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Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian

Name Siana Ilian

Position Operations Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft7
Weight 135lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Of average height and build, with the distinctive markings of her species which extend from her forehead to her toes. She generally keeps her long hair in intricate braids - a skill she has mastered over the years. Her tanned skin is due to the warm climate of the part of Trill she was raised in and her most recent time spent on Risa overseeing the installation of a new weather net.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kyal Deeson
Mother Emary Deeson
Brother(s) Javyd (30), Nyal (21)

Personality & Traits

General Overview An unexpected joining with the Ilian symbiote heralded changes for the engineer turned operations officer. Now with ten lifetimes of knowledge, experience, habits, quirks and anxieties thrust upon her, the quiet unassuming Siana Deeson of old is now learning to adjust.

Her inherent warmth and sharp mind are still in evidence, but in other respects she is very much finding out who she is.

Prior to joining, she was shy and reserved - an observer rather than a participant. Close friends however knew her to be a good listener, loyal and with a resolute believe in her skills as an engineer. Those friends tended to be small in number as she tended to spend off duty time alone and usually with tech manuals for company. It was undeniable that she was more comfortable with computers than people.

In the first few weeks following her joining, Siana has endured 'long distance' assessments from the Symbiosis Commission - having no inclination to return to Trill. Indeed, at over four hundred years old, her symbiote considers few more capable than anyone to assess the suitability of a host.


Joining with Siana made the woman Ilian's eleventh host, following the death of Varod while he was lecturing on the ethics of Artifical Intelligence aboard Jupiter Station. The sudden and rapid deterioration in Varod's health had caught him and his symbiote off guard, making it impossible for them to return to the Trill homeworld as planned.

For Ilian, almost four and a half centuries had seen the symbiote joined with men and women and excel in careers from science and diplomacy to the arts. And whenever possible, Ilian had lived these lives out amongst the stars. Meeting new people, new cultures and making memories which have then lived on through subsequent hosts.

Ilian is patient, often finding the good humour in most situations and enjoys not only making memories but listening to the stories of others.

Initially a very assertive, domineering presence subsequent joinings and life experiences have tapered that trait over time and indeed the symbiote is now just rather content to experience life and to see if the universe can still through up any surprises. That does not mean that Ilian cannot be prone to moods, or to lament about how things 'used to be' - indeed, it would be rare for any situation to arise where Ilian does not have a tale to tell.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Even prior to joining, had extensive engineering background and technical knowledge. This is now supplemented by the knowledge and experience of former hosts.
Willing to think outside of the box when it comes to the operation of the ship in a crisis


Adjusting to being a host, often finding it difficult to make some of the simpler choices in life - like a favourite colour or kind of soup to have for lunch.
While she will do anything asked of her, she does not consider herself to be a natural 'leader'
More comfortable with computers than people most of the time
Ambitions To continue to travel and see more of the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, music (playing multiple instruments and just listening)

Personal History Born on the Trill home world, from an early age Siana showed a determination to 'do her own thing'. While both of her siblings were determined to earn a place in the initiate programme, their sister had other ambitions. She longed to travel and see the galaxy and had no wish to be judged just to determine if she were a worthy candidate to be a host.

Academically she often outshone her peers, in later years going on to earn a degree in engineering - specialising in computer science. The day she graduated she joined the crew of the Crystalis as a junior member of the engineering team. An aging cargo ship always on the edge of falling apart around them, she was in heaven and will often say she learned more in her year and a bit years with them than she had ever learned in a classroom.

Soon she became Chief Engineer of the aging rust bucket before, finally, the ship was decommissioned. Siana took this as a sign to broaden her horizons and from there took contract jobs here and there to help fund her travel. Mostly she travelled alone, meeting new people as she learned of new cultures and explored new worlds and occasionally she would briefly travel with those she met along the way. One such person was Robert Langley. Enjoying his 'year of freedom' as he called it before he followed in the family tradition and joined Starfleet. Meeting him planted the seeds of an idea and more and more she found herself researching her options.

On the day Robert boarded his transport to Earth, she was in the seat right beside him and never looked back.

Enlisting as a petty officer, she was once again a full time engineer and she became an integral part of the USS Washington's engine room. The Chief Engineer often noting that while quiet, the quality of her work spoke for itself. As she rose through the ranks, she was asked to lead an away team installing the new weather net on Risa. Work which would not just involve ensuring the computer system was fit for purpose and to adapt the code on the fly during installation if anything went wrong, but it would involve managing a project. A prospect which daunted her more than anything else. Yet she survived the experience relatively unscathed and from there the ship's XO convinced her that she needed a bigger challenge - and so her life in Operations began.

Only aboard the Standing Bear for a short time, the woman's life was literally transformed when the ship was docked at Jupiter Station.

While there, she attended a lecture being given by Professor Verod Ilian, an engineer who had in his later years also become a notable expert in the ethics around the use and development of Artificial Intelligence. There relationship, as described to the medics who were called to treat Verod when he collapsed at the end of the lecture, was described by Siana as 'complicated'.

Indeed, the friendship between them stemmed back to a relationship between Siana's grandmother (Jana) and a fellow scientist, Aryn. While both had been in love, Aryn's joining took him on a different path. A decision Ilian later regretted. Jana, however, eventually went on to marry and have a family. It was sheer coincidence that one day Siana would find herself in a lecture hosted by Verod and that a slip of the tongue on his part would be the start of a friendship that lasted until his death.

For Siana, the choice was simple. She could either agree to become a host, albeit with the risk that Ilian would be too weak to endure and possibly end her life, or she had to live with the certainty that the symbiote would die.

Ultimately she made her choice and so Siana Ilian was born.

Service Record 2364 - Born on Trill

2384 - Graduated with honours, joined crew of civilian cargo ship

2386 - Began travelling, taking on temporary engineering and computer system specialist jobs as needed.

2389 - Enlisted in Starfleet, serving aboard the USS Washington.

2393 - transfer to USS Standing Bear, Operations

2395 - USS Standing Bear-A, Operations

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