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[Strawberry] Girls Gone Wild... Ish

Posted on Saturday, 10 December 2022 - 6:38am by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Konata Hiiragi & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant Tazuko Miyahara & Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian

Mission: Shore Leave

Milkshakes, poodle skirts, and Elvis Presley and Rockabilly. It is the 1950’s on Earth and you are experiencing it. Is it a holodeck program? or Time travel? whatever the case may be, watch out for greasers or you may get a knuckle sandwich.


It had been far too long. A girl's night was exactly what the doctor had ordered. The chaos of life had managed to get in the way before, but now the girls were doing it for themselves.

Further to a few recent movie night, Adrianna had suggested a themed night. 1950's Earth, roller rink. It was energetic, in theory-- non violent, and was girly enough to pass the concept of "girls night". The holodeck certainly did its job as there was a hustle and bustle that screamed 'rockability'. Adrianna took a pull off her straw of an overly thick milkshake as she looked around, taking in the sounds, smells and all round cheesiness. "Thought it would be a bit different for us," she grinned.

Konata and Tazuko had been invited to "1950s night" with several of the ship's female officers. The two of them had done some very quick research on 1950s earth, and they had arrived to the holodeck dressed like a couple of greasers; leather jackets and jeans paired with motorcycle boots.

"Well, it ain't the Videoplex, but it'll have to do!" Konata said as she and Tazuko took in their new surroundings. "Milkshake sugar coma, here I come!"

“Oh! My dad loved this song!” Alex Kingsley declared as she heard the first few bars of a song playing over an antiquated sound system. Like the others she had dressed for the occasion, with her mass of red curls pulled up into a high ponytail. Humming along to the tune she drained her own glass, finishing off her strawberry milkshake.

Adrianna chuckled, looking to Alex, "I suggest you put the drink down and get to skating whilst singing along." The woman put her own drink down, and gestured as if to say 'follow me'. Adrianna, whilst she was well poised and elegant, was far from graceful when her shoes had wheels on them and clumsily pulled herself onto the rink.

With a shrug, Alex set down her glass and pushed away from the table, following and overtaking her friend as she reached the rink. She turned so she was facing the intelligence officer, her skirt flaring out as she spun to hold out a hand, “need a hand? Years of gymnastics and dance classes finally paying off, but don’t ever tell my mother I said so!”

Adrianna grinned, "please, like I'd tell her! That woman is scary, even by my standards."

“Only on Tuesdays,” Alex laughed as she reached forward and took Ade’s hand while using the other to gesture for the other members of their group to join them before glancing at Ade, “there isn’t any snipers hiding in the roof or anything, is there?”

Adrianna paused a moment and with a serious face replied, "only on Tuesdays."

Alex laughed out loud, the sound carrying across the rink.

Adrianna most certainly felt like Bambi on ice, but she was determined. "Come on, Konata," Adrianna beckoned, "try it."


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