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Lieutenant Tazuko Miyahara

Name Tazuko Miyahara

Position Security Guard

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Other Names Taz
Gender Cisgender Female
Species Human
Age 38
Sexuality Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color green
Physical Description Tazuko has taken after her older brother Tanaka in having a well-dressed, neat and orderly appearance, keeping her shoulder length black hair tied in a ponytail, her uniform crisp and neat, and her glasses clean. Tazuko has a slender athletic build indicative that she is capable of taking down foes larger than her.


Spouse Konata Hiiragi (wed 2379)
Children None yet
Father Yuichi Miyahara
Mother Kiyoko Miyahara
Brother(s) Tadashi Miyahara (older)
Tanaka Miyahara (older)
Other Family Teruichi Miyahara (Grandfather)
Yutaka Kobayakawa (Cousin)
Yui Narumi (Cousin)
Kiyotaka Narumi (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tazuko has been described as a cold and strict individual, just like her brother. She has openly been called a ‘b***h’ by lesser officers, which she takes in stride. However, she does have a warmer side to her that is rarely seen outside of those she is close to.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Athletic
+Believes that the punishment should fit the crime
+Open about her relationship
+Strategic mind

-Afraid of disappointing her brother
-Can exhibit extremist behaviors, especially around someone she deems to be particularly ‘delinquent’
-Can be viewed as a hypocrite, as her wife Konata is known as a lazy slob that many wonder how she managed Lieutenant, especially in Medical.
-Despises the group known as ‘The Archer Project’; which she views as weak-minded moderates out to soil her family’s name
Ambitions To one day attain the rank of Admiral just like her brother, and continue his mission to ‘Make Starfleet Great Again’
Hobbies & Interests -Anime
-Erotic video games
-Her brother’s Toyota MR2 (SW20)
-Home improvement & interior design
-Singing & dancing
-Piano ballads

Personal History Tazuko Miyahara was born April 27, 2357 in Hiroshima, Japan, as the youngest of the Miyahara children. Though she was too young to realize her situation, Tazuko had been born to local meth heads Yuichi and Kiyoko Miyahara. Her older brothers Tanaka and Tadashi were 3 and 7 years old respectively at the time of Tazuko’s birth.

One of Tazuko’s earliest memories was her eldest brother Tadashi coming home from school depressed one day. When Tanaka, who was due to start first grade at the beginning of next term at the time, asked his brother what was wrong, Tadashi revealed that he had been extensively bullied for being the ‘token poor kid who lived in the ghetto’, and such bullying had been going on for longer than he was originally letting on. Tazuko attributed this day as the genesis of the Tanaka she would come to know; one who strode to lead by example, and show to the galaxy that even the poorest kids could rise to greatness.

When Tanaka was in middle school, he lead his school’s carpentry club to remodel his family’s worn down home into a modern home that was up to date with local building codes and was something one would not expect to find in the area where the Miyaharas lived. The story was so big, it made the local news; which during an interview he gave, Tanaka expressed that he hoped that what he and his peers were doing would begin a domino effect of similar developments in the area.

Tanaka’s school allowed Tazuko to stay in its dormitories while Tanaka and his classmates were remodeling their home. When the project was finished, Tanaka gave his siblings each a preserved plank from the home as it had been as well as keeping one for himself as a reminder of where they had come from. Tazuko was proud of her brother, and, alongside Tadashi, believed that many great things lay in store for Tanaka in high school and beyond. However, they were both surprised when instead of opting for Japan’s optional high school program, Tanaka lied about his age to get into Starfleet.

When Tazuko was 13, Yuichi and Kiyoko were arrested and convicted for possession of drug paraphernalia, and were sentenced to a year in jail, which meant Tazuko would have to live with Tadashi at his apartment in Tokyo until her parents were released. Shortly after moving in with Tadashi, Tazuko sank into depression. In an effort to cheer up his sister, Tadashi took Tazuko on a brother-sister bonding trip to Vega colony, where they visited the NX-06 Myogi museum.

