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Lieutenant JG Kay’la

Name Kay’la

Position Head Nurse

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Female
Species Human/Klingon
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kay’la is an attractive young woman, she has the facial ridges of her Klingon heritage but not as pronounced as a full blood Klingon. She has both brown hair and brown eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Other Family Raised by foster parents

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kay’la is a confident, headstrong, young woman. Raised by foster parents from when she was just a few months old she’s only ever known a Starfleet life. She’s a dedicated nurse and a fully trained field medic as well, making her useful in an emergency.

Kay’la is a friendly, caring person with a hotheaded temper, she does her best to keep it in check but it has been known to get her in trouble. More times than she’d care to count!

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths;
- Friendly and caring
- Loyal to a family
- Physically strong
- Fighting skills (good with a bat’leth)
- Dedicated Officer

- Knows nothing of her Klingon heritage
- Fiery temper, quick to anger
- Doesn’t always do as she’s told if she thinks she knows a better way.
Ambitions Kay’la wants to make her foster parents proud of her, to show them that they’re years of dedication in raising her weren’t wasted. She wants to be part of a larger family aboard a Starship and hopefully find herself Mr Right.
Hobbies & Interests Kay’la has plenty of hobbies. She loves working on her fighting skills in the holodeck, studying her native Klingon, reading, playing cards, listening to music, cross stitch and that’s just a fraction of it.

Personal History Kay’la was found in an escape pod when she was just a few months old, her parents ship was discovered crashed a few more miles away one body was found in the wreckage, that of a Human female but it’s not known what happened to her father. She was raised by Human parents both Starfleet Officers.

Kay’la’s childhood was a difficult one, she had a feisty temper which made her difficult to control but her parents strived on and their hard work was rewarded with a young woman who grew up to respect others and have an interest in joining Starfleet herself. When she was eighteen her application to the Academy was sponsored by her father and she was thrilled to be accepted.

Service Record 2381-2384 - Starfleet Academy

2384-2386 - USS Wildcat (Nurse)

2386 - I.K.S. Y’Nar (Exchange Officer - 1 month)

2386-2391 -USS Challenger (Nurse/Fiield Medic)

2393 - 2395 Assigned to USS Fontana/Standing Bear (Head Nurse/Field Medic)

2396 - USS Standing Bear-A

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