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Captain Barret Stillwater

Name Barret Stillwater

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Male
Species Human
Age 61

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Stands 5’11” with a matured and rugged appearance giving away he’s a man who has enjoyed rural isolation in recent years. Weighs approximately one hundred eighty pounds, neither skinny nor overweight. He looks sturdy and more than capable of physically standing his ground, not backing down from a fight. His eyes are brown and his hair was black in his younger years, but his hair has started to turn a silvery grey with age. This is more evident in his facial hair.


Personality & Traits

General Overview A man with a lengthy Starfleet service history that includes illustrious postings, but a checkered history that has followed him, lurking and stalking him from afar. Barret Stillwater was a career tactical officer turned intelligence officer before a command was first thrust upon him due to unforgettable and unforgivable circumstances. He considers himself a man of sound mind, still nerves, and pure of heart; However, those he has served under have not been the men and women he falsely idolized them to be. The pedestals crumbled underneath the weight of two Captains who be they corrupt or rogue had shaped Stillwater into the man he became, into the Captain he aspired to be.

Stillwater has aimed to leave his mark on the lives he touches, an advocate for truth and justice, he has an inborn sense of idealism and morality. His lives by a deep rooted philosophy of egalitarianism and does hold belief in universal karma. The Federation directives and Starfleet rules, regulations, and protocols are cobbled together with his own sense of right and wrong in order to provide one of the most 'accurate' moral compasses in the fleet; However, some fleet decisions made throughout the course of his career lead him to resign his commission

Personal History Born on Earth on an indigenous reservation on the North American continent, Barret Stillwater was found near a calm stream by a group of Starfleet cadets on a training exercise. He was an orphan, abandoned and left to be discovered, and luckily by cadets who immediately took the newborn to the nearest medical facility. The child was given the name Barret Stillwater and attempts to locate his biological parents were attempted, but ultimately Barret ended up in the care of Celestial Arms Orphanage in Ares City, Mars.

Barret would know no parents, but the individuals that oversaw his care at the orphanage as a child and the Federation teachers at the schools he attended. When he was of age, he was discharged from the orphanage and considered an independent adult. He had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. There was no one to guide him, but Starfleet would give him a home and a purpose. Unsponsored applicants to Starfleet Academy rarely ever replied to let alone accepted, but given his situation, his application was taken into consideration. His grades in school were towards the top of his graduating class and he had been placed into some advanced placement courses. These factors combined had caught the interest of Academy Admissions. They would take a chance on the orphan.

At Starfleet Academy, Barret Stillwater was in the tactical security program with a major in Federation History and a minor in Communications. His first two years at the academy got his core classes out of the way and he did so with strong performances. He made the Commandant’s list each semester his first two years, improving each semester. Stillwater’s calm, cool, and collected composure under pressure and natural leadership skills had caught the attention of certain individuals on the Academy’s faculty who strongly recommended the cadet to Cadet Training Squad 47.

As part of Cadet Training Squad 47 for his junior and senior years at the academy, Cadet Stillwater was granted privileges and luxuries that were not granted to ordinary cadets. Smaller classes, independent studies, and specialized classes replaced the standard course load he had been anticipating. Classes in leadership, Federation Law, Peace and Conflict Studies took their place in addition to a few weeks of survival training and seminars on hostage negotiation tactics. These specialized classes would set him on a track for success and prepare him for a future in command. He knew it even if nobody had specifically said it. They expected him to make the change from gold to red in time.

Graduating class of 2355 and receiving his Starfleet commissioned rank of ensign, Stillwater received orders. His first assignment was one he would never forget and one he does not openly discuss. His first Commanding Officer was Captain Erik Pressman aboard the Oberth class Pegasus. Stillwater was just a communications officer aboard the Pegasus and was unaware for the most part of how his linguistic skills were being used. In 2357 a tragic series of events unfolded aboard the Pegasus and lines were being drawn and crossed.

