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Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura

Name Hayashi Hamura

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Other Names Hamura
Gender Gender Fluid
Species Betazoid
Age 25
Sexuality Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight Don't ask
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Hayashi is tall with broad shoulders and an athletic frame.

Hayashi has a symmetrical face that is described as both handsome and beautiful with strong outlines and a rounded chin. Sporting almond shaped bedroom eyes Hayashi is an oddity with respect to eye colour. On Betazed most are born with black eyes however Hayashi’s are green with amber flakes. There are the rare few born with that eye colouring and on Batazed they are thought to be endowed by the Great Betazed Goddess with mystical abilities.

Hayashi has full lips and high set ears and prefers the comfort of short hair that is blonde with dark roots.


Spouse (None)
Children None and does not want any
Father (Adopted Father) Daku Hamura- CMO USS Adri
Mother (Adopted Mother) Yuki Hamura- XO USS Adri
Brother(s) Kuragari Hamura (Adopted Brother)

Sister(s) Akiko Hamura(Adopted Sister)
Other Family Various Cousins and grandparents etc.... All from Adopted Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview In general Hayashi is a great thinker, super smart and knowledgeable with technology especially ship engines. Hayashi is dedicated, loyal, honourable, and will be bothered unless all the details are covered and all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted.

Hayashi is direct and too the point and that means sometimes speaking the truth nobody wants to hear and it sometimes rubs command figures the wrong way. Hayashi’s motto your poop stinks just as much as mine so you’re no better and no worse.

Hayashi is known to be stubborn and doesn’t trust easy so friendships are hard to come by but when a friend is made, he or she is treasured. Not the type of person who asks for help and sometimes referred to as the lone wolf because Hayashi thinks that only Hayashi can truly get the job done. Thus Hayashi prefers solitary activities like reading, meditating, swimming, and holodeck visits where some daredevil stunts are performed. As a result of the lone wolf persona people’s descriptions of Hayashi are cold and unemotional like a Vulcan which is unusual for a Betazoid.

Hayashi is quiet and speaks only when there is something to add, guarded with people Hayashi does not talk about personal topics with anyone and is thus a counselor’s nightmare. Hayashi is a Betazoid and has telepathic and empathic abilities like any Betazoid and will use it to gain advantage when needed. The key with Hayashi is the bottom line

Hayashi is a shameless flirt and loves when people feel attracted and flustered so flirting to get a result is not unknown to Hayashi.

In terms of gender Hayashi is fluid and can be looked at as both male and female depending on the way Hayashi feels at the time and what qualities Hayashi wishes to highlight.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

~ Logical
~ Great Problem-Solving skills
~ Loyalty
~ Honest
~ Detail Oriented
~ knowledge of all things Engineering
~ Direct and to the point


~ Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get something out of Hayashi
~ Stubbornness
~ Not good at cultivating friendships & often thought of as a lone wolf
~ Does not ask for help easily
~ Because of the past Hayashi is a person who does not trust easy and sees people as always having an agenda
~ Shameless flirt but just because Hayashi likes attention and if it will get Hayashi what is needed flirting can be a sport
~ Sometimes cold and unemotional
~ Speaks the truth that people don’t want to hear
~ Guarded.
Ambitions To make Chief Engineer some day and to find her birth family
Hobbies & Interests + Hayashi is a big reader
+ Loves to tinker and fix things
+ Had an uncanny knowledge of all engines and seeks out anything new that has come out
+ Love anything fast specially motorcycles
+ Hand to hand combat
+ Hames on the holodeck
+ Loves swimming, the water is a second home for Hayashi

Personal History Early History

Hayashi was born on Betazed in 2371 in the month of Agara which translates to October 31st. She was born on a cold and rainy day and was abandoned in an orphanage on Betazed. Through testing it was confirmed that the child was Betazoid fully but her parents’ identity was not known. At the orphanage she was given the name Esalar, a name after a famous Betazoid painter.

The child stayed there until 2373 when she was adopted by an Earth couple who was stationed on Betazed at the Starfleet installation. The couple fell in love with Esalar. They had two children previously and were trying for a third but thanks to a medical problem could not conceive.

