Intrepid class Starship. Her weak work ethic drove the Iowa’s medical staff nuts, and she was demoted back to Ensign, much to Tazuko’s chagrin, where she would remain for the next few years until Tazuko was to be transferred off the Iowa to the Irohazaka, and she was to be taking Konata with her.

On the Irohazaka, Konata found out that her work ethic, while still pathetic, was stronger than most in the Miranda class’ medical department, and the ship’s captain, Kyoichi Sudo, found her much more reliable than anyone else on his medical staff, and promoted her to full Lieutenant, assigning her as the ship’s Assistant Chief Medical Officer, as the Chief Medical Officer was the only one with a stronger work ethic than Konata.

In 2395, Tanaka suddenly resigned from Starfleet, which deeply affected Tazuko in turn, and it didn’t take long for Konata to find out that Tazuko had requested a leave of absence, and wanting to be there to support her wife, Konata also placed a request for a leave of absence. When it was approved, Konata came to Tazuko and informed her that she was also taking an LOA to support her, saying “It’s what good wives do.”

Though Tazuko spent most of her time on the LOA with Tanaka, Konata came to realize that her being there for Tazuko was well-warranted, as she would need to be comforted almost every night so that she was calm enough to sleep.

When Tazuko and Konata came back from their LOA, they were shocked to discover that, in their absence, Captain Sudo had retired, and with no officers available to replace him, the Irohazaka had been decommissioned, and her crew had been reassigned.

Fortunately, Starfleet had finally wizened up and realized that Tazuko and Konata were both better Starfleet Officers if kept together, and the two of them were reassigned to the USS Standing Bear, a brand new Ulaan Class Starship. However, this assignment wasn't to further Tazuko's career, as she was to take a step back and become a regular security officer on the ship, but rather to further Konata's career, as the Standing Bear was in need of a Chief Medical Officer; a position that Konata was somehow qualified for, even though Konata felt she had cheated her way into the position.
Service Record 2375-2379: Starfleet Academy (major in Medical)
2379-2382: USS Suzumiya (Ensign – Medical Officer)
2382-2385: USS Suzumiya (Lieutenant JG – Medical Officer)
2385-2387: USS Suzumiya (Ensign – Medical Officer)
2387-2389: USS Suzumiya (Lieutenant JG – Medical Officer)
2389: USS Iowa (Lieutenant JG – Medical Officer)
2389-2392: USS Iowa (Ensign – Medical Officer)
2392: USS Irohazaka (Ensign - Medical Officer)
2392-2393: USS Irohazaka (Lieutenant JG – Medical Officer)
2393-2395: USS Irohazaka (Lieutenant – Assistant Chief Medical Officer)
2395: Leave of Absence (Reason: “Hero Support”)
2396-Present: USS Standing Bear (Lieutenant - Chief Medical Officer)

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