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Ensign T'Nile Xera

Name T'Nile Xera

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Female
Species Bajoran / Vulcan
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 168cm
Weight 67kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Physical Description Half Bajoran, half Vulcan ("Bajulcan"), has the typical ridges of a Bajoran with the tapered ears of a Vulcan and slightly greenish tinged skin as a result of her copper based blood. Typically wears hair long and flowing, just beyond shoulder length, but will tie it into a ponytail if the situation requires it. Is often in mild trouble with the Medical Department due to weight. Knees and thighs somewhat muscular from crawling using access ladders and arms also muscular from lifting heavy equipment or wall panels for maintenance. However, doesn't watch diet too closely and is often "soft in the middle", being a few kilos above ideal body weight, grumpily dieting until weight is back to ideal, but otherwise doesn't exercise. Also jokingly has callused knees and elbows from crawling around Jeffries Tubes often


Father Xera Lexia
Mother T'Wun
Brother(s) Sodak (half brother, older). Sotuk (half brother, younger).
Other Family Segahk (stepfather). Salok (nephew, via Sodak). Sahek (nephew, via Sodak)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being of mixed culture and biology, is often trying to blend a mix of Bajoran passion with Vulcan impassivity, preferring to chart own course and a mixture of both. Probably summed up best by "Per Ardua, Vitae", or from adversity, life. From her Bajoran side, has more tolerance and understanding of faith and the unknown, while the Vulcan side adds consideration and higher mental functions.

(Biologically) Has:
• Bajoran nose ridges
• Tapered Vulcan ears
• Vulcan third/inner eyelid
• Green/copper based blood

(Biologically) Does NOT have:
• Increased Vulcan strength (has average humanoid strength)
• Vulcan psionics (no touch telepathy, no Vulcan mind meld)
Strengths & Weaknesses Being the child of two cultures, was often teased when younger, fitting in with neither culture quite well, being too formal for Bajorans, but too (mentally and verbally) flexible for Vulcans. Doesn't have a temper as such, being able to rein it in, but is often appearing to shrug people off. Although affable, tends to be somewhat private and awkwardly endearing without meaning to. Without many friends her age (and her half brothers being many years older or many years younger respectively), overall prefers to work alone, but doesn't hesitate to teach and delegate tasks, to build up others.
Ambitions To right the injustices of the universe, after seeing her father emotionally broken after the Mars incident.
Hobbies & Interests Classical music, logic games (Zebra Puzzles, Sudoku)

Personal History Note: Bajorans typically provide the surname before any given names, while Vulcans have a single name to non Vulcans, it was decided to use a mixture of both, being named Xera T'Nile. In formal contexts, etiquette would be to address by surname ("Ensign Xera, report to the transporter room"). In informal contexts, etiquette allows to be addressed by given name ("T'Nile, would you care to join us for a meal?"). Otherwise if uncertain, use of full name is also allowed.

Xera T'Nile was born a "Bajulcan" to a Bajoran father (Xera Lexia) and Vulcan mother (T'Wun) in 2370. More correctly speaking, mother had mild mid life crisis, divorcing current husband and having an affair. This caused consternation amongst almost everyone, as T'Wun already had grandchildren not much younger than her new husband (and her son about the same age as her husband's parents, had they not died during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor).

Father had emigrated from Bajor to seek a better life after the Occupation and decided to join the Federation Government, helping to act as a counsellor and assisting with refugees and other displaced persons, often travelling around the Federation and never really putting down roots. Young T'Nile, being much younger than even her two nephews, found herself isolated, but never really sensed it, being in an overall loving family environment (even if there was much forced civility around the dinner table).

The happy life would not last, as T'Wun (mother) would end up having another affair with another Vulcan, divorcing and once again sundering the family dynamic. With a new half brother, T'Nile found herself the middle child and once again not really fitting in.

Preferring to travel with Father, was staying on Earth when Xera Lexia was recruited to help with the Romulan evacuation effort from the civilian side, acting as a liaison to help the refugees settle and integrate to their new homes. Disaster however, struck in 2385 with the synthetics incident. Although not on Mars, the incident caused a general rethink and the resettlements were halted, leaving Lexia heartbroken, seeming to age a decade in the days after Mars. (T'Nile tried to help, but it appeared as if the spark had gone out of her Bajoran father's Pagh).

Upon turning 18 in 2388, joined Starfleet Academy, graduating in 2392 with a major in Engineering.
Service Record 2388-2392: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Engineering)
2392-2393: Ensign, Engineer, USS Zhukov
2393-2396: Ensign, Engineer, USS Kuringai
2396-: Engineer, USS Standing Bear

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