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After thoughts

Posted on Sunday, 28 August 2022 - 11:18am by Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Deck 5 - Sickbay

Doctor Jarin Alexander sat in a very quite sickbay, the lights were dimmer to almost nothing as there were currently no patients being treated. Sitting on a bio bed and reading over a few medical charts he couldn't help but smile as his mind drifted to the night he had with T'Lanna. She was an amazing woman and he was very fond of her son, he was a complete cutie and such a sweet child.

Their dinner and conversation was a great experience and then she asked him to spend the night. What kind of man would turn her down on that offer he thought to himself as the smile on his face grew brighter. Working the second shift aboard the Standing Bear was actually rather boring at this time but he would enjoy the quite time and get caught up on some reports he had to do. Maybe he could spend some more time with T'Lanna in the next couple days, he wasn't sure how busy she was.

Jarin took a sip of his coffee and sat it back down on the bio bed and gazed at the PADD in his hand, although he wasn't really reading it he was still thinking about the woman he had spent the night with. Maybe they could take little man on a holodeck adventure or something, he knew he wasn't the child's father and would never try to step in and be but the kiddo held a special place in Jarins heart.

As the Doctor took another sip of his coffee he heard the main doors to the medical bay hiss open and looked up to see the Caitian Security Chief helping a young man hobble into the medical bay. He hopped off the bio bed and went over to assist "what happened ma'am" Doctor Alexander asked his superior officer.

"This young man" she grunted as they lifted him onto the bio bed "decided it would be a good idea to interrupt one of my training programs on the holodeck. "I was obviously running with the safeties off, which is no problem for me" she looked over at him.

"I got ya" Jarin didn't even need to scan he could tell the Human male had a broken leg and his wrist was obviously fractured as hit dangled there. However he decided to take scans anyway to confirm his hunch "just lay still" he ordered as he started scanning.

The young man that had been injured was obviously in large amounts of pain as he moaned and tried not to roll around on the bio bed. "I'm sorry Lieutenant" he got out before another set of loud moans.

"It's my fault, I should have locked the holodeck down" K'Var admitted as she looked up at Doctor Alexander with a disappointed look on her face. She was only disappointed in herself, but she didn't think anyone would barge in on her training program and if they did they would have checked the settings to see the safeties had been disabled.

Jarin had conclude his scans and gave a nod, really to himself "I'll get you out of pain Ensign" Alexander said with a soft smile and loaded a hypo and pressed it against the patients neck and within seconds the young man's pain went from severe to tolerable. "This is going to require surgery" Jarin told the Ensign and then looked up at K'Var.

"Well Doctor" she gave a nod "if you don't need me I'll let you get to it."

"I can take it from here ma'am" Jarin said with a smile and was already prepping the bio bed for the surgery. The bio bed's computer system would do most of the work for the Doctor but he would have to monitor the settings and make minor adjustments as the system performed it's operation. Doctor Alexander was glad the pain medications had taken full effect and the young man was out of it. His quite night had suddenly changed, not that this was really a challenge, but at least it gave him something to do. It would take about an hour for the operation and then he would administer more pain meds and monitor the patient for several additional hours after the surgery.


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