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What T’Paris Heard Next

Posted on Wednesday, 7 December 2022 - 7:45am by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Personal Quarters, Lieutenant T'Paris
Timeline: Current

Completing her daily exercise regime, followed by a period of meditation, Lieutenant T’Paris was beginning to review correspondence from home when she was interrupted by an incoming transmission. Setting aside her tea, the tactical officer raised an eyebrow when a familiar face appeared on screen. “Commander Soral. I trust you are well?”

"As well as can be expected. And you? Adapting back to life onboard?"

“The Captain is competent, the crew lacks experience in some positions. I predict they will benefit greatly from your experience and guidance when you return,” she informed him. “The new ship is adequate.”

His lip twitched. "A fair assessment." He paused. "I have received your note."

“I assumed it would reach you eventually,” T’Paris nodded. “I apologise again if I overstepped.”

"You did not. I appreciate you attempting to reach out to ensure all was well. It takes courage that not all humans, and Vulcans have."

T’Paris gave a subtle nod in acknowledgement. “My intention was simply to ensure you were informed, nothing more. I trust you and the Lieutenant will resolve matters in your own way and own time.”

Her words betrayed a very un-Vulcan curiosity. When it came to Soral, someone she considered a valued colleague and mentor.

"Indeed. We are taking some time to process much." He paused. "You mentioned you overheard something."

“As I stated in my letter, my intention was not to intrude upon a conversation the Lieutenant would no doubt consider private. Given our prior history I wished only to attempt to… what do Humans say? Mend walls? But as I explained in my letter, as I drew nearer the Lieutenant was in the middle of a conversation with another individual. To those with superior hearing such as ourselves, it was impossible not to hear the discussion.

I weighed the clearly private nature of the conversation and how it may personally affect you, but could not in good conscience remain quiet.”

Pausing, the woman reflected upon that day, maintaining a calm outward demeanour despite her views. “I did not see the individual, but his name was Daniel. At first they appeared to be discussing research but within moments the conversation was clearly about more private matters. As stated in the letter, he more than once advised the Lieutenant of his feelings towards her and that she should do what was right for her. Encouraging her to have her own space and time and several times offering her a position on his staff.

The Lieutenant was clear that she would remain and expressed an unwillingness to abandon her career to live on Vulcan. She conceded at one point that she missed having him to confide in, and his company which led to some references about drinking games and study halls which I did not understand. But then he asked if she had told you yet. It was asked with such a serious tone that it caught my attention. He then stressed that she should as it was the right thing to do and that you deserved to know. He did not specify what the matter related to.

In response the Lieutenant simply said she would but it was not a matter to tell him, meaning you, over subspace. And since she had no idea where you actually were, other than not with your children, it would have to wait and that the decision was hers.

I left shortly after.”

She paused, taking a sip of tea. “While not privy to all of the details, I understand the previous mission was difficult for all parties. Perhaps I am in error, but given the Lieutenant made several references to children while speaking with her friend - who at one point was very vocal in how wonderful parenthood was if given the chance - it made me suspect that news related to your children or was perhaps connected to the news she had to share. Humans are very superstitious when it comes to such things.

More concerning to me was her apparent reluctance to a life on Vulcan. It is home to you and your family, after all. And her decision to take her leave of you to occupy her own quarters. It is a very public statement regarding a sacred bond between husband and wife. I do not wish to see the disrespect other cultures seem to have towards the bond between husband and wife harm you.”

He listened intently. "Indeed. You are correct it is a sacred bond. I have refrained for speaking about it to anyone myself but she is part Human they have different...beliefs and Vulcan is not the most inviting for them. I have always fought for my home, in one way or another, through my work, through my writing...." He paused. "I am..." He paused. "Appreciative of you telling me all this. Perhaps it has opened my mind to something I have not been willing to face."

T’Paris raised an eyebrow. “If I may be permitted to ask… in what way?”

"I have always let her make the decision based on staying or going or what is best and have agreed to go with her choices neglecting my own. Perhaps this...distance she seeks is a way for me to re-evaluate what I wish in this matter. Something I do not do often."

“And what, Soral, do you feel is best for you?”

He was, after all, Shar of Vulcan. A respected figure in the Vulcan community. He could follow any path he chose and few would question his reasoning. He most certainly deserves better than a Human child - for in her mind the science officer was little more than that - who was apparently so willing to turn her back on him and his heritage.

"Time to think but you have given me...much to think about. Your friendship and loyalty are appreciated."

“Always, Soral. Should you wish, my counsel is offered freely at any time.”

He gave a nod. “Indeed. As Humans say I may take you up on that offer.”

T’Paris gave a subtle nod. “I am at your disposal.”



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