Coincidentally, their visit happened to be at the same time as a group of local school girls on an overnight field trip to the NX replica, among them was Konata Hiiragi. Tazuko and Konata hit it off whenever Tazuko and Tadashi’s self-guided tour crossed paths with Konata’s class’ guided tour. The two riffed off each other so well that they persuaded Tadashi to sign up for him and Tazuko to stay overnight.

Once they were shown to their accommodations, Tazuko went over to the quarters where Konata was staying, where they stayed up playing video games into the early morning hours before falling asleep together. During this time, the two girls talked about their futures. Konata, during her time there, had come to develop an appreciation for what life was like in early Starfleet, and was curious as to how life had gotten easier on more contemporary Starships. They shared that they both had family in Starfleet (Konata’s cousin was in Starfleet security), and they both came to the conclusion that they had shared desires to go into Starfleet.

When Tazuko was 15, she was contemplating copying what her brother had done when he was that age and lie about how old she was to get into Starfleet. However, Tanaka persuaded her to hold off for a while, as it was 2372, and the Dominion crisis was really heating up, seemingly heading towards all out war. So, with heavy heart, Tazuko instead elected to go into high school.

And it was a good thing she did; for just a year later, the Dominion War broke out. As Tazuko watched news reports covering the seemingly continuous Dominion advances as defeat after defeat was reported, Tazuko’s mind began to flit to Konata. The two of them had maintained a long distance friendship since they had met at the NX-06 Myogi museum, and with the Dominion conquering larger and larger swaths of Federation and Klingon territory, Tazuko found herself more and more concerned for Konata’s safety.

In 2374, Konata suddenly appeared at the Miyahara family home. While Tazuko was relieved to see Konata alive, she was also worried that Vega had fallen to the Dominion. However, Konata dispelled Tazuko’s fears, explaining that though the Dominion had sent some Jem’Hadar ships to Vega, and the Starfleet presence in the system was just barely able to repel them (with limited assistance from the NX-06 Myogi), they found out afterwards that the force sent to Vega was merely a diversionary tactic while the larger Dominion force had swept through Betazed. However, Konata’s cousin Yui in Starfleet Security had decided that things had gotten just a little too close for comfort, and had evacuated her family from Vega to Earth.

The following year, Earth itself came under attack by Breen forces, severely damaging San Francisco, and Tazuko saw merit in her brother’s words, as she could have been on the growing list of those either dead or missing. Following the Breen attack, Tazuko and Tadashi received a call from their brother, Tanaka, whom they hadn’t heard from the whole war, and the three of them were able to confirm to each other that they were alright, with Tanaka apologizing that it took him so long to call, as he had been rather busy aboard his new assignment, the Silver Stallion, after the Honeysuckle Rose was lost two years prior.

When the Dominion War came to a sudden end later that year, Konata’s father, Sojiro, as well as her cousins, moved back to Vega. However, Konata, who had been working at a local cosplay café since her relocation, had elected to remain behind to watch Tazuko graduate instead of hearing about it back on Vega. As Tazuko neared graduation, Konata revealed her true reason for staying behind on Earth, as she was going to go into Starfleet, and wanted Tazuko to do it with her.

Tazuko agreed, having wanted to go into Starfleet since she was 15, and so, when Tazuko graduated, they were accepted into Starfleet Academy, with Konata choosing a medical major while Tazuko chose a security major. The two of them became somewhat inseparable during their time at the Academy. Tazuko often helped Konata with her homework due to the latter’s lazy personality. It was also during this time that Tazuko finally came to realize that her feelings for Konata went beyond friendship, and when she confided in Konata about her bisexuality, she was surprised when Konata said that she had always considered Tazuko “just a little bit more than a friend.”

