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Posted on Sunday, 9 October 2022 - 4:01am by Lieutenant K'Var

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Deck 7 - Holodeck 1 - USS Standing Bear

It was early so early that most of the crew aboard the USS Standing Bear were still asleep and the few that weren't were manning a station. As the ship's Chief Security Officer, K'Var believes in staying shape. There were several way's of staying physically active the Lieutenant found enjoyable this morning she had reserved some time in the holo-deck. Of course this early in the morning the schedule was often clear and if it wasn't the individual scheduled in while they were bored and then fell asleep.

Lieutenant K'Var arrived at the holo-deck wearing some standard issue Starfleet work out clothes, appropriate for her species. "Computer" she said lightly and was given the standard "beep" sound. "Please initiate program K'Var Gamma Three" the computer beeped again and the doors to the holo-deck slid open in front of the Lieutenant. K'Var took a moment for a few additional stretches as the door shut behind her, as the holo-deck door started to vanish a similar
door appeared on the other side of the Lieutenant. Several racks of weapons to choose from now lined the walls as she made her way toward the door. Lieutenant K'Var stood and contemplated for a moment, she was proficient in several of the weapons she had to choose from. The program would allow you to choose up to three weapons and there were dozens of choices.

The Lieutenant took a Federation phaser rifle and a pair of bladed weapons that had three points known as a Sai. K'Var put the bladed weapons away and carried her rifle at the ready as she entered the simulation. There would be five simulated challengers, they were programed to gather weapons at the start of the simulation and head out into the world in front of them. The safeties were active but K'Var could suffer simulated injury, which means if something happens in the simulation that would cause injury to a challenger they would have to tap out or suffer with the pain. It kept you out of sickbay but kept you tough and possibly more tolerant to pain at least in K'Var's opinion.

The Caitian made haste into the thick woods that was spread out in front of her as far as the eye could see. She knew that she had about half an hour before she would probably see one of the holographic opponents. Each challenger was brought in at a different location to give time to come up with a strategy. There were five scenarios or landscapes that would randomly be choose and there were thirty different challengers she had programmed. The advantage was it was every man for themselves and the AI usually didn't let them team up. Of course the computer had many of the races known to the Federation to choose from as opponents from the Klingon's to Species 8472 and they would use any tactic they could to take down their challengers. However in the end it was a great work out for the Caitian Security Chief and an excellent way to keep her skill honed. The program was one of many that K'Var had programed over the years in her choose field.

K'Var's species had some advantages over many the computer had to choose from. However there were those that had their own advantages in different habitats that were generated. The thick forest however gave K'Var plenty of cover and places to hide, while the trees provided vantages points and ways for her to quickly escape. K'Var remembered there was a creek that ran through the middle of this simulation that was a good place to lose someone if they are tracking you and she hid out in a cave for two days once when she played this simulation on a leave. She's never lasted longer then those forty eight hours the program likes to toss tricks at you if you hide out to long.

K'Var had crossed the creek and made it to a rock formation she knew of that was slightly elevated from everything around it and there was only one way you couldg et to the point she was at and one way you could get down. Her rifle had a short range sniper mode and if she was discovered she could move quickly before anyone could get to her and be back into the thick brush or up a tree quickly to hide and give her the element of surprise. She was taught that when you were in a fight you did what ever you had to to win and that's what she did during this simulation. Of course in the holo-deck her wounds would heal when she ended the program.

K'Var had about an hour and a half before she even heard what she thought might be an opponent. Sadly or luckily it was some sort of animal which she ignored, keeping her rifle at the ready. She had never had an opponent actually sneak up behind her, they found her both times she used this advantage point but it alway took a while and she had time to move on before they made it there. It was then her Caitian ears perked up and she recognized the splashing of the creek water as someone ran through it. K'Var was going to guess they were being tracked or chased one, either way she was staying alert and at the ready.

The splashing ended and K'Var could hear shouting being exchanged, which would just draw attention to their location. However it didn't take long for the
weapons fire to start the Lieutenant recognized a Federation standard side arm and the other she thought might be a Klingon weapon. Then she heard a Klingon Warrior holler "die Federation dog" and a disruptor blast followed by a moan and the sound of foot steps getting closer. She took aim and had her prey in her sights that same Klingon who had just killed the 'Federation dog' one squeeze from K'Var's finger and the Klingon hit the ground.

Little did K'Var know there was a Romulan who had found one of the few equipment stashes that would wind up spread across the playing field. Almost like if you found it you got a bonus or a special piece of technology. Hidden in a personal cloaking field a Romulan made her way behind K'Var and up to her roost. Her ears twitched at the noise of someone brushing through trees and the Caitian knew someone was coming up behind her. Turning with her phaser rifle pointed she didnt see anyone, which was very confusing for K'Var.

A glimmer of light reflecting off of a blade being pulled from a belt caught K'Var's eye and allowed her to take a quick step back before she saw the knife come down. For some reason the cloaking suite the Romulan was weaing malfunctioned for a second, but sadly for the Romulan it was a second to long and she found two very sharp object stuck in her abdomen. Green blood ran down the sai and the woman's jacket a look of pain on her face for a moment even though she was a hologram.

The corpse disappeared in a flash but the struggle would more then likely lead to the last challenger finding K'Var. After retrieving her weapons K'Var went on the offensive and started her hunt. Within the hour the Lieutenant found herself face to face with a Hirogen hunter who reacted the surprise much better then the Lieutenant and he managed to knock K'Var back several feet with a back hand. Shaking her head after landing against a tree Lieutenant K'Var looked up just in time and due to her quick reflexes dodged a blast from the weapon the hunter had that tore the large tree to bits basically.

K'Var gave it all she had and rushed the large man in an attempt to tackle him to the ground, which worked but they both went rolling about five feet. She was luck though because she gained her footing quicker and was after him with her sais. Slashing with the left and then the right, landing a kick to the mid section of her enemy. The two exchanged and dodged blows from each other for the next thirty minuets "you" she took some deep breaths landing a hit but loosing her other second sai making both of them weaponless "should just" there was another pause and a almost breathless "give up" followed.

"Never" the Hirogen grabbed K'Var by the throat and squeezed "you are simply another trophy for my wall." The Hirogen lifted K'Var off the ground by her throat of course she was holding on but her vision was getting blurry and the world starting to spin. With all that she had in her K'Var managed to pull off the right move that made the hunter drop her where she was able to land another lucky shot and got him with a rock she found.

"Not today" she took the rock and continued to smash the hunter's skull until the simulation informed her that it was complte and the world around her faded to the inside of a holo-deck. K'Var slowly got up off her knees, tired and sore from the fight for her life. She was still breathing hard as she exited the holo-deck. She'd have plenty of time to clean up and have breakfast before her shift started on the bridge.


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