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Lieutenant JG Surev

Name Surev

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 156 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Lean with longer hair than one would expect, generally layered and back from his face. His eyes are black and when they focus on you, show a depth of intelligence, but little more. There is a calm to his expression that was hard-won. When not on duty, his clothes are typically Vulcan in style. He has no interest in fashion and will generally wear either a) the first thing that comes to hand or b) whatever someone tells him to wear. He has graceful hands, hands meant to play music, and does not wear jewelry.


+ Contact Telepath
+ Average three times physically stronger than humans and are noticeably more agile
+ Superior metabolism to humans. Caffeine and sapo-toxins have little effect on Vulcans. The Vulcan digestive tract is highly adaptable. Although alien foods, notably Human food, will occasionally disagree with a Vulcan, given time, their body will eventually adapt to the alien food.
+ Capable of surviving for long durations without food or sleep. Under stress, Vulcans can do without sleep for weeks.
+ Vulcans possess a highly efficient respiratory system to extract the oxygen they need from Vulcan's thin atmosphere
+ Vulcan internal anatomy differs radically from that of humans. For instance, their heart is where a Human's liver would normally be, and beats several hundred times per minute.

- Inability to metabolize nitrous oxide. After only a few minutes of exposure to the gas, a Vulcan will pass out.
- More susceptible to cold than the typical Vulcan


Spouse T'Amar
Children None
Father Radak
Mother T'Karik
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Paternal Grandfather: Solen
Paternal Grandmother: T'Reyn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Highly intelligent, even for a Vulcan, he is the type to consider possibilities and generally, thinks several moves ahead. He believes in logic and seeks control of his emotions – something he started later than most Vulcan children since his parents were committed to V’tosh ka’tur and lived off world. At the same time, he understands that logic can sometimes be in error, based as it can be on faulty assumptions, and tries to understand rather than lecture. He does not pontificate. He takes a long range view of situations especially those over which he has no control. While he doesn't understand sarcasm or the humor of most species, there is still, at times, a decided twinkle in his eye. His mind is shielded and he does not welcome casual intrusion as might be common on some worlds.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Highly intelligent/analytical
+ Studied Mathematics, Engineering, and Computers
+ Patterns involving numbers are easy for him to see/spot
+ Contact Telepath
+ Flexible for a Vulcan and naturally curious
+ Deeply believes that the greater good is more important than the individual
+ Pacifist

- Pacifist. He sees this as a strength while others see it as a weakness.
- Private person - not one to share his private thoughts with anyone other than his bondmate. Finds counselors to be intrusive for the most part.
- Susceptible to the cold, somewhat more so than other Vulcans
- Came to the discipline of logic later than most, starting at the age of 10 and as a result sometimes exhibits barely perceptible micro-expressions that he sees as a weakness
- Can be highly stubborn. Won’t admit when he is ill or injured. To him, there is no logic in expressing his discomfort or letting it interfere with his duties. The work comes first. He's the type to seek medical treatment only when his condition has deteriorated to the point where he can do longer function efficiently or presents a danger to others.
- He has been known to resist treatment. Suggested treatments may be ignored and if ordered to accept treatment, will not disobey directly though he may find ways to circumvent those orders (such as telling him to rest might mean that he continues his work sitting down rather than standing up).
Ambitions Ambition is not Vulcan
Hobbies & Interests + Sha'Mura, a demanding Vulcan martial art that he practices for its mental and physical discipline. He is non-violent.
+ Vulcan Lute, a twelve-stringed instrument, whose origins are lost in Vulcan antiquity, that he has been studying since his youth
+ Piano, a Terran instrument, that he learned on board his parents’ vessel
+ Violin - the instrument he chose for himself after hearing it played in concert
+ Kal-Toh, a Vulcan game of intense strategy that is played with a set of rods called t'an
+ Reading
+ Interest in philosophy and alien culture, aside from musical instruments, this is one of the few things he kept from his time in his parents’ home

Personal History Born in Shi'let'theiri, a predominantly agrarian settlement located in the Vesh'V'ree'lat Valley, near the entrance to the T'Ralor Preserve, on the Han-Shir continent. The preserve is a vast wilderness area containing over 100 nearly extinct species of flora and fauna. His paternal grandmother, T'Reyn, is a biologist, specializing in botany, who works in the preserve. His paternal grandfather, Solen, is an endangered species biologist who is currently working in the preserve as well.

He was named Lyras (lesh zherka hasu) meaning a being who carries emotion. Because his parents are archeologists who chose to live off-world. When not on their dig site, they live aboard a private vessel along with members of their team. The V'tosh Ka'tur believed in controlling emotions by allowing themselves to actively experience them rather than suppressing them. And while control proved difficult for his parents to achieve, it was their chosen path.

