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Ensign Liánhuā Bai

Name Liánhuā Bai

Position Aide-de-camp

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Other Names Lian'er,
Gender Cisgender Female
Species Human (Chinese of Uygher descent)
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft9
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color back
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Liánhuā is slender and delicate in apperance. Always tidy with her hair held off her face she appears both impish and studious. she is fastidious in her clothing and dislikes being unkempt.


Father Richard Waddington (whereabouts unknown)
Mother Bai Xiǎo Tia (Deceased in childbirth)
Brother(s) Liangsheng 18
Tian you 16
Nanxian 12

Sister(s) Suzi 27
Luci 24
Mai 20
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liánhuā has a calm and mature grace abut her. She does not panic easily and approaches everything with a calm logical mind. she remembers dilligently the six rules her instructors gave her during her training as an Aide de Camp

It's all about the boss. ...
Anticipate his or her needs. ...
Get to know him or her as a person. ...
Leverage the staff and extend influence. ...
The requests you make of people's time (for briefings, etc.) ...
Keep private stuff private.

She tries to be always on hand and unobtrusive but makes sure to have all the data she needs at hand when it is needed. She never raises her voice feeling if she has too she is aready not beng listen to.

Off duty, she has a quick wit and ready sense of humor although still does not come to the fore if she can help it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

* Calm under pressure
* Organised
* Logical


* Perfectionist
* Quiet
* Tends to stay to herself
Ambitions Liánhuā would like to rise through the ranks and see where her career could take her but is always mindful that family may one day need her more than the fleet does.
Hobbies & Interests Ballet and folk dance

Personal History The daughter of a wealthy English merchant father and the beloved elder daughter of the shanghai diplomatic family Bai, Liánhuā had an idyllic early childhood, when she was almost four, she was joined by her sister Bai Suzi, or Susu or most commonly Su. Liánhuā loved her baby sister and would be seen with her when not at school. When she was eight, she was joined by Bai Luci, more commonly called Lu, Lulu, or Luce, just before her 12th birthday her sister Bai Mai was born and all three elder girls loved the baby.

Two years later the first boy was born, long-awaited he was greeted with joy, the four sisters became closer than ever as their father showed affection to the new-born boy, Liangsheng, Laing’er to the girls. The girls did not dislike their little brother. They adored him and he loved being with his sisters.

Just before Liánhuā’s 14th Christmas the second boy Tian you was born, a second son, her father was delighted with an heir and a spare in his mind.
Then four years later the third son and seventh child Nanxian was born when they visited England. Her mother died in the labour and their father decided he would leave with his mistress.

Fortunately, at nineteen Liánhuā although motherless found herself and her siblings in the loving care of their paternal grandfather. Sir Thomas Waddington had a kind and soft heart. Disgusted by his son Richard’s behavior he took custody of his grandchildren.

Liánhuā attended Starfleet Academy but as would become her trademark she would bury herself in her studies and not interact more than needed with her classmates and rarely socialised. She graduated in the top 5% of her class and quietly accepted her postings.

Just after graduation, her grandfather passed away and she would return to bury him and take charge of the families affairs asking her Grandfather's longtime friend retired Commander Liam Jameson and his daughter, her godmother Special Forces Captain (Ret) Meredith Jameson to manage the trust find her grandfather had left them and to ensure her sibling's private school fees were paid on time, For the next six years she would bounce around placements learning all she could with more than one captain asking if she was a "Damned Vulcan" to which she always rel=plied. "No sir i am Chinese. Have i offended you?" The wide eye expression always having them shaking their head

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