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Uncomfortable Three Way

Posted on Friday, 30 September 2022 - 9:26am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Various - Communications
Timeline: Current


Soral wiped the sweat off his brow along with a good dose of blood. It had been a busy day on Bajor. He'd sent his Bajoran friend to the captain to assist and he'd been so busy with V'shar issues on Bajor and preparing the few ships he had at his disposal to help the captain that he'd forgotten about the couples counseling call he and Alex had with Vali. They'd all be in different locations of course.

His mind, however, was reminded of the call when his coms started beeping.

<< Research Vessel, Brittany >>

Nursing a freshly brewed cup of coffee in both hands, Alex Kingsley had retreated to her assigned quarters aboard the Brittany. In under an hour, they would be in orbit and taking two specially equipped shuttles down to the surface along with supplies for the colonists. But first…

Seating herself at the workstation in the corner of the small room she ran her hand through her mass of dark red curls as the computer screen came to life, a spinning circle showing they the system was trying to connect to both the Standing Bear and Soral - wherever that may be. She still wasn’t sure why she had agreed to this. If they weren’t even in the same room then what could they hope to achieve?

Even as the thought crossed her mind the connection was made, at first just with one other party, with Soral’s image filling her screen. Her blue eyes widened in alarm at the sight of him. “You’re bleeding!”

Just at that moment the screen filtered in T’Lanna’s connection, her eyes widening in surprise at the state of Soral. “Heavens! What happened to you?”

On Bajor Soral had been caught off-guard by the connecting not having enough time to wipe his face. He rubbed the back of his neck. "I very long story." He reached off camera and came back with a cloth. he wiped his forehead. "It has been an intense vacation...." He'd not told either that he was on Bajor, the V'shar having been worried about Cardassia and what was happening. "I am well, I can assure you both." His eyes looked at Alex and it hit him how much he missed having her with him. He then looked at Vali. "I appreciate your time counselor." He would not admit that he'd forgotten the call.

Long story… the words translated to ‘complicated’ immediately in Alex’s mind. And she knew they would not be told much more than that.

“So…” she began slowly, “how does this work?”

Soral looked at the counselor. "Indeed. How do we begin?"

“Well...” T’Lanna grinned. “This is definitely a first for me, counselling via subspace. Still, we’ll give it a go.” She paused. “The whole idea of this is to help the two of you find level ground, so first off, no secrets, I want honesty from both of you. I know that’s hard, but we’ll get nowhere if we avoid the truth. With that in mind, let’s talk about how you both currently feel.”

"Counselor I remind you that I am Vulcan. Feelings are...difficult to express however I shall make every attempt."

T’Lanna nodded. “I know Soral, but you are also half Romulan which makes a difference where feelings are concerned. Having met your mirror counterpart there’s definitely room for manoeuvre.”

Soral tapped his forehead, which still produced a trickle of blood. "My counterpart is amused by your comment."

Alex frowned, “you’re bleeding again…”

He sighed. "Indeed. One moment." He stood walked away and was back in a moment with a dermal regenerator. He started at Vali as he rand the regenerator over his forehead. "Where do we start?"

“You were going to tell T’Lanna how you were feeling,” Alex reminded him.

He pressed his lips together. "Alright. About what would you like to know counselor?" Then he looked at Alex, "What would you like to know Alexandra?"

T’Lanna looked at Alex, before looking at Soral. “What I want is to help the two of you find peace, perhaps find new ground upon which to focus a new relationship.” She looked at Alex again. “Over to you Alex.”

“I’m not sure peace is in the immediate future,” Alex admitted, “or how we can start to find new ground when we aren’t in the same place. Where exactly are you? Your children missed you. A lot.”

He was afraid of that question but he had promised honesty. "I am on Bajor. I hope to be back on Vulcan soon." He pondered her words for a moment. A bit of frustration snuck in. "Why would peace not be in the immediate future? What place do you believe we each inhibit."

Alex raised an eyebrow, hearing the emotion creeping into his tone. “Do you feel at peace? Honestly?”

He was about to say something when a door opened and a voice said. "Sub-Commander the Vulcan guard is back...."

Soral turned. "I care not! Unless the Cardassians are bearing down on our location they can wait!"

There was an awkward pause and then, "Yes Sub-Commander."

The door hissed closed. He turned his attention to Alex. "No Alexandra, peace is not a luxury I can afford at this moment."

“Sub-Commander?” T’Lanna looked at Soral curiously. “Since when were you a Romulan Officer Soral? You’re a Starfleet Officer.”

“It is also used by Vulcan’s,” Alex reminded her before her attention fixed on Soral, “but still a valid question. To me, the bigger question is why Cardassians would be attacking? What is going on?”

"She is correct Counselor. I am on leave from Starfleet and assisting Vulcan. Bajor is once again at the door of the wolf." He ran his hands through his hair. "That is not important at the moment. We are discussing our marriage."

“Our marriage is a complicated affair,” Alex pointed out. “Especially when you are him and he is you. One of you sacrificed our bond, the other gave me the Katra of his dead wife. While I didn’t realise until it was too late that he wasn’t you. Wife material I clearly was not.”

