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Commander Soral

Name Soral Shariel

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Male
Species Vulcan (1/2) & Romulan (1/2)
Age 41
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot 2
Weight 225lbs
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Soral is tall and unlike regular Vulcan's he's muscular and well filled out. He has intense blue eyes and Sandy brown hair that I unusual. He gets this from distant ancestors which were Romulan as well as more pronounced pointed ears.

Soral has a well defined face shape and a square jaw.


Spouse Lt. Alex Kingsley
Children Soval and Severine (7 Years old) Twins -- Born on Romulus to Evasta who died in childbirth. Raised on Vashti by Aunt Liviana and Great Aunt Lali

Seleya -- Adopted Daughter
N'Vek -- Adopted Son
Father Solbek
Mother T'Pina (Step Mother)
Brother(s) Sopek (older)
Spol (older)
Sister(s) T'Mari (younger)
Liviana (Twin)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Soral's personality is very much a mystery. He tends to keep to himself and not form too many friendship and thus it is hard to base it. Below are records that pertain to his personality as observed by others:

Amalgamated report of CO's and XO's:
Soral is a very hardworking and loyal individual. He knows Starfleet regulations to a T and is not afraid to quote them. He is by the book but at times it was noted that he does know how to bend the rules showing that he has what it takes to be a fine officer. He loves mysteries and puzzles. He is at times, even though he won't admit it, empathetic. His Telepathy is strong and has been proven an asset several times. He does tend to keep to himself and is more Vulcan...then Vulcans if it makes sense.

Counselor's Report:
Soral is quiet and withdrawn off duty. On duty he is sharp, thinks outside the box, and is a born leader. He is a builder and has an encouraging manner but also takes the role of teacher and guide to heart. He is quite and peaceful. There is not other way to describe it but he seems to bleed a sense of ethereal peace that gives him the air of spiritual calmness like the Monks of Vulcan. He is deeply loyal and honourable and it means the world to him. He is a bit of a perfectionist who seems to be harder on himself then others. He holds himself to standards that are too high and is forgiving of others when they fail yet not of himself. He has an uncanny ability to read people.

Chief Medical Officer's Report:
Stubborn, he is a contradiction. He seems to take health as being important but is a worse patient then a doctor. He can't sit still in Sickbay. He dislikes getting hypos and his mind is always working. He has no way to shut off. I have spoken about this with the counselor but she is as charmed by him as everyone else.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Logical, comes at a problem from all angles.
+ Vulcan strenth
+ Able to easily deal with stressful situations
+ Born with advanced telepathic abilities which can be used at a bit of distance
+ Excellent listening skills
+ Loyalty
+ Is deeply honourable and by the book

- Often too by the book with certain regulations
- Often thought of as cold
- Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get something out of him
- Vulcan stubbornness
- Not good at cultivating friendships
- Sometimes too formal

Items that qualify as both a strength and a weakness:
+/- Logic
+/- Being too by the book
+/- Inquisitiveness
+/- The need to understand the reason behind things
+/- Stubbornness
+/- Loyalty
+/- Brutal Honesty
Ambitions Soral has no real ambitions but to be the best that he can at his job. Perhaps some hidden ambitions but nothing solid. He is more the time to have goals that are reviewed daily.
Hobbies & Interests +Vulcan Martial Arts
+Holodeck time
+Music - Plays the Piano and Vulcan Lyre

Personal History =/\= The Pre-Academy Years =/\=

Soral was born on Vulcan in 2355. Particularly he came from a small village on the L-Langon Mountains overlooking the L'Langon Valley. The village, known as Krenthan Village, was an isolated village where the inhabitants lived much like the Earth's Amish. They shun anything mechanized and all technology preferring the simple ways of life.

Soral's birth to the Village's doctor Solbeck was unexpected and unwelcome, particularly because his mother had been a mistress of Solbeck's from the Valley below. His birth on the Festival of Shariel, the Vulcan God of Death, and his disconcerting telepathy was thought a bad omen, as was his mother's mysterious disappearance shortly after his birth.

Soral was given the name Soral Shariel, by the villagers, and was shunned as a child. in 2360 his parents, fearing for his safety, bundled him and his siblings up and moved to the Foothills Village just south of the Vulcan Forge. That is where Soral, and his siblings attended school and where they stayed until 2367 when they moved across the planet to Shikahr the capital city.

Shikahr was the perfect place for him. There he began studying Vulcan martial arts and at the Vulcan pre-science academy. He excelled and was drawn to ancient things as well as to developing his telepathic abilities. The professors found him the ideal candidate and he excelled faster and better then any student they had. He was even prone to bouts of telekinetic bursts. A year after his move to Shikahr, in 2368, he was abandoned by his parents. They had left him and he only discovered this upon returning home.

