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Adding to the Family

Posted on Sunday, 10 July 2022 - 7:28pm by Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant Tazuko Miyahara

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Armory, Deck 7 & Varioud | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2396


=/\= Crew Quarters =/\=

Mac stared at himself in the mirror. He was to meet Haru in the armory soon. He had a few things to check and then he would be up to his eyeballs in this investigation with the CMO. Part of him wished Soral was here so he could bounce some theories over him but part of him was glad that he wasn’t. With T’Paris on the ship, Soral’s Marriage hanging on by a thread, and all the other crap going on Mac was happy that his friend would be getting some time off.

He sighed and then, after one more look in the mirror, he straightened his uniform and headed out.

=/\= Tactical Security Offices, Armoury =/\=

After reporting in to the Captain and Security chief, Tazuko decided to stop by the armory and take inventory of what they had. With a PADD in hand pre-loaded with what was supposed to be in the Armory, Tazuko set to work taking inventory. As she worked, her wedding song popped into her head, and she began singing it quietly as she worked:

"Mama, just killed a man..." Tazuko sang as she marked items on the list.

"I should hope not, she may have to be taken into custody," Haru said as he hobbled into the armory, he was still recovering finding walking tiring but enjoying the fact that he no longer needed the chair or the cane. The devices attached to his legs helped take some strain off so that he could walk. His healing had come a long way and soon he would be joining the ranks of tact/sec in a better way. The therapy was going well and the time with the Vulcan healer here on the station had been valuable. He, himself, being part Vulcan helped too.

Tazuko was slightly startled by the man who had entered the armory. The devices on his legs suggested he was having trouble walking, and the color of his uniform suggested he was also Security, as they would be the only ones outside of the command staff with the necessary clearance to access the armory.

"Oh, hello there;" Tazuko greeted. "Don't mind me; I tend to sing while I work."

" husband does too even though he won't admit it. Lots of new faces on the ship. I'm Haru Hernandez," He said walking over and sticking out his hand. "Welcome to the Bear."

Tazuko turned and accepted the offered hand with her own.

"Tazuko Miyahara." She said. "It's a pleasure to be here. Though frankly, I'm just happy to be on the same starship as my wife."

"Yeah. I know that feeling." Haru looked around. "This place is pretty good. It's a great environment…new ship though but a good place."

Before he could say anything the door hissed open and Mackenzie swaggered in. "Morning!"

Haru smiled, "Speaking of husband. "Mac meet our new Tact/Sec officer. Tazuko Miyahara and this loud and boisterous man is our Investigations Officer, Maximus Mackenzie also known as my husband."

Mac stuck out his hand. "Mac please. Only our XO can call me Maximus."

"I do get the nickname game." Tazuko said as she shook Mac's hand. "I started answering to Taz after my wife began throwing the nickname around. Nowadays, I'll answer to either Taz or Tazuko; take your pick."

“Ahh but the question, is what is your preference,” Haru asked.

"Me, personally?" Tazuko responded. "I prefer Tazuko, but, as I said, I answer to both."

Haru and Mac both gave a nod. "Tazuko it is." Mac stepped forward, "Good to meet you, I have a few things I have to tend to just came to pull out a Phaser to get in some holo practice."

He got the phaser and hurried away leaving Haru behind. "I hope you don't mind if I sit a little," he motioned to the chair. "These are still...difficult to get used to."

"Oh, not at all," Tazuko waved dismissively. "So long as you don't mind me going back to what I was doing. It helps me get a better understanding for my new assignment if I take inventory of what we have."

He grinned, "Lucky for you I have a full inventory list." He hobbled to the console and sat down. "I was going to double check, maybe you can help me with that."

"Sure;" Tazuko said. "I've already been working for a bit, so perhaps we can pool our resources?"

Haru smiled. “That sounds good.”

Haru and his new teammate worked quickly. There was an understanding there and Haru was surprised at how flawlessly this new team member fit in. He smiled to himself as they went through it all.

This was going to be a great day.

=/\= Hours later, Crew Quarters =/\=

Haru sat waiting for Mac to return. He had a glass of tea in his hand and a book forgotten on his lap. He thought of this ship, the captain changed but that feeling of family never did. Meeting Tazuko was…interesting and he’d tried to make his new crewmate feel as welcome as the ship and crew had made him feel when he was new.

Being on the Standing Bear was like joining a family and he was glad for it. All the new faces would add something to this ship and crew and he was looking forward to seeing it all work out and pan out.

Smiling he closed his book and focused on his tea. He allowed his eyes to swing to the Kamidana that hung on the wall. Silently he said a prayer of thanks to his ancestors for this ship and the new family that came aboard. He had a feeling that this adventure was going to be heard but people would be made and bonds forged. The future was open to them all.



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