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Lieutenant JG Jodon Joral

Name Jodon Joral

Position Astrometrics Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Other Names J.J.
Gender Cisgender Male
Species Trill - Joined
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Physical Description The larger than life personality of the Joral symbiont now finds itself placed within a much younger and smaller vessel, of Jodon Daos; the second host of the Joral symbiont. Now, joined as Jodon Joral or “J.J.” as friends come to refer to him as, the host stands at approximately 5’6” (167.64cm) and roughly 140lbs (61kg). Jodon has warm chocolate brown eyes and curly reddish-brown hair that rest upon his fair skin. Freckles are prominently seen on his face and sporadically cover his anatomy. The traditional Trill markings or “spots” are visible along Jodon’s temple and down his neck and continue along the sides of his body.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Starfleet Background:
A youthful, inexperienced yet well-educated science officer working as a Starfleet liaison with the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations. Starfleet Academy graduate majoring in Temporal Mechanics and minoring in data science and statistics.

Host Personality:
Prior to joining with the Joral symbiont, Jodon Daos was a rambunctious sort of individual, full of life and energy who gave everything he did more than 100%, he was spontaneous and versatile, a multi-disciplinary mind that would cling on to science and mathematics, but not be afraid to dabble in something else. He was extraordinarily extroverted and a generally positive person, but he always was looking towards the future anticipating that something better was ahead and he lived his life in a grandiose sense of urgency.

Jodon’s greatest personality flaw; however, was that concentration and focus did not come easily for him. Though he would give 100+% of his energy into something, he would not be devoted to just one singular thing, but rather several at once. His tendency to believe that something better awaited him, made him reluctant to narrow down his options or to pursue his aims with true devotion. Therefore, his studies were broadened over the years. Temporal Science: however, was where he applied himself the most.

The central problem for Jodon is that his pursuit of pleasure was highly compulsive. His fear of failure was crippling, and he was the type who was specifically afraid of the power of negative states of mind. It could be said he tried to make others laugh and smile so that he could absorb that radiance within himself and stave off any negative thoughts or emotions. Jodon always kept his cool and was never known to lose it with people. He does have a disposition to addictive things whether that be collecting, gambling, drinking, etc.

Symbiont Personality:
The Joral symbiont has now have had two hosts in a little over sixty years of its rather young lifetimes. Naturally, the symbiont’s personality is assertive, strongly willful, and often brazen with a habit of being quick to make the ‘right’ decision. They are the type that climbs the ranks of Starfleet by placing themselves on the command track and never look back on that decision or any decisions. They live in the present, look at the future, and try to forget the past or at least ignore the phantoms that menace them there.

The symbiont was essentially unwilling to be controlled, either by others or by their circumstances; they fully intended to be masters of their fate. Captain Joral, the previous host was known for being strong-willed, decisive, practical, tough-minded and energetic. They also tended to be domineering; their unwillingness to be controlled by others frequently manifested in the need to control others instead. When healthy, this tendency was kept under check, but the tendency is always there, nevertheless, and can assume a more centralized role in interpersonal relationships.

The symbiont generally has powerful instincts and strong physical appetites which causes the host to indulge in without feelings of shame or guilt. It wants a lot out of its lives, and it feels fully prepared to go out and get it. The symbiont desires to be self-sustaining and independent. It often has a hard time working for anyone but can put differences aside to do it. They can make peace with societies and structure in order to find their place, but that naturally assertive drive for leadership pushes them to make command decisions rather than follow them. They will; however, yield when the need of the hierarchy is clear.

Personal History Childhood

Naturally inclined to enjoy a frosted climate, Jodon Daos was born and raised on the glaciated Tenara Cliffs of Trillius Prime, home world of the Trill species. The population of Trill settled in the arctic region of the planet was sparse, but it was an excellent place for frontiersmen and those seeking family vacations at the various ski resorts that opened up with the cultural integration of from Federation species. There was almost nothing more beautiful on his planet to Jodon than the thin clean air, the clear blue-green skies, and the breath-taking rock formations of greys and blues. He and his friends, as teenagers would often hike to I’nora hot springs, a tourist attraction that were near his family’s estate. Trills of the Tenara continent were known for holding onto residual traits such as fairer skin and faint cranial ridges, traits that were less common with Trill evolution.

