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Fifth Tally

Posted on Monday, 8 February 2021 - 4:44am by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

[For full flash back see personal log: The escape to Starfleet is paved with a broken heart]

"Where is Dan?"

"Move, move, move!"

"Adrianna! [...] They will use you! Come home."



Adrianna sighed, she'd been discharged from 'living' in the medical bay, to guest quarters whikst on the way to the USS September. It didn't feel much like freedom. There was a security guard near her quarters and she had no form of communications with the outside worlds.

She'd given all the information she could to help prosecution. Now, she was sat on a couch, awaiting her full health to return and then she could start training to pull her weight. Adrianna had been told she could start earlier, but with her not wanting the scar fixed, it would be a few weeks.

Everytime the woman moved, a salt deposit seemed release. Adrianna grimaced and squirmed in pain. A larger deposit had her scream at the burn. She understood why the traditional method never changed throughout the centuries. People dreamt of wanting to die with how long the recovery was if you survived.

A door chime sounded and Adrianna allowed entry. Commander James Davies entered, "afternoon, Adrianna."

The woman forced a smile, "to what do I owe the pleasure."

"I have some news," he offered, sitting down opposite, "your statements and evidence were enough for an arrest. Your father is in custody."

Adrianna nodded, "you know, whilst I'm glad to be out, I do not feel better with that knowledge."

James nodded in understanding, "you should get out. You aren't confined here, you know. Getting lost in your own thoughts will kill you with a death worse than you can imagine."

Adrianna sighed, "this is an Intel vessel. Everyone here was part of your mission to break me out. Of which, the majority think the mission was dumb. They don't think I'm worthy of rescue. I have heard them. If I leave these quarters, I do not feel safe."

James nodded, "The USS September are taking you without knowledge. It will only be you and I going over to the ship. This ship has an NDA over this mission. The only one's in the know will be the captain, XO and the chiefs of Intel and Tactical. If anyone else knows, it will be because of you."

It would be nice to not be known. Equally, she had used her name as an entrance for so long, it would be different. "You think I deserve it?" Adrianna asked.

"My opinion doesn't matter. The mission will be over once you're on the USS September. Myself, this ship and Lieutenant Harrison will become a distant memory and you'll be working in Intel for Starfleet."

Adrianna knew what that meant, she wasn't stupid. "What happened with Dan, I mean Harrison?"

The man went from relaxed and suddenly very stiff and his down turned to abrupt, "classified."


Adrianna stirred just before her alarm. Her eyes fluttered open to a sleeping Leopold. The woman smiled, brushing some hair from his face and kissing him softly.

She didn't need to know what happened with Dan, did she? Adrianna had moved on, but never had real closure. He had been at the front of her mind lately.

Perhaps it was time to do some digging, so that she could close it off, once and for all.


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