This was his life. While they permitted their son to speak with family on Vulcan, they refused to set food on the home world again. Until the age of ten, his parents’ ship and their dig site were the only places he knew.

He was taught through long-distance learning by teachers on Vulcan. He learned the basics of the Pleenok; his teachers noted his aptitude for mathematics and engineering and steered his studies accordingly. While his parents accepted the necessity of education from Vulcan, they did insist that he learn both the Vulcan Lute (Ryll or ka’athaira) and the piano as well as an appreciation for the artistic heritage that predated Surak. As part of his studies, he was able to study the teachings of Surak and found, within the discipline of logic, an anchor against the turbulence of his parents’ lifestyles choices.

At the age of 10, at his own insistence, he returned to Vulcan to live with his paternal grandparents and worked to truly embrace Surak’s teachings. Conversations with his parents became fewer and farther between as both sides realized they had reached a philosophical impasse. His grandparents were given permission to act on his behalf and, in keeping with long held traditions on Vulcan and within the family, a candidate for bondmate was sought and eventually found in a young girl named Awidat. An invitation was extended and her family spent several days in Shi'let'theiri to visit the preserve and give Awidat and Lyras a chance to meet. The official purpose of the visit was to prepare both children for their upcoming kahs-wan by teaching them about desert plant life.

While the two did not live close to each other, over the following year, Lyras and Awidat kept in touch. Sometimes they spoke about what they had learned, sometimes about things that had happened. Conversation by conversation, they moved from awkward strangers to hesitant friends.

At the age of 11, he participated in the kahs-wan, a cultural coming of age test designed to pit a child’s personal ethic against the demands of survival. Ten days in the desert armed with knowledge gleaned from books, from members of the archeological team and from his studies of primitive cultures, and from his grandparents who taught him to appreciate Vulcan flora and fauna during long walks on the reserve.

It was a difficult time. Because he had long ago decided to never cause harm, he chose to fast. He walked at night and on the second night, found a meager, workable shelter. From that point on, he’d retreat to the shelter during the way, to rest and meditate, though he seldom slept. Ten days alone in the desert with nothing but your own thoughts as company is difficult. More than difficult. He came to see how alone he’d always been growing up in an isolated community in which he was the only member who did not share the same interests or beliefs. For Lyras, this was the true challenge. To understand himself and to decide for himself how he wanted his life to continue.

In those days,as the winds howled endlessly, he learned how to meditate and how to make sense of the things he felt. It wasn’t an easy task for a child of eleven but then, he had not led a typical life. He lost weight that he couldn’t really afford to lose. Dressed in a long white robe with the hood pulled up as long as the sun rode high in the sky, he learned to dig near places where tiny desert plants grew to find a mouthful or two of water. He marked the passage of time with scratches on a flat rock. At the end of those ten days, he used the last of his reserves to walk out of the desert back to the starting point.

It took a week of rest for him to recover but once he had, he and his grandparents spoke at length. He chose to follow an old tradition in their family and took, as his adult name, Surev (s’uralaun arev) which means from the singing desert wind because it was that during his kahs-wan he found himself only the wind for company.

In the years that followed his kahs-wan, Surev discovered what it meant to be Vulcan. C’thia. The search for truth through logic and the cornerstone of Surak’s teachings. He and T’Amar met each year to deepen their telepathic bond through Ten’Chara and, though separated by distance, spoke regularly about their studies, their thoughts, their lives. At the age of 15, he and T’Amar entered the Shirkar Academy together.
Service Record 2367 Born in Shi'let'theiri, a predominantly agrarian settlement located in the Vesh'V'ree'lat
Valley, near the entrance to the T'Ralor Preserve, on the Han-Shir continent
2377: Returned to Shi’let’theiri to live with his grandparents
2377: Grandparents begin discussions with family friends on a potential bondmate
2378: Performed the Kahs-Wan ritual and took the adult name of Surev
2378: Telepathically mated to T'Amar; each year, the two families would meet
observing the custom of Ten'Chara, until it became clear that they were inseparable
2382: Entered the Shirkar Academy to study Mathematics and Engineering
2385: Graduated Shirkar Academy
2385: Bonded to T’Amar. Decision made between them to live their live in service to Starfleet
2385: Entered Starfleet Academy - Major in Engineering, Minor in Computers
2389: Graduated Starfleet Academy - assigned to the USS Nikola Tesla
2390: Promoted to Asst Chief of Engineering, USS Nikola Tesla
2393: Transferred to USS Standing Bear, Chief of Engineering

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