His mother’s side of the family were known to having the genetics for the recessive ridges, but Jodon did not inherit them. He did; however, inherit his mother’s fair skin and what his Human friends referred to as ‘freckles’ on his cheeks and along his nose. From his father’s side, his dark brown eyes and curly reddish-brown hair. Being raised in the Tenara region of Trill, it was ‘subtly’ expected that you were going to try to get into the Tenaran Music Academy which was even more implied when one’s father was an instructor at the academy. Jodon’s primary and secondary education was at the Tenara Boy’s Academy where his parents pushed him to learn the arts, but where he himself fell in love with science and mathematics.

Needless to say, his father was especially gutted when Jodon did not apply to the Tenaran Music Academy when he was of age. It was one of several points of conflict between Jodon and his family, another had been his family’s philosophical and political beliefs against joining. Most Trill saw the process as a high honor and fought for the opportunity to become joined with a symbiont, but Jodon’s family was of a silent minority who were against joining. Jodon avoided confrontation whenever possible, he never dug into his family’s history or their staunch political views.

After completing a preliminary screening test, at age seventeen Jodon had been granted approval by Starfleet Academy to take the entrance examination for the academy. He travelled to one of the designated testing sites, quite a journey from Trill. His strengths in mathematics aided him in a successful completion of the dynamic relationships test which involved several spinning three dimensional objects of various configurations that required mathematical equations to solve the appropriate rotation factor and vector coordinates in order to complete the mental puzzle.

The quantum physics and mechanics section of the examination was frustrating even for Jodon. No amount of prowess in mathematical equations nor preparation could prepare a prospective cadet for it; because it its heart it was not the complexity of the question that made it so difficult but the simplicity of it. The devil was in the detail and it was easy to be bombarded with stimuli and overthink oneself into a labyrinth of confusion. It was in its purest form a logic and reasoning question with twists and turns to trick one’s mind. Jodon was in a room of several cadet candidates, academy applicants, and a few of them immediately answered incorrectly. Others worked themselves tirelessly into failure. Though it took him significantly more time than the others, Jodon was eventually able to see clearly that so there was only one true answer there were several different variations in which one could present the answer be it decimal a fraction an improper fraction or a chemical formula.

The combat simulations were intense and frightening in some cases. Modified tactical and command training programs designed in the 2360s and 2370s that featured everything from hostile Cardassian forces and Jem’Hadar to being assigned on an away mission on a Borg sphere. There was probably a good reason why a psychological evaluation was conducted in the prescreening process and before academy acceptance. A counselor was made available after the combat simulations though Jodon figured it was less about comforting the applicants as it was about being yet another test to weed out those who just were not Starfleet material. He waved off the counselling session until he was pressured into going. He felt like he did a decent job at masking his discomfort.

It was the last day of the entrance examination that truly separated cadet candidates from the incoming class of cadets. He had awoken to find himself the Sickbay of a starship with no memory of how he got there, laying on a biobed with a doctor and some nurses tending to wound. It was disorienting and he was informed that while on a transport back to Trill from the testing location, the transport was attacked, and he had suffered a concussion. Once he adjusted to the information being fed to him, he started to become very suspicious. It just was not making sense to him and the most logical answer he could come up with was it was all a holodeck simulation. It was another test; one he played through and did what he could to help the vessel. Once it was back underway to Trill, most everyone froze, and the program halted. A few individuals remained as the program ended. They were ‘actors’ for the simulation and he was informed that it was the last test.

He received the results some weeks later. His performance in certain areas exceeding expectations, but he had under performed in others. Ultimately, he found himself ‘wait listed’ in the event an accepted cadet withdrew or was dropped for whatever reason. As the start of the term drew closer, Jodon had already applied and was accepted into the Trill Science Ministry, an academic institute for higher education devoted to scientific learning. It was on par with the Vulcan Science Academy, though the Vulcan’s would never openly acknowledge it, the two institutions had a long rivalry.