"Alexandra, you are not to hold yourself accountable for not knowing. He was by all outward appearances me. I sacrificed our bond so that I could ensure that he would not use it to harm anyone. It was necessary especially where the ship and crew were concerned. I hold no resentment towards you nor do I criticize your actions. Yes, he is a part of me and I him. It was necessary just as Hamura must deal with their counterpart. If this is something you cannot accept then that is a different story."

“I don’t know,” Alex told him, honestly. “I’m still finding my own sense of balance. And you are there, I dread to think doing what, and I am here. And our children were left waiting on their father who didn’t show up. They deserved better than that.”

"Indeed, they do. As do you." He sighed. "Is it safe to say that you require time?"

“Yes, please,” Alex nodded, sounding relieved that he wasn’t pressing the point.

"Then I shall wait. If you choose that you cannot return to me then while I will not agree I will respect your decision. I will arrange for you to have senior quarters when you return to the Standing Bear."

“Thank you. But any quarters will do. It isn’t like I have much to bring. What I had blew up along with everyone else’s belongings on the old ship. As long as I have a lab to work in, it will be fine.”

“T’Lanna was surprised that the conversation was going as well as it was. “I’ll make sure you have suitable quarters waiting for you Alex, and yours are awaiting you as well Soral.” She smiled warmly. “My apologies for the mix up with your rank, I’m still getting used to the Vulcan way of doing things, but I’m getting there. I’m glad that the two of you are communicating your wishes to each other.”

"I have...replicated all the items you lost. They shall await you on the new ship when you return." He simply said looking at the table. A part of him felt as if he was losing her.

“You… you didn’t have to do that,” she pointed out, genuinely surprised that he had even thought of it.

He shrugged. "I know some of those possessions meant a lot to you." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Perhaps I should confess something that will make you angry." He hoped Vali would sooth her anger.

One, two, three… “I guess this is the ideal time since physical violence is out of the question,” Alex replied.

"The items on the ship, your medals and the gifts from your father. They were not lost. I had them replicated to the exact measurements and replaced just after our wedding. The originals are locked in a Vault on Vulcan...I know the nature of Starfleet and I did not wish you to lose the originals. So, they are safe."

Her relief actually made her laugh. Not much, just a little. She had expected something dire, life changing. “A logical decision,” she conceded.

"Indeed. I had the replacements replicated from the originals and they are waiting in a crate on the new ship, the originals are still safe." He paused. "It is good to hear you laugh."

She gave a small, almost apologetic, smile. “We haven’t had much to laugh about.”

"Perhaps in time." He studied Vali. "As for the quarters I appreciate it. Take time there is much to learn about Vulcan. In time that too will come."

He now sat back waiting to see if Alex would say something.

T’Lanna offered Soral a warm smile and a nod, noticing he seemed to be waiting for Alex. “Alex, is there anything else you’d like to say?”

Alex frowned, considering the question. “They did some truly horrible things,” she said, her eyes on Soral. It wasn’t a question, more a statement of fact.

"Indeed. But their love for one another was not horrible. Their love for their family conquered all."

“Speaking of which” T’Lanna looked at them both in turn. “You need to consider the children. Depending on what happens with your relationship, you both need to sit down with the children and explain what’s happening.”

Alex sank back in her chair as she ran a hand through her hair, “well N’Vek will know the second he steps aboard and finds we are in different quarters… I assume you planned on telling me he was coming to stay on the ship?”

"In all honestly it had left my mind. N'vek...has the same issue as I. The self expanding Tattoo." He told his wife. "Your mother did not tell you of her meeting with Shariel?"

A million questions and worries came to mind but they were not alone and so she didn’t voice them. “That story she kept to herself,” Alex informed him. “Which is a first, for my mother.”

He sighed. "Perhaps it is time for a family meeting." He studied her. "I can see your point."

“We aren’t exactly home,” Alex pointed out.

Before he could say something, the door hissed and a tall and striking Bajoran woman dressed in combat wear entered. "Sub-Commander, the information you requested," she purred.

He gave a nod took it glanced at it. "I'll be right with you Linara. Ensure everyone is at the meeting."

"Yes sir." She turned, smiled at him, Soral seeming oblivious and left not sparing the screen a glance.

He sighed after one last glance at the data PaDD. "We shall need to talk about everything."

“It seems you are needed elsewhere,” Alex commented, “we can talk in a few days if that is easier?”

He wanted to say no but things were a bit dicey. "Perhaps. It is best." He paused. "Alexandra, my feelings have not changed for you." He gave a nod having said this. "Until next time. Counselor thank you." Soral ended the call.

As the image abruptly shifted to just show T’Lanna, Alex sighed. “That didn’t feel like it accomplished much,” she confided.

T’Lanna offered an understanding nod. “Well, you know Soral, he always did beat around the bush somewhat. At least he told you that he still has feelings for you.”

"He did," she conceded.

“But you’re not sure how you feel” T’Lanna gave her friend an understanding smile. “I can’t say I blame you after what you’ve been through. I just hate to see two people who were so in love, so out of love.”

"It's a complicated situation," Alex offered with a tired smiled. She glanced to her right as someone chapped on her door. "Its time for us to get ready... thank you for trying to help, T'Lanna."

“My pleasure Alex, anytime you need to talk you know where to find me.” T’Lanna smiled warmly. “Take care.”



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