Stillwater was one of the survivors of the Pegasus disaster, having evacuated the starship with Captain Pressman and several others, but ordered by Pressman to silence about the events leading to the disaster. Ensign Stillwater was oblivious to the fate of the Pegasus, believing that it had been destroyed with the crew still aboard. It would not be until later in his life that he would learn that Captain Pressman was not the heroic and honorable man he once believed him to be. At the time he thought Pressman’s promoting him to Lieutenant Junior Grade was because he had served the man honorably, not that Pressman was ‘buying’ the impressionable ensign’s silence and allegiance.

Following the ‘destruction’ of the USS Pegasus, Lieutenant JG Barret Stillwater was reassigned to the USS Barracuda, another Oberth class starship, but the Barracuda was an entirely different experience. The starship was more science geared and sanctioned. The Commanding Officer of the Barracuda was Commander T’Lau. She was by the book and considerably ‘distant’ from the crew, but Stillwater respected that a Vulcan CO was going to be different in many aspects than the man he previously served under.

The Barracuda was more of a transitional assignment for Stillwater. It operated primarily in the Beta Quadrant in Federation space near the Gorn Hegemony, studying various celestial anomalies and exploring nebulae. Lieutenant JG Stillwater was a security officer aboard the Barracuda, usually accompanying teams of geologists and surveyors to uninhabited planetoids and moons, ensuring they completed their missions successfully without harm. The Barracuda made a few significant discoveries and Barret himself ‘discovered’ a new species of rose that tore into his slacks really good with its sharp briars. The Chief Science Officer of the Barracuda teased him that he would name the newly discovered rose after him.

Finishing out the Barracuda’s mission in around Gorn space, Stillwater’s next assignment was to the USS Wambundu, the first of its class (Wambundu class) which was a Federation light cruiser. Some of the class were in service to Starfleet as medical transports and others acted as cargo transports. The USS Wambundu was a transport vessel that carried cargo and ferried medical personnel to Federation colonies. Stillwater was the Assistant Chief of Security for the USS Wambundu from 2360 to 2365 earning a promotion in rank to lieutenant.

The USS Fleming, another Wambundu was Lieutenant Stillwater’s next assignment. He climbed his way into a position of authority as Chief Tactical Officer and the starship’s Second Officer. The Fleming was a medical transport that was occasionally under attack by raiders and pirates. Stillwater worked closely with the starship’s flight control personnel to devise tactical evasive maneuvers and course adjustments to avoid raiding attempts.

Stillwater left the USS Fleming in 2368 to return to earth for Advanced Tactical Training. From 2368 to 2370, Stillwater was on academic leave from Starfleet service in order to attend the Advanced Tactical Training courses. Completion of the course came with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Lieutenant Commander Stillwater was reassigned on special assignment in 2370 as Chief Intelligence Officer to the USS Lakota, an Excelsior class starship under the command of Captain Rami Nassar, a man of great integrity and one Stillwater was proud to serve under; However, Captain Nassar was nearing the end of his career and was very open about it. He retired from Starfleet in 2372 in the middle of the Dominion War, a move that did not please Starfleet Command, but Captain Nassar had been nearing the end of his career for the past few years.

Lieutenant Commander Stillwater remained with the USS Lakota through the transitioning of command. Captain Rami was replaced by Captain Erika Benteen who was a great deal younger than her predecessor. Benteen had been an adjunct to two different admirals prior to her promotion. She was a career operations officer, formerly the Chief Operations Officer stationed on Starbase 219. Stillwater had no serious issues with her, but she took some getting used to it. Benteen was thirty-five years of age, held the rank of Captain, and commanded an Excelsior class starship during the Dominion War, having never been First Officer. Stillwater was older than her at thirty-nine years of age, but years behind her career-wise.