Academy Years

In a series of unfortunate events for others, but fortunate for him, his positioning on the wait list was moved up and he was admitted into the upcoming semester. The problem was he needed to immediately back his belongings and hitch a ride on a Federation courier ship heading back to Earth. When he arrived on Earth, he was settled into a dormitory on the San Francisco campus of Starfleet Academy. His roommate Freshmen year roommate was a highly opinionated Tellarite engineering cadet who fancied himself a philosopher in the making. The two got along well enough, but over the next few months they had their share of disagreements on how to keep the dorm room. Cadet Grax had a personal preference of tossing his clothing every which way and not really cleaning up after himself. Half eaten brownies were a common occurrence and Grax seemingly had ‘never heard of’ the recycling function of a replicator. His laziness and what Jodon would call uncleanliness lead them into shouting matches; however, he knew it was crucial that he find a way to put interspecies differences aside. That was what Starfleet was all about, the diversity of the Federation.

Though he and Grax would no longer be roomies after their first year at the academy, they did remain within the same circle of friends and overtime became friends themselves. Grax went on to be a mainstay on the Academy’s debate team. They would have a few classes together that overlapped their programs as well. Jodon got a long much better with his later roommates one of which was a Bolian though a bit too talkative at times, but not argumentatively so. Jodon was in the Academy’s Science program with a concentration on temporal mechanics though he double minored in data science and statistical mathematics. Formulas and equations, practical and theoretical were his morning, noon, and nights.

His academy instructors saw potential in him, a scientist in the making, if not a Starfleet officer, then most certainly a successful scientist at the end of the tunnel. It was the support and encouragement that Jodon needed. He was more often than not seen running around the science buildings on campus with a laboratory coat on over his cadet’s uniform than anything else. Though he did have friends, they did not see him as often as they would like to. In fact, it often took Grax to yank him away from the lab to socialize.

By the time, his fourth year came around, Jodon had been granted some special privileges and presented with opportunities most cadets did not get to see. He worked with some graduate officers who were at the academy working on theses and dissertations. He was able to work alongside the science officers as a researcher for them. One officer was impressed enough with his work to list him as a co-author of their research paper for a Federation scientific journal. This was the sort of ‘foot in the door’ opportunity that he would need for a posting aboard a science vessel upon graduation.

Ultimately, he would graduate and receive his commissioned rank of ensign; however, he would forgo a starship or station assignment in pursuit of an advanced degree. Starfleet was willing to hold off assigning him as he was accepted into the Daystrom Institute in Okinawa, Japan on Earth. There, he pursued an advanced degree in physics which would tack on an additional two years of study. Completion of the program would have come with a promotion to a junior grade lieutenant prior to finally being posted somewhere.

In his last couple months at the Daystrom Institute, he was requested due to his temporal mechanics background to join the crew of the Nova class starship, the USS Faraday on a special assignment to study subspace rifts in a secluded corridor near the Beta quadrant. Jodon was intrigued to discover that the Commanding Officer for the Faraday was a Trill. Captain Bema Joral was almost everything Jodon was not: confident, confrontational, strong-willed, and decisive. When Captain Joral gave an order there was no questioning it. All eyes were on her as soon as she walked onto the bridge and it was as if everyone stiffened up and tightened their focus. Jodon did not get to know her very well during the few months they were aboard the same starship; however, he would become to know her very intimately as they soon shared the same body.

The Joining

Ensign Jodon Daos awoke from his guest quarters to the red alert alarm klaxons, and a general all hands announcement. He had no ‘battle station’ or ‘duty station’ to tend to and he was not usually permitted on the bridge unless accompanied by a senior science officer. He exited his quarters and found armed security swarming the ship. An attack he thought to himself, but when he used the comm badge to contact one of the senior science officer that he learned it was something far worse; Captain Joral was missing.

