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Lieutenant Haru Hernandez

Name Haru Kaito Hernandez

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Male
Species Human ¾ & ¼ Vulcan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6 FOOT 3
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Haru is tall and well built. Although he has weight to him it is mostly muscle. He is quick to smile and has a very calming presence to him. He walks with grace and purpose. He has no tattoos but does have a few scars. He has pointy ears but nothing as fully pointy as the Vulcans. He has mild dimples when he smiles.


Spouse None -- (In Long Term Relationship with Maximus MacKenzie
Children None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Haru Kaito Hernandez is a kind and caring man. He is friendly but always keeps his guard up. He tends to not talk about personal things and likes to keep things light. He had very few close friends, in fact, only three. He has a thirst for knowledge and a dedication and loyalty that is not often seen. He has a high sense of honour.

Kaito, as he prefers to be called accepts and understands his Vulcan side. In fact he takes strength from its teachings and logical leanings but embraces his emption. He is a deeply passionate man. He is a born leader always taking the time to build up those around him and to make those who are sad smile. He is very much a guardian and a protector of those who are weaker.

He is a bit of a ladies man but keeps things casual as he doesn’t believe that true love is possible. He, in fact, takes a Betazoid approach to love saying that it can be shared freely and a person can love more than one person at a time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Loyal, loving, dedicated, determined, intelligent. He is a motivator and someone who builds those around him up. He is always quick to joke and lighten the mood.

Weaknesses: Brutal honesty, He can be very distrusting, he loosely interprets rules like his hero Captain James T. Kirk, a ladies man. Short fuse with those he deems unintelligent.
Ambitions To get his own command; to live the best life
Hobbies & Interests Reading; mixed martial arts (Vulcan Defence Speciality); riding horses; Reading; Haru is a trained Blacksmith.

Personal History Kaito was born on the Vulcan Science Pegasus in 2361 where his mother was the medical officer at the time under a Starfleet Medical and Vulcan Medical exchange. He came into the world one month early but was fully grown. Kaito was the product of an affair that his mother had with her then Captain Akira.

Akira, who had a family of his own, wanted nothing to do with Kaito and this mother and in fact left them on Betazed terminating her time with the Vulcan science ship.

Emilia Hernandez was not the type of woman to cry over spilled milk. She was sad, yes, hurt, yes, but she had a son to care for. She picked herself up and got back to Starfleet HQ where she worked at the Academy a while until Haru was five. She then moved to Vulcan and worked there in the Starfleet medical facility.

Haru attended school on Vulcan excelling in his studies. His Vulcan school masters were fascinated that a child with only ¼ Vulcan blood was able to function as a full Vulcan. He became their favourite pupil and was always given extra assignments and even allowed to take advanced meditation techniques.

After being on the Winchester a short time his sister was injured and he was recalled back to Earth where he stayed for three months helping take care of her while she recovered. Later in 2393 he was assigned to the USS Astaea.

While on Vulcan his mother succumbed to her attraction to Akira again bore him another child. Haru, angry that Akira would take advantage of his mother’s love like that confronted his father in a public display that lead to the banishment of Akira from Vulcan. Akira lost his wife and children and was forced to leave Vulcan in disgrace promising to get even with his son.

Haru, who was 17 at the time, left Vulcan to go to Earth to enter the Academy. His mother took his sister (Who was only 2 at the time) and headed to a ship posting to work her way up to her current post as CO.

In the Academy Haru grew and found that he now preferred his middle name Kaito. He reinvented himself in the Academy and began to really live the best life he could. He continued his studies at a Vulcan temple on Earth and attended the Academy being drawn to the Security and Tactical field.

While at the Academy he founded the Blacksmith Association, was head of the flight team as well has a champion pianist and Captain of the Archery team.

He graduated head of his class and got a pick of his ships.

Kaito’s first posting was to the USS Kirk. He was so entranced by his hero, James T Kirk, that to serve on a ship that bore his name was a deep honour. While on the ship he was cited for bravery several times and earned a purple heart defending the life of his Captain and getting injured in the process.

His recovery was long and when complete he was offered a post on the USS Kodak. He accepted the promotion to Senior Sec Officer and moved to his new home.

After a few years there he got the itch knowing he wasn’t too thrilled with his new ship and applied for a transfer to the USS Winchester.

After a short LOA he was eventually assigned to the USS Astraea where he served as Assistant Chief Sec/Tact officer. He was injured on an away team where he was trapped in a mine that caved in. Saving a fellow officer he was injured severely and transported to a medical bay more equipped to deal with his injuries.
Service Record 2361 – Born Vulcan Science Ship Pegasus
2361 – 2362 – Lived on Betazed with his mother.
2362- 2366 – San Francisco, Earth
2367- 2378 – Vulcan, Forge Region Education
2378-2382 – Starfleet Academy
2382-2388 – USS Kirk
2388-2390– USS Kodak
2392- 2393– USS Winchester
2393 - USS Astarea
2393 -- Medical LOA
2394 - 2395 USS Standing Bear
2396 - Present USS Standing Bear-A

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