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The Doc & the EMH

Posted on Saturday, 20 August 2022 - 7:47pm by Lieutenant Tazuko Miyahara & Lieutenant Konata Hiiragi & Emerick
Edited on on Saturday, 20 August 2022 - 7:48pm

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Sickbay, Deck 5

Konata had already met with one of the nurses, and had sent a memo to the Assistant CMO about wanting to meet them, typical boss things; which left one other person for Konata to meet:

"Never though I'd have to do this;" Konata muttered to herself as she stood in her new office. "Computer, activate Emergency Medical Hologram."

The Emergency Medical Hologram had activated, something Emerick was not found of unless there was an emergency. He had read up on the new Chief Medical Officer that had come aboard, but the two had yet to interact. Arms crossed immediately as Emerick materialized in Sickbay with the ship's top physician having just activated him. "I hardly call this an emergency situation," commented Emerick. Sickbay on the previous Standing Bear had been rigged so that Emerick would automatically activate if either of the ship's physicians were not presently in Sickbay, or Emerick could activate himself.

Aboard this starship? There was still work to be done, though, with the amount of holo emitters about the starship, Emerick had just about free reign deck to deck to transfer his program throughout the starship. "You must be Doctor Hiiragi, I'm Emerick, the Emergency Medical Hologram, but I presume that you are aware of this as you've activated me."

"Well, that was... Unexpected..." Konata muttered, having been expecting the usual 'Please state the nature of the medical emergency.' "Well, then, Emerick, since you seem to know more about me than I about you, tell me; do you believe the hearsay that I slack off on the job?"

It was evident to Konata based on the initial interactions that the EMH had been reprogrammed. Now, the question on Konata's mind was how extensive the reprogramming was, and an easy way to test that was to bring up her notorious track record and pitch it as hearsay to see what happened.

"I don't know too much about you and I have been too busy. I just know you are the new Chief Medical Officer, and that means you are not Doctor Selin nor Doctor Rose" the hologram commented.

Emerick studied Konata. "I worked alongside a skilled surgeon who slept underneath his desk. I can work with a 'slacker' so long as you don't fail your patients."

"Well, that's a good thing, because, contrary to popular belief, I can get the job done when I put my mind to it!" Konata said. "The whole lazy doctor thing is totally just an act. You know, a medical professional who gives the impression of being less than such is totally what's moe right now."

Emerick eyed the blue haired physician. "It would be idiotic to assume Starfleet or any other degree issuing body would allow anyone that was truly a slacker to receive an MD" noted the EMH. "You would not have made it through your initial years of education if you were a slacker. Therefore, I would assume you are more than competent."

Konata laughed at Emerick's remark.

"I like you, Emerick;" She said. "Something tells me you and I are going to get along just fine..."

Later that evening...

"Sorry I'm late, hun;" Tazuko said as she arrived back at hers and Konata's quarters to find her wife sprawled on the couch. "How was your first day?"

"Exhausting;" Konata remarked. "I mean, who knew being a CMO was so much work."

"That's what happens when you have responsibilities, hun." Tazuko said. "Now, how about we head on down to the mess hall and grab ourselves something to eat?"

"I'm not hungry..." Konata grumbled.

"Well, suit yourself; I'm starving." Tazuko said. "Tough, I suppose you're so worn out from having responsibility that you're ready to just admit I'm better at Smash Bros than you are?"

Konata sat bolt upright on the couch.

"Of course not!" She said. "One is never too exhausted to forfeit a rematch before it begins! Hell, I may even have time to scarf down a meal as well!"

Tazuko grinned.

"Well, get your boots back on;" Tazuko said. "You said yourself that a Smash champion such as yourself plays better on a full stomach..."



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