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Lieutenant Talarn Zilth

Name Talarn Zilth

Position Chief Tactical Officer | Security Chief

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Male
Species Cardassian/Ex-Borg
Age 41/95

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Talarn is tall and solidly built. The ridges over Talarn's eyes are broken by metal borg panels that have been embedded in his skin. His hair is jet black and long. He keeps it pulled back tightly in a braid down his back. His complexion is a grayish pallor, partially due to his natural coloring and partially due to being an ex-borg. He has no facial and body hair.


Father Roclam Zilth - Deceased
Mother Tylande Zilth - Deceased
Brother(s) Jacab Zilth - Killed during the Dominion War
Sister(s) Reeyma Zilth - Killed during the Dominion War
Other Family Uncle: Pythas Zilth

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talarn is serious, hard-working and self-motivated. He will often take on many tasks that were not assigned to him. He is obsessed with study, in a wide variety of topics. He is not much of a people person. If assigned to oversee a group he will often try and turn them into a collective to improve their efficiency.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strong points are that he is smart, a quick learner, and follows orders to perfection. He is good at keeping people under him on task and accomplishing things well within the time limit given to him. He will often go above and beyond the call of duty and do more than expected of him.

His weaknesses are that he follows orders to perfection. Lack of perfection on his part can make him frustrated, angry and irritable. He demands a high level of performance from any one under him and is known for not tolerating foolishness.
Ambitions Talarn has never quite been sure as to what he wants to do with his life. He finds himself to be very adaptable and able to find value in almost any situation he’s been in. As Starfleet, he was completely dedicated to the organization, but away from the fleet he’s found that he can be comfortable in civilian life as well.
Hobbies & Interests In his free time, Talarn is interested in Thanatology which is the academic, and often scientific, study of death among species. It investigates the circumstances surrounding a person's death, the grief experienced by the deceased's loved ones, and wider social attitudes toward death such as ritual and memorialization. Talarn finds some sort of comfort that Thanatology recognizes that, ultimately, death is inevitable. It works to develop guidelines to ease the process of dying. Thanatology also studies the similarities and differences of various cultures around the universe and their manner of dealing with death of themselves or a loved one.

Talarn also likes art. He’s more mechanically minded though, so he likes to sculpt out of discarded parts or tree trunks, usually with the help of a welding torch or a chain saw.

Personal History Talarn was born on Cardassia in 2298. He had an older brother and a younger sister (both who died during the Dominion War). He grew up on Cardassian Prime. His parents were both members of the Obsidian Order. His father was a spy and his mother worked in the science department. Talarn very much wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and was sent to a prestigious Cardassian military school. In 2299, after Talarn was out of school, he was on a scouting mission with both his parents and they became lost and were promptly attacked by the Borg. Both of his parents were killed in the attack and only six crew members and Talarn survived to be assimilated, he was 22 years old.

He spent almost 50 years as a Borg. Most of that time is difficult for Talarn to recall in any sort of way that makes sense. He describes being a borg as “Empty. Like a void in space.” He was “rescued” from the Borg in 2370 by a Starfleet vessel and spent four years recovering any sort of sense of self or normality. During that time he discovered he had one living relative left, Pythas Zilth, who was, at the time, involved heavily in politics on Cardassia.Talarn stayed with him for a time during his recovery, but politics were never something that interested Talarn, so he sought other things to do and eventually ended back in the establishment that helped him to escape the Borg, Starfleet.

In 2374, Talarn returned to Earth and submitted his application for Starfleet Academy. He passed all of his entrance exams with flying colors, and even though some of the staff had their trepidations, he was a dedicated and serious student that quickly won over anyone who might have had doubts. He graduated second in his class. His main areas of study were in tactics, intelligence and security. When he graduated he was snagged up immediately by the USS Norianda and in the three years he was aboard he became the Assistant Chief of Security. Unfortunately, the ship was decommissioned in 2380 and the commanding officer retired.

He was reassigned in 2380, to the USS Winona under the leadership of Commander Barret Stillwater. Talarn served as his Chief of Intelligence for all of Stillwater’s seven years commanding her. Not only did the ex-Borg really come into his own as an officer, but he also found a commander that he believed in strongly. With the collapse of the Romulan Empire and the subsequent treatment of their refugees, Talarn found himself feeling a little disillusioned with the organization he had once been so eager to serve. After the attack of the Romulan convoy and the loss of the Winona, Talarn was put on hold for his next assignment. He was disappointed that he had not joined his former commander at his new assignment, but the Mars attack was what finally ended Talarn’s career in Starfleet. In complete paranoia about him being ex-Borg, even though he had served for nearly ten years without incident, Starfleet stripped him of his rank and discharged him from service.
Service Record Current year: 2393
2298 Born
2299 Moved to Bajor
2320 Assimilated by the Borg
2370 Severed from the Collective
2370-2374 Spent in recovery and reacclimation
2374-2378 Starfleet Academy
2378-2380 Served aboard the USS Norianda
2380-2387 Served aboard the USS Winona
2388 - Booted from Starfleet for being ex-Borg
2393 - USS Standing Bear

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