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Vice Admiral Veruka Kitan

Name Veruka Kitan

Position Deputy Commander

Rank Vice Admiral

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Female
Species Human | Elaysian
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue


Personality & Traits

General Overview Standing up for what she believes is truly right, Veruka Kitan was on the fast track to command straight out of the gate. Her wide-eyed view of the galactic scene, keen sense of duty, deep idealism, and fortified integrity proved to be her greatest assets in getting what she desired for herself and for others. Veruka’s life of overcoming obstacles and metaphorically leaping over hurdles has made her an inspiration for others. She made it clear from early on in her Starfleet career that you did not need to be the tallest, the strongest, nor loudest voice individual in a room to be heard. Her intellect and tactfulness were as loud as rolling thunder across the savannah.

She sought out to leave her own mark on the Federation during times when the Federation was in its darkest hours, healing it with passion and compassion, lifting it up when its name and reputation in the galaxy had been sullied. Never once has she doubted the Federation’s ability to rise above and soar to unlimited heights; however, she has winced at moments of questionable decisions from above.

Veruka has a knack for communication, connecting with others, and knowing exactly when to speak and when to listen. This has come in handy more times than she cares to recall. Whether it be dealing with a tense situation facing potential hostile forces, arbitrating between different factions, or in a meeting with Admiralty. She has found that it is sometimes best to let others do the talking while she takes notes and begins to contemplate ways to put their plans into motion, if not build upon their plans with her own improvements and flare.

As Chief Intelligence Officer of the Vienna, (then Lieutenant Commander) Kitan oversaw the initial coordination of relief aid to Barson II in 2370 when the planet was amid a medical crisis. Several years later as First Officer of the USS Vienna, she was engaging in skirmishes with Cardassian and Dominion forces throughout the Alpha Quadrant. The conclusion of the Dominion War brought about missions of humanitarian aid and rebuilding of cultures and civilizations practically leveled by the war, something she excelled at assuming command of the USS Vienna and later the USS Gillard.

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