In 2377, Tazuko was offered a field training assignment aboard a brand new California class starship named the USS Myogi, but Konata talked her out of it, explaining that the California class were known as ‘Cali-Coffins’ for a reason, and she was completely right, because just five months later, the Myogi was destroyed.

In 2379, as Tazuko and Konata were preparing to graduate, Konata suddenly asked Tazuko’s hand in marriage, citing that they may be separated once they graduated, unsure of when they would see each other next. Tazuko was rather surprised by the offer, and contacted Tanaka, asking for his blessing for the two of them to marry. Though Tanaka disapproved of Konata’s lazy behavior, he couldn’t deny that she made Tazuko happy when she was around, and gave his full blessing. Tazuko and Konata were married in a private ceremony attended only by close friends and relatives, with Commander Miyahara, as the highest ranked officer present, officiating the ceremony. Despite being married, they each retained their maiden names for professional purposes.

Shortly after their wedding, Tazuko and Konata both graduated with the rank of ensign, and true to Konata’s fears, they were indeed separated. Tazuko was assigned to the USS Hirasawa as a security officer. During her first few years aboard the Hirasawa, Tazuko gained respect within the security department. However, as there wasn’t much need for any more Lieutenant JGs aboard, Tazuko was, instead of a promotion, offered a more specialized role as a security investigations officer, a job which she would perform dutifully.

During this time, it was becoming evident that the Romulan sun was about to go Supernova, and the Hirasawa was one of countless vessels assigned to assist in the evacuation of Romulus. During one mission, which involved ferrying a Romulan diplomatic party to Vulcan to meet with Ambassador Spock, Tazuko finally proved her worth when the commanding officer of one of their escort ships was murdered, and it took creative thinking by all security personnel across the convoy to uncover the presence of a Tal Shiar operative among the diplomatic party, who believed the Federation had manufactured the Star Empire’s inevitable demise as an attempt to scatter and weaken the Romulan people. For Tazuko’s part in the investigation, she was awarded a promotion to Lieutenant JG.

In 2386, Tazuko was offered a transfer to the USS Iowa, which entailed a promotion to full Lieutenant. She was initially confused as to why until she read the name of the officer who wished to have her transferred aboard: It was Benjamin Johnson, who had been the Executive officer on the Miranda class starship on which the murder had happened the previous year. Starfleet had been impressed with his abilities as acting commanding officer and decided to give him a promotion to commanding officer, originally for the same Miranda class starship, but he had refused. Fortunately, the Iowa’s commanding officer had recently stood down, and he was given command of the Intrepid class starship instead. Johnson had been impressed by Tazuko’s actions during the investigation, and wished for her to become his new chief of security.

Tazuko was honored to accept the promotion and transfer. However, when she reported in to Johnson, she made a rather unusual request; she wanted Johnson to transfer Konata on board to have in the ship’s medical department. While Johnson said he’d see what he could do, he could guarantee nothing; as Starfleet Medical personnel were in high demand, especially in the aftermath of the Synth attack on Mars. It was a bureaucratic way of saying that Tazuko’s request was simply not possible.

Tazuko served as Chief of Security for a few years before Benjamin’s true plans for her came to light when he asked her to become a mission advisor. He had had her aboard as Chief of Security to get a better look at her strategic mind, which he had only caught a glimpse of during the murder investigation, and he believed that, if her talents were nurtured enough, she would be ripe for the command track.

Tazuko found the new position carried extra influence with it as well, and she used that influence to find where Konata had wound up over the past decade. Fortunately for her, she didn’t have to look far, as Konata had spent the last decade wasting away on the lower decks of the USS Suzumiya, where she had been assigned out of the Academy, bouncing back and forth between Ensign and Lieutenant JG. Tazuko used her newfound influence to bring Konata aboard the Iowa. After a decade of having only seen Konata through long distance calls and the occasional coordinated leave of absence, it was nice for Tazuko to finally have Konata back in her life, even if it meant driving the ship’s medical officers crazy due to Konata’s less-than-proactive approach to her work.

