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Second Tally

Posted on Saturday, 6 February 2021 - 6:08pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

A tiki bar on Freecloud was the epitome of cheese. The synthetic polenesian music, trying to resemble some of Earth's ancient traditions along with the stereotyped decor, illuminated with holo flames almost seemed offensive. Adrianna and a few other people in tailored attire, pushed through the crowd that were fighting inhibition as alcohol dictated falsified confidence, to get to a private behind the bar.

Upon having the door opened for her, the women stepped inside to a contrasting silent and plain-Jane styled room. "I must say, this is not what I was expecting," she half chuckled.

A tall woman, potentially of Ferengi heritage, though she looked rather human, stood up with a smile, "it is very over the top, but people just love it!"

Adrianna sat down, placing a bag on the table between them, "I meant this room, in comparison to our there." She gestured to the white haired woman to sit, even though this was her domain.

The woman sat and nodded, "yes, I thought it would be wise to have a room that was easily cleaned and free from distraction."

That seemed a little dark, Adrianna thought. That said, it would be the humour of the job. Nonetheless, she offered a grin and then got down to business, "ok, so we have a some names that may be passing through Freecloud soon. We know you, Daruna, have ears on the ground. I don't think someone could even spit on the ground here without you knowing. They are likely to be in bars, getting drunk. If you find them, we need them alive and well."

Daruna nodded following, watching the PaDDs be taken out of the Baciami's bag and spread out with precision and care. Did she have OCD? Whatever it was, it was entertaining. Daruna cleared her throat as she inspected them, her eyes showing instant recognition to a few of them. Slowly looking back to the Baciami representation, she asked, "what is in it for me?"

"Quarter of a million - Latinum," Adrianna replied easily, "except for him." Adrianna tapped on a PaDD, "he's worth a million, and a favour."

Daruna nodded and looked to a member of her entourage. She held a quiet discussion for a moment with them before looking back to Adrianna, "I apologise. You must think me rude for not including you in conversation. You see, that man-- Jacob Kramer-Axos, he was here about a day ago. He offered similar but for a mere pint of Baciami blood. He didn't say which of you, but he said he'd pay the same regardless." She paused, pulling all the PaDDs together and handing them back to Adrianna,"I appreciate we have a history with your family, but it's just good business."

Adrianna nodded, putting the PaDDs away. She was calm. This wasn't her first rodeo. Adrianna offered a smile, "as you say, business is business."

Daruna grabbed Adrianna's arm pulling out a small knife. The Italian held out her free hand, stopping her own entourage from pulling weapons even more than they had flinched to do so. Adrianna looked to Daruna's eyes, barely flinching at the manhandling. Adrianna's eyes turned dark, but her tone was even, "you really want to do this?"

Blood started to appear from under the pressure of Durana's sharp blade as it pushed at Adrianna’s skin, but the elegant woman was shaking. Adrianna was unnerving her. Her eyes were fixated on the Italian's. Why did Baciami not even flinch? "What are you?"

"I'm human, but I out gun you in your own territory," Adrianna nodded over to Durana's entourage who pulled weapons, before Adrianna’s own party drew theirs too, "I suggest you let me go."

Durana went rather pale, looking round to each weapon now targeted at her. One against 5 seemed a bit of an uphill battle that she would no doubt lose. That said, the reign of tyranny through mandatory loyalty needed to be over, even if it meant losing her own life. Durana hesitated, "I-"

Adrianna offered a smile, "I can say this never happened. You walk out of here with our deal still on the table. I walk out of here happy to have not shed any blood other than maybe a few milliliters of my own. Hm?" Adrianna, in her head was almost pleading. She didn't have the stomach for blood and frankly with Starfleet's Intel now in the picture, she wanted to make a better impression so that they could help her escape this life. Please don't do anything stupid, Adrianna screamed in her head.

Durana had an internal debate that could have put peace negotiations between tribble and Klingon to shame. It was time to do something stupid. For the greater good.


Adrianna woke up, breathless. Her eyes went straight to her arm. Once clear she ran her hands over her face and neck. She was fine.

It almost felt like this was going to be like the story of 'Christmas Carol'. She prayed she didn't see the ghosts of tallys to. Come though. Her 13th being given to her in a vision from an orb was horrific enough.

For now, these dreams would be just that: a dream.

Just a memory.


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