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Lieutenant JG Charles McCullen

Name Charles James McCullen

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Other Names Charlie
Gender Cisgender Male
Species Human
Age 24
Sexuality Homosexual Panromantic

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4" (162 cm)
Weight 111 lbs (50 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Charles 'Charlie' James McCullen is of slight build, shorter than average and baby-faced. His perpetually tousled brown hair and wide brown eyes add to the air of youth and innocence. Even in his mid-20s Charlie can still, with a little acting, pass for a teenager.

Charlie has what he would describe as a resting smirk-face, a perpetual look of mild amusement that gets him into, and often out of, trouble.

Although slight of frame and skinny as a rail, Charlie maintains a decent amount of muscle and an acceptable level of physical fitness.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Vice Admiral James McCullen
Mother Admiral Andrea McCullen
Brother(s) Captain James McCullen Jr.
Lieutenant Commander Bryce McCullen
Sister(s) Dr. Jenna McCullen
Captain Sarah Jones (nee McCullen)
Erkia McCullen
Other Family Leola Darys - partner

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lieutenant Commander T'Prin, analysing counsellor, report on Lieutenant Charles McCullen:

Lieutenant Jg. Charles James McCullen has an almost pathological need to prove himself and suffers from deep-rooted anxiety and impostor syndrome which he often masks, fairly effectively, with humour and a flippant attitude. This seems to be the result of fear that others have the perception that, as his mother is an admiral and his father a captain, he has gained his position through influence rather than merit. Under pressure, Lieutenant McCullen performs admirably and stress tends to have a focusing effect. The lieutenant's ability to compartmentalise and manage difficult emotions is sufficient for a human of his age.

Socially, Lieutenant McCullen suffers from social anxiety, and while he is adept at distraction and redirection, he tends to avoid deeper connections and social interactions. The lieutenant prefers to project an image of a flippant, casual jester and has a tendency to hide or mask more serious thoughts and emotions. It is my theory that this stems from a fear of loss which requires further study but is outwith the remit of this analysis.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Focused under pressure. Outstanding spatial awareness. Navigational whizz-kid. Cute and harmless-looking. Quick and sure footed.

Weaknesses: Socially inept and a nervous wreck in unfamiliar social settings. Small and light. Lacks physical combat skills.
Ambitions To stay as far away from his mother and father as possible and make it in Starfleet without a hint of their influence tarnishing his record.
To pilot the biggest, fastest, baddest vessels in the galaxy.
To win the Venus cup for high-speed shuttle racing.
To settle down on New Bajor one day with his partner.
Hobbies & Interests Charlie enjoys shuttle racing. Both watching, and when he can, participating. He also enjoys helping to develop ever-faster vessels to compete.
He enjoys early to mid-twenty-first century music, specifically the power metal and metalcore genres.

Personal History Charles McCullen was born into Starfleet. His parents serve, his grandparents served, and his great-grandparents were among the first to serve.

Born aboard the USS New London in 2372 during an exploratory mission, the youngest of two brothers and three sisters. He was raised on the USS New London until her destruction on route to Romulus in 2385. Then thirteen years old, Charlie has vivid memories of synthetics committing bloody murder and a frantic escape.

Aboard his new home, the USS Martin, he received counselling to combat the nightmares and PTSD. He quickly rebounded, though, and by the age of fifteen, he was annoying his captain (who was also his mother,) by taking turns, supervised of course, at the helm during bravo shirt. By the age of seventeen, he was a cadet-ensign serving part-time on the alpha shift.

Charlie entered the academy at age 18, sliding directly into year three due to having completed much of the coursework and training required about the USS Martin. He found it hard to fit in with his classmates, who had already had two years to bond and who saw him as a privileged son who had been shoehorned into the academy due to parental influence. As a result, he worked harder and longer to prove that he had what it took under his own steam.

While on a training mission at the Starfleet facility in New Bajor, Charlie met and began a relationship with Leola Darys, a young Bajoran Exobiologist who was attending the Starfleet facility for training.

Ensign McCullen graduated from Starfleet academy after only two years, having completed much of the coursework and testing aboard ship. At age 20, he was assigned to the USS Xavier, an ageing Defiant-class vessel, as a junior flight control officer. He served aboard her for four years, rising through the department to become the assistant chief helmsman. He spends most of his career aboard the Xavier in the Klingon borders and earns a reputation as a good helmsman to have in a pinch.

In 2396, after 30 years of service, the USS Xavier is called into the yards for modernization and refitting. Her crew is reassigned. Lieutenant Jg. McCullen is assigned to USS Standing Bear as Chief Conn Officer.
Service Record 2390 - Enters Starfleet Academy year three with letters of recommendation and prior qualifications.
2392 - Graduates with merit. Assigned USS Xavier, junior flight control officer.
2393 - Assigned to alpha shift as flight control officer (relief)
2394 - Undertakes leadership training for department heads. Barely scrapes a pass. Promoted to Lt. Jg. and assigned as assistant chief conn.
2396 - Transferred to USS Standing Bear, Chief Conn Officer.

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