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Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie

Name Maximus E. Mackenzie

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Male
Species Capellan
Age 36
Sexuality Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 280 lbs
Hair Color Medium Brown with light salt and peppering
Eye Color Deep Green
Physical Description Jax is tall and muscled. He has a strong chin and is always well groomed. He has several tattoos on his body. Several scars from past fights and prefers to have scruff on his face although since he returned to Starfleet he's adopted a more clean shaven look.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kaleb (Adpotive Father Thatherton Mackenzie)
Mother Odira (Julia Mackenzie adopted other)
Brother(s) Jaylan (Older)
Foler (Older)
Axe (Older)
Sister(s) Jayla (Younger)
Extrix (Younger)
Other Family Various aunts, uncles, cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maximus is very logical but also has the ability to step outside of logic and see problems from all sides. He is deeply loyal and honourable and has clear guides that are black and white as to honour and what is right and what is wrong. He is a bit volatile and has a temper. He is observant and truthful to a fault.

He is kind in that he believes that hospitality is divine and he believes everyone is a friend until proven otherwise. He values courage and hates what fear.

He is a bit of a rebel and will bed certain rules if they alight with an action he deems right. He is loud in his off time quiet while on duty and sometimes more stubborn then an Aldeberin Mule. He can, at times, appear cold and unemotional that would rival a Vulcan but he is a man of deep passion an can be quick to temper.

Maximus doesn't think much about his life on Capella but he still lives by a few standards:

* Like all Capellans he values combat over love.
* Like all Capellans he values honesty and accepts people at their word. If that person proved to be a lier and without honour he would sever all ties and wouldn't be beyond challenging him to a fight.
* He values hospitality above all else.
* Like all Capellans he values the courageous.
* He is hotheaded and when angered he doesn't stop to think but is to act. He loves a good bar fight.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Logical, comes at a problem from all angles.
+ Able to easily deal with stressful situations
+ Loyalty
+ Is deeply honourable
+ Excellent hand to hand abilities
+ Very observant
+ Truthful to a fault
+ Strength (Capellan men are almost as strong as Vulcans)

- Often too creative
- Quick to temper
- Sometimes Cold and very unemotional
- Stubborn
- Too Truthful
- Fails to recognize rank sometimes and speaks to liberally

Items that qualify as both a strength and a weakness:
+/- Inquisitiveness
+/- Stubbornness
+/- Loyalty
+/- Brutal Honesty
Ambitions To command his own ship

Hobbies & Interests Reading biographies particularly of those he considers his personal heros

Working out


Iron work (Forge)


Horse Riding



Personal History =/\= The Pre-Academy Years =/\=

Maximus Jax was born during the blue moon on Capella Prime in 2360 to Odira and Kaleb the seventh the then teer of Capella. He was son to the fourth son of the fourth tribe of the ten tribes on the planet and he came into the world with a mighty war cry.

Not much is known about his life on Capella only that he anxiously left in 2373 when he was 13 years old. He was brought off the planet by Thatherton and Julia Mackenzie who were then CO an XO of the USS Notable.

The Mackenzie's adopted Maximus as their own son.

=/\= The Academy & Officer Years =/\=

In 2378 he took the entrance exams with the help of his then adoptive father Admiral Mackenzie. The boy excelled in his courses. His main focus was tactical security and he had a goal in mind. he'd be a captain some day and have his own ship like his personal heroes.

For the most part, other then being a good student he was captain of the swimming team, the captain of the wrestling team, and a champion fencer.

He graduated Starfleet in 2382 with honours and was straight away placed on the USS Essential to complete the fifth year with the rank of Ensign. It was there he met a man to whom he would pledge his life to. A man that saved his life during an away mission.

The two became close, like brothers. Both men of honour. In 2385 Maximus was promoted to Lt. JG and happily adapted to his new role as third in command of the SecTac Dept.

In 2386 an incident on the Essential caused both him and his friend to be reprimanded severely and he lost his Lt. JG rank and was busted down to Ensign. His promotions were halted and it was his friend again that took the brunt of the punishment so he'd get a command but it would take a long time.

When Soral, his best friend and mentor, was transferred to the USS Firestorm in 2390 he applied and was granted a transfer there too.

In 2390 he became the Investigations and Security Officer on the Firestorm a constitution class ship. That year he also applied to get his rank back and was denied.

In 2392 his Department CO wanted to promote him but the promotion was denied by the ship CO. After two denials Maximus left Starfleet he resigned and was content to go to Vashti, where he was accepted. In 2393 he was called back and assigned to the Fontana. Mad as hell that a small loophole was used to bring him back he set out for his new ship.
Service Record 2360 - Born on Capella

2373 - Left Capella

2378 - Starfleet Academy

2382 - Graduated Starfleet with Tactical Security Degree

2383 - USS Essential - Security Tactical Department Post Academy Placement Final Fifth year Ensign

2385 - Promoted to Lt. JG

2386 - Demoted to Ensign Reprimand Sealed on Record -- Further Promotion halted

2390-2393 - USS Firestorm Ensign - Investigations and Security Officer

2390 - Promotion to Lt. JG Denied

2392 - Promotion to Lt. JG Denied

2393-2395 Assigned USS Standing Bear (formerly Fontana) Security Tactical Officer Lt. JG promotion

2395 - USS Standing Bear-A

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