Taking pity on him a retired Vulcan monk took him into his home. He knew that there was something ethereal about the boy. There he learned the Vulcan spiritual way, as well as furthered his martial arts training. He learned natural remedies and still attended school.

In 2373 the Monk died and feeling he had nothing left on Vulcan Soral left for Earth. He'd applied and been accepted into Starfleet, a debt owed to Torik, the monk, by Admiral Benson who pulled a few strings.

=/\= The Academy Years =/\=

Soral had always been an all or nothing guy. In an unusual move he picked up a double first in Security/Tactical, his superior knowledge of Vulcan martial arts opening that door, and Xeno-Archeology. He was passionate about both and excelled in his studies.

While at the Academy he wasn't one for friends. He focused on getting his degrees and excelling in them, often going days without sleep. His professors admired his drive and at graduation he had no trouble finding a posting on the USS Strobel under Captain Anderson, one of his former professors at the Academy in the Science Department.

Soral served on the USS Essential as an Ensign until 2388 when he finally accepted a promotion to Lt. JG and Assistant Chief Security / Tactical officer to replace the ACST that was lost during a battle with a new species called the Quamrine.

Just two years later he was transferred by orders to the USS Firestorm where he was promoted again to full Lieutenant and offered the post of not only the Department head but also the second officer.

=/\= The Officer=/\=

Soral served five years under Captain Anderson and within the Science department as an Archeology Specialist. Anderson considered Soral to be one of the brightest minds yet Soral was discontent with things. In 2383 he was offered a promotion to Lt. JG which he refused and later that year he applied for a position on the USS Essential to serve in the Security and Tactical Department. He began his career from scratch. He found that this seemed to be a better fit, even though he loved history and Archeology.

Between 2385 and 2388 he was offered a promotion twice to Lt. JG but declined feeling content with his lot in life. Finally in 2388 he had no choice but to accept it as he wanted the Assistant Chief Position within his department. Soral thrived but everyone saw that he was meat for greater things. He was a born leader. His life finally seemed full until 2390 when it was turned upside down. His ship was attacked by the Borg, his captain and department head assimilated and his XO incapacitated. Being the ranking officer on the bridge and having just completed the Bridge officer's test he took control and saved the crew. He was promoted with distinction that year to full lieutenant.

With the loss of his department head and mentor he could not stay so he put in and was transferred to the USS Firestorm. Shortly after his arrival his department head transferred off and he took over as Chief of Sec / Tact and Second officer.

While aboard the Firestorm, Soral, excelled beyond all that was expected of him. In 2392 late in the year he was offered a promotion to Lt. Cmdr but refused it. He was content with his lot and enjoyed his job, he even became somewhat more social by running a self defence course for those who wished to join. He did take the bridge offier's test and pass it as it was required for his job but mostly he focused on his department. The XO and CO seemed to have all in hand.

In 2393 Soral was called into Captain Burnstrom's office and told that he was being transfered off the Firestorm and onto the USS Standing Bear. There he would be taking on a new role that required him to be a Lt. Commander. He tried to refuse but was told that this order came from the Admiral levels and that he had not choice.

Accepting things as they were he packed his things and moved on.

2393 -- This was a big year for Soral. Not only had he gotten a new posting on the USS Fontana, aka USS Standing Bear he became a pet owner purchasing a Begal named Bones. This year brought with it many new experiences. It was early in the year that he met his and Married Alexandra Kingsley, the ship's science officer and Second officer and found out that a one night stand during Pon Farr six years prior had resulted in twins born to him and Evesta (who was Romulan and died in Childbirth). He had a daughter named Severine and son named Soval. They we being raised by his twin sister (which he also found out he had) on Vashti.

This year brought a second wedding to him, his wife being kidnapped an he finding her as well as many injuries in the line of duty and a discovery that in heritage he, himself was both Vulcan and Romulan.

The end of the year brought two new revelations - A half brother by his mother, and the possibility that he may not be able to have children again due to the fact that he was kidnapped by an alien race and experimented on. After a difficult year he fears the year ahead.

Service Record 2355 - Born

2360-2373 -- Schooled on Vulcan

2373 - 2378 (Starfleet Academy) Security/Tactical & History/Xeno-Archeology Majors

2378-2383 - Ensign USS Storbel (Science Department-- Archeology Specialist)

2383 - Promotion Refused

2383 Transfer to USS Essential - Promotion refused & requested a department switch to Security

2383-2390 - USS Essential - Security Tactical Department

2388 - Promotion to Lieutenant JG Promotion Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

2385 - Promotion to Lt. JG

2386 - Reprimand Issued: File Sealed

2390-2393 - USS Firestorm Second Officer & Chief Security/Tactical Officer

2391 Promotion to Full Lieutenant

2393 - Field promotion to Lt. Commander and XO. Transfer to USS Standing Bear

2394 - Promotion to Full Commander

2396 - USS Standing Bear-A

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