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Warrant Officer Reza Jomiael

Name Reza Tavariel Jomiael

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Male
Species Haliian | Argelian
Age 26

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

General Overview Reza is tethered to what some would call a group of vigilantes; however, Reza has come to know them as family and though he does not always support their means, he believes in what they stand for and fight against. He considers himself a good and lawful individual. His word is often his bond and he tries his best never to break that bond. He feels as though the Federation and Starfleet broke theirs. So, he does not feel as though he truly owes them anything. He combines a passion and dedication to oppose evils with his disciplined nature and oath to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. He hates when the guilty walk free, when the weak are bullied, and when any sort of injustice occurs under his watch.

Personal History The last surviving child of an Argelian legislator and her Haliian architect husband, Reza Jomiael was raised a somewhat sheltered life with parents who expressed their love and connection through overbearing support and pampering. Though currency had no place in the Federation that did not prevent the Jomiael family for building a reputation for themselves and showering their twin boys with extravagancies. Reza was born on Argelius II, the Argelian homeworld within the Federation; however, his family were a bit nomadic. Wherever his parents’ professional careers took them, they brought their boys with them. His parents were engineers in their respective fields of expertise. Reza’s mother helped construct laws whereas his father designed the construction of buildings. Both were highly educated individuals and they expected no less from their children.

Though they moved around a lot often every dozen months or so, Reza made friendships wherever he went. His brother on the other hand caused trouble wherever they went. Where Reza was more of an extrovert, his brother was an extrovert. The two; however, were close almost inseparable even. Schools were about as temporary as their homes were, but that would not prevent them from getting an excellent education. His parents acquired the services of a robust Bolian who lived about as bohemian of a lifestyle as they came. Though he was no ordinary chatter box. He was well traveled and had an advanced degree in educational psychology. The man would act as a private tutor for the boys as they took subspace distance learning classes from a primary school. This continued throughout their teenage years through their secondary education.

The boys were also encouraged to find their own paths in life. Freedom to pursue pleasures was of high importance in traditional Argelian culture and Haliians likewise were fond of pleasure. In fact, there were more synonyms in the Haliian language for happiness than fathomable. With the encouragement of their parents the boys often spent their “summer break” from school off gallivanting somewhere doing something that they enjoyed. For Reza’s brother, this often meant going to Risa, Casperia Prime, or Pacifica often meeting with some friends of his and mingling with the girls around his age.

Reza; however, found his pleasure elsewhere. While his brother was off experiencing his best life on the sandy beaches or in the various mud baths, saunas, and massage parlors of pleasure planets, Reza would arrange travel to the Vulcan system where he met a Suus Mahna master near the ruins of the P’Jem monastery. The master would teach him the art of Suus Mahna as well as Vulcanian and Rihannsu history, their philosophical beliefs, the teachings of Surak, and the Time of Awakening. He would continue his training with the Suus Mahna master each break he got for several weeks for a few years until the master could train him no longer. Secrecy was not in the upbringing of an Argelian nor Haliian, but Reza kept his training a private matter. He feared his pacifistic parents would not approve knowing their son had learned such a skillset albeit the heart of the Suus Mahna was avoidance and defense. Vulcans like Argelians had an ancient history of rage and violence, but both evolved into civilizations of peace and prosperity.

When the twins were seven-teen they began applying to various universities though Reza had other plans which his parents were baffled by. Both brothers had been accepted by McKay University on Mars, but Reza had applied to Starfleet Academy and been invited to take an entrance examination which he had taken. Receiving notice that his marks were high enough to earn him a spot at Starfleet Academy the coming term, Reza accepted after having a rather heated argument with his parents. His brother, Neven had left Mars choosing to live in one of the Martian dormitories. Reza would be Earth bound deciding on taking his courses at Starfleet Academy’s main campus on Earth in San Francisco rather than one of the dozens of smaller satellite campuses. Tragedy; however, would strike the Jomiael and thousands of families on April 5th of that year before the start of Neveen’s first semester.

Rogue synthetics would attack the Utopia Planitia fleetyard which lead to the igniting of the gases of Mars. The planet was ablaze, all life on it eradicated. Before attending Starfleet Academy, Reza attended the memorial service for the lives lost in the attack. His family held their own private service honoring the life of Nevian. His death caused a permanent fracturing of his familial bonds and he went into Starfleet Academy with the burden of loss and incomprehensible survivor’s guilt. Nevian died and Reza lived if only because Reza chose to pursue a path that dishonored his family’s cultural beliefs. Had he been the son they expected him to be, he would have been on Mars with his brother dying together. Though his parents have never outright expressed blame upon him, Reza has convinced himself that he senses their blame.

No amount of grief counselling could help Reza move past his brother’s death. He could accept that his brother was gone but could never accept that he bore no responsibility for it. Arguably, this guilt was the catalyst for his not finishing Starfleet Academy. Still, he managed to be a decent student for the two years he was at the academy. He participated in extracurriculars including making the Academy’s Velocity team and the Academy Riffle team. Academically his studies concentrated on cartography with courses in environmental science and geometrics. He took the mandatory survival training in his first year and an advanced wilderness training in his second year. Zero-gravity combat training was not his fondest course as he embarrassingly vomited afterwards in his suit.

He definitely had it in him to finish Starfleet Academy, but the Romulan supernova incident changed the trajectory of his future. The Federation pulled Starfleet back at a crucial point, leaving so many behind in the Romulan Star Empire to die. This was not the Federation he knew. It was not the Starfleet he wanted to serve. His dropping out was on his own accord clearing out at the end of a semester and not returning for his third year. Instead, he left Earth and left it all behind. His wayward travels would bring him to the planet Vashti, the hub for Romulan relocation efforts.

For a brief time, he took refuge on Vashti which had a political atmosphere that was foreign to him. A Federation world, yes, but not with the normal orderliness nor lawfulness one would find on Earth, Vulcan, or even Tellar. Romulan culture had taken root which included Xenophobic tendencies and a bit of hostility towards non Romulans. The one place where Reza felt welcomed was with the Sisters of The Qowat Milat who took him in for a short while. He was not Romulan, but as the sisters said to him: “You’re as displaced as we are” and he stayed with them for several months, observing what he was allowed to and being given some basic training in their form of combat though he was far from skillful. His Suus Mahna training; however, paired well with it.

During those years when the Federation’s Starfleet failed to provide ample protection of Vashti, another group did. Guardians or protectors to some, others simply considered them vigilantes or mercenaries. In some ways, they were like the Maquis of the Federation’s past. Depending on who you asked, you would receive different description. They were the Fenris Rangers and they became his family. He would leave the sisters with them becoming part of their pack. They preferred to consider themselves an independent group of peacekeepers who acted as good shepherds who would lay down their lives to protect those the Federation and Starfleet could not or would not properly protect. He and several other of his brethren helped with the installation of planetary defenses on Vashti, but the Qiris sector grew more treacherous, brutal, and ruthless. The rangers’ resources were drying up and with so much space to cover in the quadrants they had the pull most of their presence out of the sector.

Reza and some of his brethren ventured off together to another region of space that required the presence of the Fenris Rangers. He swore an oath to the Fenris Rangers similar to the one he would have taken as an officer of Starfleet, but much of those limitations were lifted in the pursuit of bringing order to chaos, law to the lawless, and living under the motto: Dente crescit et unguibus pugnare.

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