Her command; however, was short-lived. Getting her starship tangled up with an admiral whom she was close with and actively involving herself and the USS Lakota in the admiral’s planned coup lead to Captain Benteen’s court martial later that year. Lieutenant Commander Stillwater and several members of Benteen’s senior staff testified at her court martial. Stillwater, who had been vocal in his opposing of Benteen, provided damning accounts of what had unfolded. As a result, Ericka Benteen was stripped of her command of the Lakota and demoted in rank. The First Officer was cleared of any wrongdoing but was reassigned to another starship.

Command of the USS Lakota fell upon Lieutenant Commander Stillwater. He received no rank promotion and was listed as “Acting Commanding Officer” for several months as Starfleet Command evaluated his performance during the Dominion War. He was later confirmed as Commanding Officer of the USS Lakota, took the Bridge Commander’s examination, and was promoted to Commander in rank. He remained as Commanding Officer of the USS Lakota until 2380 seeking a command that wasn’t plagued with the past.

The USS Winona, Akira class heavy cruiser was Commander Stillwater’s next command, and one he cherishes. The Winona was fresh off the assembly line when he was assigned to be its Commanding Officer and commanded the starship during its shakedown cruise and subsequent maiden voyage. In his seven years of command of the USS Winona, Barret Stillwater experienced a lot that not only sculpted his command style but changed how he viewed the Federation. The evacuation of the Romulan Star Empire in the 2380s lead to several missions as a tactical escort for convoys carrying Romulan refugees. When the star finally went supernova in 2387 the fate of the Romulan people remained with those scattered across the galaxy. Planets within the Federation were turning away Romulan refugees, threatening to withdraw from the Federation if any more refugees were placed on their soil. It was a darker side of the Federation that he nor many Starfleet Captain and crews were prepared for.

The Winona saw its final days late that year. It was escorting a convoy of colony vessels carrying Romulans, Remans, and former subjects of the Romulan Star Empire to an M class world in unclaimed space. It was intended to be a Federation protectorate, a new home for many who had lost their home. The planet was designated Rhadamanthys, but the convoy never reached it. Attacked by rogue Klingon extremists with several Klingon birds of prey, they saw the annihilation of the Romulan colony vessels. The USS Winona fought to the bitter end to protect the convoy, but Stillwater was forced to call for abandoning the ship. Federation reinforcements arrived to chase off the surviving Klingon birds of prey, but it was too late for the Romulan colony ships.

Commander Stillwater was reassigned to Starbase Iron Horse in 2388, his last command before resigning his commission. He was only the station commander for several months but had made it clear that he was not going to be there long. Iron Horse was an old watchtower class space station along the Federation-Klingon border and within range of Gorn space. It had a long service history and was once considered a highly valuable starbase, but had long since been left to degrade. It was officially known as Starbase 91, but the nickname Iron Horse had become a more common means of identifying it. He felt responsible for the loss of the convoy of Romulan colony vessels, and the only home he had ever truly known, Mars was still burning from an attack by synthetic beings. The Federation he had once known was no more, and the uniform he used to be proud to wear was bloodstained green. The only thing a man like him could do in 2388 was to resign his commission.

To Be Written

To Be Written

Captain of the USS Standing Bear
To Be Written
Service Record USS Standing Bear – Commanding Officer (2393-xxxx)
Starbase Iron Horse – Station Commander (2388)
USS Winona – Commanding Officer (2380-2387)
USS Lakota – Commanding Officer (2374-2380)
USS Lakota – Acting Commanding Officer (2373-2374)
USS Lakota – Second Officer | Chief Intelligence Officer (2370-2373)
Starfleet Academy – Advanced Tactical Training
USS Fleming – Second Officer | Chief Tactical Officer (2365-2368)
USS Wambundu – Assistant Chief of Security (2360-2365)
USS Barracuda – Security Officer(2357-2360)
USS Pegasus – Communications Officer (2355-2357)
Starfleet Academy – Senior Cadet | Cadet Training Squad 47 (2354-2355)
Starfleet Academy – Junior Cadet | Cadet Training Squad 47 (2353-2354)
Starfleet Academy – Sophomore Cadet (2352-2353)
Starfleet Academy – Freshmen Cadet (2351-2352)

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