When the adoption was finalized, the couple renamed the child Hamura and gave her their last name Hayashi. It was just at that time that they were transferred to the USS Lekis where they served until 2377 when both Daku and Yuki were transferred to Saitama Japan where they settled and both began teaching Starfleet Academy Prep school.


Hayashi loved Japan and thought of it as paradise on Earth. The landscape is what Hayashi found meditative as well as the traditions and beliefs. It seemed to calm the fire that was within her soul.

School wise things were a bit more difficult. While a good student, Hayashi was unable to make friends and was always seen as the odd duck in the group. With Betazoid abilities coming in she often spoke her mind and often revealed the thoughts of others. As a result, people avoided being in Hayashi’s company and she was teased and ostracised.

In 2380 her parents were sent to the USS Adri, her mother to take the role of Assistant Chief Tactical officer and her father to be Assistant Chief Medical officer. The family moved yet again and her siblings hated the move. Hayashi loved it.

Again, school wise Hayashi was able to attend school on the USS Adri as it was a Galaxy Class ship but she was the only student in her grade, as a result she was forced to do a lot of solo learning. Her siblings although popular hated being on a Starship and took out their dislike on Hayashi teasing her and excluding her when they could; but, even with all this being on the Adri was something Hayashi loved. She would complete her learning and then spend her free time in Engineering with Dilaris, the Betazoid Chief Engineer. It was here that Hayashi learned about Betazed, about using her abilities, and about engines. She spent every free moment she could in engineering.

Hayashi excelled in her studies and decided to enter Starfleet, a decision that her parents supported until they found out what her field of study would be. Both wanted her to follow in their footsteps in the command chain or medical chain but she would have none of it and in typical fashion she made her decision and applied to the Academy with a stated declaration that she wanted to go into Engineering.

Within weeks she received her results telling her that her entrance exam had placed her in the top five and she packed her bags and without another thought left in 2389 to follow her dreams.

The Academy

The Academy was where Hayashi thrived. From the moment that the Academy started Hayashi felt as if life would change forever and it did in a most astounding and freeing way; The Academy was a rebirth for Hayashi who loved the routine of things, the rules, the regulations, the planned-out days. Although still struggling to make friends as Hayashi often felt different then everyone else s/he found that those at the Academy were much more accepting then those in the past. Here Hayashi was allowed to study what s/he wanted, spend his free time where s/he wanted and in a way s/he wanted so s/he began to find himself as a person.

Hayashi began to truly live his life as s/he’d always wanted to and s/he found that s/he thrived and not only that but finally Hayashi had reached an understanding of self as a Betazoid and a being of the universe. Hayashi’s grades improved now that s/he could finally be the best and true version of self. S/he joined several teams in school and even made a few good friends whom s/he trusted. It was here that s/he also learned about Betazed and its people. Hayashi made a vow that s/he would one day find the birth family that had left her behind the answers, like why they hadn’t kept him.

By third year Hayashi became the darling of the engineering department and was known for not only taking on extra projects but asking for more work and working on advanced extra credit assignments. It was professor Adam Collins who thought Hayashi would benefit from working in the field and continuing studies remotely so in 2392 Hayashi was posted to the USS Firestorm as a 3rd year Cadet both working and completing remote studies.

Towards the end of 2392 Hayashi received a full commission to Ensign and was recalled for graduation and six months leave before final assignment. In early 2394 she was assigned to Starbase 21 temporarily and then to the USS Standing Bear.

The Academy

To come...
Service Record 2371 – Born on Betazed and left outside an orphanage. Child was confirmed to be fully Betazoid.

2373 – Adopted by an Earth Couple who was looking to add another child to the family but could not get pregnant again.

2377 - Began School in Saitama, Japan a city just 22km from Tokyo.

2389 – Entered Starfleet Academy

2392 – Third year posted to USS Firestorm in Engineering as 3rd year Cadet. Found to be extremely intelligent and proficient. Instructors thought Hayashi would benefit from hands on experience while doing long distance Academy study.

2393 – Received Graduated certificate from the Academy and permitted to take six months leave

2394 - 2395 Assigned to USS Standing Bear, Acting Chief Engineer, promoted to Lieutenant JG

2396 - USS Standing Bear-A, Chief Operations Officer

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