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Commander DeVala Victrix

Name DeVala Victrix Ph.D

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Cisgender Female
Species Risan
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight ~ 120 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Dr. DeVala Victrix is not a physically imposing nor intimidating woman by appearance. Her warm crisp brown honeyed skin tone pairs nicely with her clear pristine complexion and soft features. Her eyes are a dark brown that have an almost child-like wanderlust when one looks into them. It is often as though Victrix is somehow 100% listening to whatever you are saying whilst mentally elsewhere stumbling down a rabbit hole. She is only approximately 5'0" flat when she has no 'help' from heels. This often makes her one of the smallest officers in any room. She would look completely human if not for the traditional Risan symbol she wears on her forehead. Beneath the skin; however, she is most definitely Risan with a curveball thrown in.


Mother Rashida Victrix
Brother(s) 2
Sister(s) 2

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though her small stature and soft features may make her out to be a 'pushover,' her personality more than compensates for the false label. She has some grit to her and when pushed into a corner she will push right back. Though it is not in her nature to be the provoker and she will almost never fire the first shot unless it is a clear warning shot. She is optimistic, adventurous, and progressive. Complacency is her worst nightmare. She is never one to sit or stand in one position for too long. She needs change and constant movement. She thrives on it.

She has a respect for rules and regulations, and admiration for structure, but does not stick to operating within those confines. She needs 'wiggle room' and 'loopholes' in order to be at her best. If a superior officer or an Admiral thwarts her plans, she will take a step back and figure out a way to ultimately get what she wants or at least the biggest bang for her buck. She's open to negotiating, has a reasonable willingness to compromise, but she will never downright give up.

The excitement of a chase gets her blood pumping whether she is on the hunt or the one being hunted. She has no problem being the fox nor the hound and she will out fox the hound at any corner using her intellect and intuition. It goes without saying that as Risan born and raised on Risa she feels most at home on a sandy beach or under the bright warm sun (even if it is all weather controlled by devices). She's an outdoorsy type of woman. So, don't let the dresses and gowns fool you.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Empathetic abilities
+ Diplomatic approach to deescalating a tense situation
+ Sees the best in everyone

- Easily distracted if something hasn't fully snagged her attention
- Lacks patience for long term assignments or projects
- Not the best planner and tends to work on the fly...quick witted she is, but a tactician she is not
Ambitions DeVala may be in her mid thirties, but her radiant personality and childlike wander make her seem younger than she is. She's not old by any means, but her senior officer rank and higher education degrees don't quite match up with the woman people meet. She always seems like she's out to have fun and live life to the fullest; however, she does have deeper ambitions. Her ambitions go beyond Starfleet and beyond the Federation. She wants tp see a galaxy healing and coming together, not warring and tearing itself further apart.
Hobbies & Interests Devala is an equestrian. She not only loves horses, but knows how to ride them both leisurely and as a performer. She is also a skillful archer both mounted on horseback and freestanding. If phasers aren't available, find her the materials to construct a bow and arrows and she will show you how it is done. That said, she can handle a phaser, but isn't comfortable with anything larger or heavier than a Type-II. She also enjoys casual drinking with friends and has a tendency to drink a bit too much for her own good. She tends to have a few bottles of actual alcohol stashed away for social calls.

Personal History At thirty-four years of age, this former Starfleet officer has recently had her commission reactivated with an immediate promotion to Lieutenant Commander (having retired as a Lieutenant) and given a special assignment. Her career in Starfleet was rather nondescript. Her background in history and the guiding principals of the Federation and study of communication made her cherished asset to the men and women she served under. Assignments from personnel officer to media relations officer aboard space stations and outposts lead her to become an aide to Starfleet staff officers and flag officers. When she retired from Starfleet she transitioned into civilian life smoothly in a governmental capacity within the Federation.


Born along the Montasmary Coves of Risa, DeVala’s childhood involved sandy white beaches and warm kisses of sunbeams upon her darkened honeycrisp skin; However, this was the side of paradise that all offworlders and tourists of Risa were used to. What they were not privy to the trouble in their own little Federation Paradise. You see, a paradise are not natural places; they are often forged in a long process and there is more to the paradise than meets the eyes. DeVala knew this all too well. Her planet had a terrible history long before she was born, long before her parents were even born, a history of seismic activity and the most violent of tempests. All of which were controlled and upkept by Federation technology. Risa was not originally a place of paradise; it was a world of miserable weather and raging seas that claimed the lives of many. The beautiful Risan resorts were built on the long-forgotten ruins of coastal cities swept away and eroded by the tidal waves.

DeVala Victrix was born between two sisters on either end. She was the middle child of her family. In addition to her sisters, were her two brothers. On was the youngest of the family, and the other was the oldest. Her immediate family was large, and her extended family was scattered all about Risa. DeVala suffered from “Middle child syndrome,” and as such, she often felt completely ignored and overshadowed by her siblings. One would think that it was a ‘perfect family,’ but just like the paradise of Risa; it was all a manufactured illusion. DeVala’s siblings all had the same mother, but different fathers. This was not to say her mother slept around albeit it is the immediate stereotype that comes to mind with Risans if she tells people her siblings have different father than hers.

No, that was not the case at all. She was the child of turbulent times, the byproduct of a tryst. Well, it was more than a tryst. Her mother would like to chalk it up to something of a one-night stand, but DeVala had found out more about her father as she matured into an independent adult who can do her own damn research. Her biological father and her mother had an actual relationship when she was separated from her husband for a year. Her sibling’s father never treated any less of a daughter than his own and to DeVala, he was her father. There never was any doubt of that.

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