The 2390s were a rather weird time for Tazuko, for that was when she found out the existence of a conspiracy theory of Bajoran origin that named a Starfleet officer called Oh as being the head of a galactic cabal of Pah-Wraith-worshipping slavers, and Tanaka; who by that time had become an Admiral, believed there was some credibility behind the theory, he just didn’t know how. Also in the early part of the decade, Tazuko discovered the existence of a group calling themselves ‘The Archer Project’; a group of Dominion War-era “Never-Miyaharas”, as they called themselves, touting the name of Jonathan Archer, one of the Federation’s earliest presidents, with the seemingly sole purpose of sullying her brother’s reputation and getting him kicked out of Starfleet.

In 2392, Johnson recommended Tazuko for a command internship aboard the USS Irohazaka; an old Miranda class starship identical to the one he used to serve on. Johnson was friends with Kyoichi Sudo, the Irohazaka’s commanding officer, and knew there was a need to fill the role of Executive officer aboard that ship. Tazuko agreed, but only on the condition that she could take Konata with her: A condition that both Johnson and the Iowa’s medical staff were happy to oblige by.

When the two arrived on the Irohazaka, they found the situation on board to be rather dire, as all the departments were running amok and doing their own thing, and Sudo barely had control over them. Tazuko saw this as her Silver Stallion, as Tanaka had described the situation aboard the Galaxy class starship when he came aboard as similar to what Tazuko was witnessing aboard the Miranda class starship she had just been assigned to.

Tazuko spent the next few years helping Sudo bring the departments back into line. Even Konata’s behavior, while still lackluster, made her a more dependable Medical officer than her peers, and she was promoted to full Lieutenant. Everything was going well until 2395, when Tanaka suddenly resigned from Starfleet. Tazuko was deeply affected by Tanaka’s sudden resignation and took a leave of absence, but not before showing Sudo how to continue her work in her absence. The night before she was supposed to leave, Konata came to her with a surprise revelation: She was also taking an LOA to support Tazuko.

Tazuko spent much of her LOA with Tanaka, as this was one of the first opportunities they’d had in a long time for quality sibling bonding time. Whenever she could, Tazuko would pick her brother’s brain, trying to figure out why he would resign so suddenly. Ultimately, from what Tazuko could gather, Tanaka had resigned because he felt there were ‘dark forces’ at play; between The Archer Project and whatever Oh was up to, Tanaka felt he could not in good conscience continue to serve a Starfleet that didn’t represent what he personally stood for.

When Tazuko and Konata came back from their LOA, they discovered that following Sudo’s retirement, the Irohazaka had been decommissioned, and her crew had been reassigned. Fortunately, Starfleet had finally wizened up and realized that Tazuko and Konata were both better Starfleet Officers if kept together, and the two were being transferred to the USS Standing Bear, a brand new Ulaan-class starship. However, the reassignment was not to further Tazuko's career, but rather Konata's instead, as the Standing Bear was in need of a new Chief Medical Officer after the previous CMO was found catatonic in the sonic showers in her quarters. Tazuko's new job would see her return to her roots and become a security officer once again.
Service Record 2375-2379 – Starfleet Academy (major in Security)
2379-2382 – USS Hirasawa (Ensign – Security Officer)
2382-2385 – USS Hirasawa (Ensign – Security Investigations Officer)
2385-2386 – USS Hirasawa (Lieutenant JG – Security Investigations Officer)
2386-2389 – USS Iowa (Lieutenant – Chief Security Officer)
2389-2392 – USS Iowa (Lieutenant – Mission Advisor)
2392-2395 – USS Irohazaka (Lieutenant – Executive Officer)
2395: Leave of Absence (Reason: “Personal Matter”)
2395-Present - USS Standing Bear (Lieutenant - Security Officer)

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