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New things and new plans

Posted on Sunday, 22 January 2023 - 5:13pm by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG William Knight & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Science Lab 2

"... absolutely understand. Really. I do. I hate Mondays too," Lieutenant Alex Kingsley confided quietly as she peered inside the containment tank at the sole occupant who remained steadfastly unresponsive. Experiment 626. In the flesh.

What they had now been able to classify as a genetic cousin of the Mellanoid Slime Worm, their mirror universe counterparts had deemed to be of unknown origin, although the scientists - for want of a better word - had quickly decided that the new discovery presented an… opportunity. With no regard for the life, for the soul of the creature they had captured, they had unleashed a terrifying array of experiments to test its endurance and abilities. On what was potentially little more than a newborn.

It was barbaric.

Resting her hand over the glass, Alex offered a sad smile. "I'm so sorry for what happened to you," she said softly. "That wasn’t us, I promise."

Predictably there was no response. “Maybe you like jokes?” Alex mused. “Knock knock -“

"I'm not sure he or she will answer you back," Lieutenant Connelly commented as he walked into the lab, holding up the efforts of his afternoon’s work. "I just need some signatures and then all the other paperwork is officially yours."

Alex groaned, turning to face her assistant with a pout. "And there is no way I could bribe you in some way to keep all of said paperwork off my desk? You seem so good at it, it seems criminal to deny you the chance to do something you enjoy so much," she asked with a hopeful smile, even if in her heart of hearts she knew the answer already. Absolutely nothing he had said, or done, since she met him the day before had given her a reason to suspect he was insane enough to want that particular task.

To his credit, he seemed to at least consider her offer.

For an entire two nanoseconds.

"I'm afraid not, Lieutenant," he replied politely, giving her a moment to sign off on the reports and requisition requests. His gaze shifted to the containment unit, "no change?"

Alex shook her head, "there is neural activity, just so low... I don't know if it is even aware of what is happening. I should perhaps have T'Lanna or one of the other Betazoid's on board spend some time with it, to at least try to make a connection. Maybe it is afraid to show any signs of life around us in case we -"

"Try to experiment on it?"

"Yeah," Alex sighed, "exactly that. Or we are going about this all wrong... I think it’s time to ask a favour from engineering. Wish me luck.”

“It would be illogical to wish you luck when you are second in command, I think that, if not simple professional courtesy, should suffice.”

Alex offered him a rueful smile, “you’d think. It gets a little complicated when you have history.”

“Oh. In that case, good luck.”


History, Lieutenant Kingsley mused several hours later, was perhaps an understatement. Seated in a corner of the lab so she could observe the construction efforts without getting in the way, Alex watched as Lieutenant Knight led the efforts to build a new ‘home’ for 626. Every now and then she heard him muttering and had to bite her lip to stop from voicing any hint of amusement.

“At least this time it isn’t for a turtle,” Knight quipped as he initiated a diagnostic on the new feature dominating the far corner of the laboratory, pausing to study the creature who was apparently in need of so much effort. “What happened to him anyway?”

“He went to live with my mother after his recovery,” Alex reluctantly admitted.

“Oh,” Knight winced, offering her an apologetic smile, “my sympathies.”

Alex gave a small nod. Behind him, the other engineers were packing up and making an exit, leaving them alone. “She never claimed to be good with animals,” she offered in her mother’s defence. “Fortunately she is better at being a grandmother.”

“So I hear. True what they say, few secrets to be kept on a small ship,” Knight reminded her.

“Or any ship. If starships were fuelled by gossip the Federation would have explored every corner of the universe by now.”

“Erynya alone would have powered a few ships,” he conceded, referring to an old roommate Alex had bunked with at the Academy. He turned to face her, confident they were alone. “I won’t pry. I know it’s been a few years since we… were together. But we need to work together and I still consider you a friend. So if you ever need a friend to talk to or whatever, I am around. Just don’t tell anyone I’m being nice to you. It will harm my reputation.”

Alex nodded, offering a grateful smile. “I appreciate the offer. And I’ll take you up on it sometime. But for now… I need to just figure out me, and my marriage and where that goes from here. I am glad you are here, you are a brilliant engineer and we are lucky to have you. Even if it does slightly complicate my personal life. Good thing you stopped being so damn attractive.”

“Isn’t it?” He laughed. “Speak for yourself, old hag.”

Alex stuck her tongue out at him before her laugh burst out of her mouth. “Okay, okay, get your hideous face away from my new friend before you scare him. How long for the new unit to be up and running.”

Walking towards her, he handed her a PaDD, “an hour. Provided this comes back green across the board. Call me if it isn’t?”

“Sure, sure,” she nodded, skimming over the information on the screen.

“I mean it, Alex,” Knight scowled, his tone making his displeasure clear, “I remember -“

Alex held up her hands in a sign of surrender. “I promise, I will.”

Looking about to say something else, he instead sighed. “Fine. You have company…” he warned, nodding behind her before turning on his heels and heading out in the opposite direction.

“Thank you!” Alex called after him, turning in her seat as the opposite set of doors opened to admit the other complication in her life. “Soral…”

He raised an eyebrow. "Am I intruding?"

“No, not at all,” she assured him. “Engineering were just building a new containment unit for Theo. I’m hoping some more space and some different stimuli might help him recover.”

He raised both eyebrows. "I see...we do have a new Ferengi crew member I suggest a security prevent from being consumed."

Alex stared at him in shock. “They wouldn’t …”

"They are a delicacy. However I believe I shall use my XO abilities and announce that Theo is not to be eaten. It may help."

Appearing sickened at the thought of anyone doing such a horrible thing, Alex nodded slowly. Maybe she could just sleep in here - to be safe. “Thanks.”

He gave a nod and then seemed to remember himself and handed her a data PaDD. "This is the new protocol for all department heads in the reports that are required. Instead of bi monthly meetings with myself I am moving to a more monthly schedule and I will require every department head to submit the reports holding this information a week prior to the meeting."

He paused and then handed her a second PaDD. "New crew as the second XO I will require your input on the incoming crew and some applications as well as assistance conducting exit interviews with the crew leaving when we arrive at base."

Taking the PaDDs, she nodded and stacked them on top of the one from engineering. “I’ll get right on reviewing the new crew details. Just let me know what crew you want me to do the interviews for, and I’ll make sure everything is in order before they depart.”

"Our first ones are Mac and Haru, they will be leaving at the station."

“Oh…” Alex sank deeper into her seat, caught off guard by the news. Both had become like extended family and Haru who had that tenuous connection to her own father’s final moments. “Reassigned?”

"Indeed. They will be starting a new life on New Romulus."

“Oh. Well… I’m sure they decided it’s best for them. I’ll stop by and see them when I’m finished tonight.”

He gave a nod. Then paused. "You are finding your new quarters comfortable?"

“I suppose. It’s somewhere to shower and sleep,” Alex shrugged. “I’m either around here or on the bridge. The quiet is kind of strange otherwise.”

"Indeed. I guessed as much." He held up his hand and headed out into the hall coming back with a little box that had distinct holes in the top of it. "Something to make it less quiet." With a final nod he left.

Left abruptly alone, Alex set aside the PaDDs and crossed to the box where it sat on top of a workbench. Cautiously she pried open the lid just as whatever was inside began to move. Setting the lid aside she found a pair of big brown eyes staring up at her as the occupant let out an excited bark.

“So cute,” she grinned as she lifted the tiny puppy from the box. “What am I supposed to do with you, huh? Come on, let’s get you settled at home. But first, we need someone to watch over Theo….”



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