Jodon would assist in the investigation later that day and help determine that the Captain had not been transported away by conventional means. The evidence just was not there to show it; however, there were readings detected in the Captain’s quarters, picked up by a modified tricorder that pointed Jodon into an entirely different direction. Trace signatures matching those of Solanogen-based life forms lead Jodon to produce his hypothesis to the First Officer, Chief Science Officer, and Chief of Security. His hypothesis turned out to be correct. The Captain was later returned, but experimentation on her body and the Joral symbiont left both near death. The host’s isoboramine levels were nearly depleted. The symbiont was in all likelihood going to die, and host died on the operating table in Sickbay. Too far away from a Federation medical facility let alone the Trill home world.

There were a few non-joined Trill aboard, but of all of them the one with the highest amount of isoboramine was Jodon, the one raised by a family who wanted nothing to do with symbionts and joining. He was caught in the crossfire of Starfleet duty and familial beliefs. As a scientist himself, he sought to preserve life, and he had the opportunity to do exactly that, more than that, he as a Starfleet officer had the opportunity to save the Captain’s life…at least partially.

It was a peculiar sensation to awaken from, being put under as one individual and coming to as someone familiar and yet so different than one’s self. Jodon found himself being tended to with diligent tentative care. It took a while for the ensign to be lucid enough to respond to the First Officer whom Jodon greeted as ‘Number One,’ and the First Officer addressed him as ‘Captain’ and ‘Ma’am,’ both of which were strange to say the least. Jodon felt completely lost in some ways and yet perfectly fine in others. He wanted on the bridge, back in the Captain’s chair, but it was not his chair. It was Captain Jorals. He was not her and yet he was part of her or rather she was part of him now.

Ensign Jodon Daos was now Ensign Jodon Joral (nicknamed J.J. by friends). He had all his own memories and experiences mingled with hers. They were one within his mind, body, and essence, but it would take extensive counseling sessions before even Jodon, a Trill could truly begin to comprehend the effects of the joining process and how it affected his life. Consultation with the Chief Medical Officer and Ship’s Counselor aboard the Faraday made it clear that Jodon Daos or Jodon Joral was not ready to return to duty. He yielded to the First Officer to assume command and inform Starfleet Command what had happened.

The USS Faraday returned to Earth. Jodon was brought to speak to Admiralty directly and was granted an extended leave of absence. He was granted his degree from the Daystrom Institute, but Starfleet was not about to send a newly joined Trill out into service. He withheld the joining from his family, but it was a futile attempt at they eventually discovered the truth. He sought guidance from the Trill Guardians at the caves of Mak’ala. After which, he returned to Earth and was referred to a Starfleet Psychiatrist, Doctor Laurel Oakley. It was with the Guardian’s advice and Doctor Oakley’s sessions that Jodon eventually found his footing to return to active duty.

The Return

Lieutenant JG Jodon Joral’s return to active duty had the lieutenant assigned to a posting aboard the Nebula class USS Slipher as Head of the Physical Science division. An opening for Assistant Chief Science Officer came about less than a year later aboard the starship. Naturally, Jodon was in consideration for the position but opted not to actively pursue it. His work as head of physical science aboard the Slipher had been exceptional. He was a ‘different man’ from the young ensign who had been aboard the USS Faraday. He had ambition, drive, and gumption. His quick withs and ability to get along with the screw was well noted by the Slipher’s First Officer and his Department Head.

By 2392 he had made Assistant Chief Science Officer and racked up more time on the bridge. He had been risen to the position and was showing a vested interest in command training. The First Officer had taken Jodon under his wings and the two spent their personal time together off duty in the holodeck, sharpening Jodon’s starship knowledge and critical thinking. It was clear that aspects of the Joral symbiont were shining through the young Trill host, but that was a natural part of joining. Having earned: A Legion of Merit and Distinguished Service Medal in addition to completing the Bridge Officer’s examination, Lieutenant JG Joral returned to Starfleet Academy to undergo additional command courses in leadership.

When Lieutenant Joral JG received orders from Starfleet Command to report to Deep Space 20, also known as Athegon Station, the lieutenant was expecting to be loaded up on a transport and heading off to a deep space assignment on something old, small, and out of the way. His posting was aboard a Luna class starship, the USS Crazy Horse for several months as Acting Chief Science Officer. It gave him a chance to cut his teeth in a higher command position, but after the Crazy Horse's slated missions came to a close, Jodon was reassigned to the USS Standing Bear.

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