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[Cream Egg] Don't get it wet, don't feed it after midnight and don't put it in direct sunlight

Posted on Sunday, 1 November 2020 - 3:50pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2393


Adrianna rang the chime on Eyelaya's quarters repeatedly. She was breathless as looking seriously anxious. Her week was just getting worse and worse. Now she needed Eyelaya's help before she got her butt whipped. "Eyelaya, open the damn door," she whispered to herself in her native tongue.

Eyelaya, just freshly out of her shower walked to the door. She hit the door button but her smile faded when she saw Adrianna. "What's wrong?"

Adrianna looked to Eyelaya, started rambling in Italian. A few seconds in and she switched to standard realising her mistake in language choice, "We were on Jupiter and I was buying some homely things. Long story short, the shopkeeper sold me a cryo-egg and it hatched. There's a tribble in the vent."

Eyelaya stared at her blankly..."I what?"

"There's a tribble in the vent and I need your help and discretion," Adrianna repeated.

"How did a tribble get into the vent?" Her eyes widened.

"Stop asking questions that at this point in time don't matter," Adrianna almost barked in panic, "please just help me before it either repopulates or infiltrates a klingon's quarters or even 'the management'!"

"I..." She shrugged. "Okay then." She grinned. "Should be fine as long as I wasn't one of those tribbles that's egg hatched."

"I owe you," Adrianna sighed in relief, "what do we do? Aside from you needing clothes--sorry."

She laughed. "I'll be done in a second!" She hurried to change and was back within five minutes. "Okay let's go. On the way you tell me what happened."

Adrianna walked quickly with Eyelaya, "ok, so we were on the station. Thought I'd treat myself after the promotion and all. So there was a stall selling Fabergé egg replicas. They looked amazing and the one I picked up looked like one my mother had. So I bought it. I brought it home and thought it looked a little smaller than when I purchased it. I went to pee, came back, saw it had melted and then saw a tribble. It must have been a cryo egg or something. It did that weird eep-y noise and I turned to get a basket to put it in and when I turned back, he was through the vent hatch."

Eyelaya whistled. "Oh boy. It's an egg tribble. This is going to be fun." She stopped by a J-tube hatch. Opening it she picked up her tricorder and smiled. "Got it!!"

Adrianna looked to Eyelaya, "thank goodness... Wait... Wow good... Wow bad?"

"It's moving fast!" She looked at Adrianna, "Are you sure it's a tribble?"

"Looked like it," she replied, "if it's a puppy or a kitten, I'll keep it, but dammit, if it's a tribble, I'll shoot it on sight and make it into a hat!"

Eyelaya paused. "You'll what?"

Adrianna realised the awkward silence, "I'm joking. Sorry, I have a dark sense of humour when I'm nervous."

"Ah." She smiled again. "Alright into the tube and off we go!" She opened the hatch and crawled in leaving Adrianna to follow.

Adrianna pulled herself in. The last time she was in a position like this, the woman had a klingon bat'leth and a Starfleet uniformed teddy, but that was another story. She crawled quickly after Eyelaya.

The trip to the junction was short an then she stopped to take some tricorder readings. "Oh boy. You are not going to like this."

"If you tell me it's multiplied already, at least I'll have slippers instead of a hat," Adrianna grumbled, pulling up to Eyelaya, "I don't like this anyway, but what is it?"

"There are three tribble life signs. "Two that way and one that way. We have to split up."

"Remind me what the protocol is for tribble finding," Adrianna asked, "shoot on sight or simple capture?"

"Capture please!" She said. "I'll take the two you take the one."

"I'm going to drag you on a hunt one day," Adrianna grumbled, "ok.let me know when you've got them."

They parted ways. Eyelaya wound her way down one tube and into a stand up compartment. There on the floor were the tribbles. Smiling she bent down and picked them up. You two have been causing all sort of problems. "Come on let's go make sure that your friend doesn't get made into a hat."

"Got it, kind of," Adrianna came through the comm, "meet you in your quarters--since that's actually where this vent lead to." Adrianna stood with a small cage and six tribbles.

When they met in her quarters Eyelaya looked at the cage. "Six? Oh my. You have quite the collection there."

"Collection implies I'm keeping them," Adrianna chuckled, "we need to learn how to neuter and spay these things."

"Medical can do that. Simple hypo. Will you keep one?"

Adrianna pointed to one in a cage at her feet, "this little guy was the original. I think I'll call him Uovo."

"Why that?" It sounded interesting.

Adrianna chuckled softly, "it means egg in Italian. It only seems fitting." Adrianna went back to the replicator and got two cages for Eyelaya.

"Alright. I will take the rest away then." She grinned. "You better get that guy to medical so you don't end up with 10 more."

"He's a secret Baciami woman," Adrianna chuckled, "I'm one of 8, my father is one of 7 and my grandfather, one of 11. Come on Uovo, let's get you... Some birth control because I don't want to be a grandmother for at least another 40 years."


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