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Save your vodka, kidnap a Russian

Posted on Wednesday, 10 March 2021 - 4:29am by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

A ruggedly, handsome man ran his fingers up Adrianna’s arm and then caressed her face, "are you sure you want to do this."

Adrianna struggled to maintain composure, "our options are limited, Constantine."

"I know, but I don't want to hurt that beautiful face of yours," he whispered, his lips near hers.

Adrianna gulped as her eyes danced between his lips and his eyes. There was a thirst, an animalistic desire that had been stirred up. The tension was thick between them as the silence fell. Adrianna finally found the words and smirked, "if you can lay a hand on me."

"Come on, Adey," Dario Baciami jeered, "this is combat training not a date."


Adrianna was in civilian clothes and began the call to Constantine. She felt nervous, maybe even weak. "Hello beautiful," came the Russian's voice, followed by a lop-sided smiling figure.

Adrianna grinned, "I'd say the same but your bleeding and, frankly, look like hell."

Constantine touched his head and looked to his fingers. He was bleeding, "hazard of the job. You know." He paused and changed topic, "Oh, I saw the orb is now in Starfleet custody. It's a hot commodity, there are plans to get it back on the market."

Adrianna went a little pale, "you know you shouldn't tell me that. I am a 'fleeter' now."

The Russian took a moment, he'd seen her change. He groaned, running a hand through his short, dark hair. "You're beautiful, but you're a moron. You've always been too curious and look where it's got you."

Adrianna nodded. She didn't need more guilt trips adding to the pile. "Look, I need a favour," she demanded the change in topic.

He chuckled, "I heard you'd found someone more permanent, so you better have something else worth my time."

"I have one hell of a vodka, some of the good grappa and a business opportunity if you can stomach an active war one," Adrianna replied honestly.

Constantine sighed, "for you? It'll have to do, depending on what you need."

"I need to get to Ekos. Both myself and my fiancé, Leopold, need to get to Ekos. We can't have any trace of the federation on our journey," she almost asked nervously.

"Ekos?" He asked, clarifying, "the nazi hyped planet that the federation screwed up with, so royally, that they now avoid it like the plague? Why the hell do you want to go there, it's not exactly a hot vacation spot where you can get in one of your tight little bikinis or less--"

"Focus," Adrianna snapped.

He gave a cheeky grin knowing he could still get her riled. Constantine's face soon faded into a look of disgust as he thought it over. He groaned, muttering some profanities in his native tongue.

Adrianna interrupted, "yes, I am aware, but there's no need to curse my mother or Leopold."

His eyes flashed in recognition, "it's been so long, I forgot you spoke Russian. Sorry." He sat up straighter, "look, I'll help. I can't guarantee safety. Even for myself. I definitely can't guarantee safety for Leopold. Why the hell are you wanting to go?"

Adrianna smiled a little at his subtle humour, "He has some family issues. He needs to return home to help sort it." It wasn't a lie, it just wasn't the whole truth.

"You're going to marry an Ekos man," he said flatly, "Gawd, that makes sense. You know, there's still time to run. We can drop him off and do that thing we always planned."

Adrianna had gone from being weak around Constantine to feeling anger, "we're not teenagers anymore. So, will you take us or not?"

Constantine nodded, "fine. When do we leave?"

"To be determined."

"So, you want me to miss out on business for something non profitable, for who knows how long, without even promise of a little bl--" he argued.

"Little is right, and I can easily pull your ship in for a search. How confident are you that we won't find anything, we shouldn't?"

"Is that a threat? If so, I'm leaving," Constantine warned.

"Try me."

The silence settled. Constantine glared at Adrianna. Where had the romance gone? The flirtation seemed to hit wrong and now it was, disappointingly, only business with someone Constantine had once loved, or rather lusted over.

He shook his head and closed the comm.

Adrianna didn't know what that meant. She hit her comm badge, "Baciami to Stillwater. Captain, plan B for the Russian. Save your vodka, gain a ship."


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