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Future BFFs?

Posted on Thursday, 21 May 2020 - 3:16pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Petty Officer 3rd Class Echo Smith

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: Beta III

Echo was low key 'on the prowl' She wore her uniform pants, and a white tank top. She'd never felt the need for 'little black dress' and frankly thought she looked ridiculous in one. The tank top showed off her cleavage without feeling like she was going to pop out of the thing. She was nursing a beer and eyeing the man candy.

About fifteen minutes later, she was trying to push said eye candy away. She didn't mind a one night stand, it was what she was looking for after all, but she did mind being treated like a glorified blow up doll, and told eye candy so. "Let go!" She commanded, but the man's grip was iron.

Adrianna wasn't far away, she couldn't sleep, so why the hell not. She'd overheard the conversation and looked the man up and down, Reading the conversation a bit more before reacting. She soon came over with a deceivingky relaxed and friendly smile, "everything alright?"

Mr eye candy was also a little drunk, his gaze was slow to move to Adrianna, but then his grin was lecherous. "Ohh, a three way...nice." He acted as if Echo wasn't spitting mad and still struggling in his grasp. "Let go you asshole, or I'll call security!" She looked to Adrianna, with a 'can you believe this feminine hygiene product bag' expression.

Adrianna chuckled a little, though clearly it was meant. She looked back to the man and said very coldly, the smile wiping from her fair, "I suggest you let her go because this is a new skirt and I don't want to get anything on it."

That seemed to anger Mr not so much eye candy as just annoying. He squeezed harder and Echo yelped, then stomped on his foot in her boots.

Adrianna pulled her dagger, dragged from the small of her back and circled it through her fingers, playfully, skillfully and with ease, looking to it, staying calmly spoken. It was clear she would have been one hell of a Don, "sorry, did I stutter?"

Echo grinned. Oh, she needed to get one of those. "*^) you ^))s" Mr eye candy cursed, made a rather rude and crude gesture, but thankfully turned to leave.

Echo immediately cradled her wrist. "What an ^*( hat." She sighed. "Thank you. I didn't want to have to file a report with security tonight."

"It's more fun to watch a grown man cry than file a report anyway," Adrianna smiled, putting the weapon away and taking a seat next to the woman.

"Echo Smith." Echo smiled. "I like the way you think."

"Adrianna Baciami," the Italian returned, "Thank you, but it's a scary mind."

"Well at least you have a mind, unlike that guy." Echo responded. "What's your poison?" Echo asked, waving the bartender over.

"Grappa and lime," Adrianna ordered then looked back to the woman. "Assuming that you are on a layover."

Echo ordered a pilsner. "Yeah, waiting on the Fontana. I'm a small crafts pilot."

"Same, but I'm an intelligence officer," the Italian smiled. It was still strange saying it out loud. Her past was hardly a good insight into her present, in fact it was almost parallel.

Echo made a face. "That sounds like a mountain of paperwork."

"It's not too bad," Adrianna replied, "it's an interesting read. Either way, I'd make a worse pilot."

"The adrenaline rush is the best though!" Echo grinned. "Well in a fighter anyway. For now I'm stuck with ships my grandma would be embarrassed to pilot."

"One cool Grandmother," Adrianna teased, "are you here because you cannot sleep?"

"Nah. I was hoping for tall dark and handsome, just without the overabundance of testosterone. How about yourself?" Echo asked in return.

Adrianna scoped out the bar, thinking a moment. She'd had a nice date, but was internally debating something along those lines for herself. Her gaze fell back to Echo," couldn't sleep and my temporary quarters were too quiet. So I came to the noisiest part of the base to silence the mind, plus alcohol helps."

"Reverse meditation." Echo chuckled briefly. "I like it." She looked around the bar as well, but that itch had been squashed by her unpleasant encounter. She held up her glass "Well, here's to ummm...alcohol."

"one of two only long term relationships I have," Adrianna toasted, teasing.

Echo chuckled. "What's the other?" She asked.

"The universal translate before coffee," Adrianna chuckled.

That got another small chuckle from Echo. The two ended up 'girl talking' for awhile before Echo caught herself yawning. "I think that's a night for me."

"Sorry," Adrianna chuckled, "you didn't get your date. Still, made a new friend."

Echo shrugged. "I'll live." Then she smiled. "New friends are better than a lousy one night stand anyway."

"This is true," Adrianna smiled, "I guess we'll be on the same ship too, so friendly face."

Echo nodded. She placed her now empty mug on the bar. "That will be nice." She yawned again. "Ok, that's really good night for me. It was nice to meet you Adrianna"

"You too Echo," The Italian smiled. It was nice to make a new friend, especially a female one.

NPC PO3 Echo Smith
small crafts pilot


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