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Quick catch up

Posted on Sunday, 25 April 2021 - 1:07pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Timeline: 2394


Scarlet stepped out of the interview having just completed the two-hour marathon... Or was it three. She stood outside the door and felt the need to be sick wash over her. It was mainly relief that it had finished, but it was also uncertainty.

There weren't many people she could talk to about it but the girl she met yesterday seemed easy enough to get along with. The guy from earlier was just... Too much for an incentive. Scarlet was unsure of the woman's full name, but there couldn't be that many Oriana's, right?

Further to requesting some assistance in finding the potential friend, Scarlet managed to locate Oriana, yes thankfully just one aboard, and headed that way.

Oriana, being a full Ensign and having been added to the roster was easily locatable by computer, and even though not on duty officially she carried her com badge. She'd woken up early and had gone to the gym finding it relaxing. After a quick shower she'd opted to have breakfast on the promenade.

Scarlet silently just slipped into the chair opposite her, "this seat isn't taken, right?" She placed her hat and notebook neatly between them.

Oriana smiled, genuinely happy to see her new friend. "It's taken now! Hello. How did your interview go?"

Scarlet smiled at the welcome, "I don't know. It was mostly stuttering and fumbles. I just hope they saw past it."

"I have every confidence that they did. What are you having to drink?" She indicated her tea. "Up for some breakfast?"

"I'll have an English tea and a bacon sandwich with HP. Gawd, yes, a bacon sarnie with HP," Scarlet ordered politely and the returned to conversation, "I mean, I knew I'd be nervous, but there was this guy just before the interview. He freaked me out a bit."

"Oh?" She asked. "Tell me about it?"

"I was minding my own business and this guy from engineering starts talking to me. Well, flirting. Long story short, he said that he could see I was in love with someone else. Got me thinking," Scarlet replied making a start on her drink.

Oriana's eyes widened. "Engineering..." It was a whisper. She shook her head. "So, was he right?"

"Think he said his name was Hamura or something. Either way, he can't be right," Scarlet shook her head, "it wouldn't be possible, I don't think."

She smiled, Hamura, I wonder... “Why not possible," she asked without missing a beat.

"Quite a few months ago, I met this guy whilst working in San Francisco. He was a CMO on shore leave. We had an intense 2 weeks of dating. We saw each other every day for those two weeks. Then he went back onto his ship. We kept in contact as best we could. We speak mostly every week. I don't think its possible to be in love just like that, surely. I mean, we've kissed once and dammit it was an amazing kiss. But that's it."

Oriana's melodic laughter filled the air. "It is absolutely possible. Love is built on amazing kisses and sometimes just looking at someone could cause you to fall in love."

Scarlet blushed, "even if we're were a stereotype for a romcom," Scarlet countered, "I'm not saying it first. Plus, he's a handsome doctor, over the other side of the universe."

"Ahhh but if it's meant to be the Gods will make it so. It can be difficult to speak first but if we don't sometimes, we loose our opportunity. Fate is Fate but sometimes we must give her a nudge. Or ask a question like 'Dear Doctor how do you feel when you think of me?' “Oriana giggled.

"Gawd," Scarlet giggled, "it's not a bad idea. But no. I can't. If I get this PhD though, I have to pick a ship to be on for a few years to research. I could drop it as a hint, see what his first instinct is, I guess."

"Now you're thinking." She paused as the food was delivered and then asked, “How does he make you feel?"

"I feel like I've known him for years," Scarlet replied, "I just feel I can be myself around him. He's someone I could fall in love with in person. I could see myself being a Mrs. Rose." Scarlet saw the bacon sandwich and groaned with delight, "Gawd this looks good... Mmm... Tastes good too... Exactly what I needed."

She grinned, "I'd say that could fall in love can be changed to have fallen in love." She picked up her own fork and took a bit of egg. "Just have faith."

"You have an other half?" Scarlet asked as she dug in to her sandwich. Clearly, she had a lot of thinking to do about Ryan. Was she in love? If she was, did he feel the same?

"No, unfortunately not yet. When the universe is ready, she will deliver someone to me." She took a sip of tea. "May I ask you something?"

"It'll happen," Scarlet replied, "of course, anything."

"This...Hamura, what was he like?"

"Uhh, tall, charming, blonde ish, maybe human," she replied, "I could point him out if I saw him again. Why?"

"I may have met him the other day,” She said mysteriously as she gently dabbed her mouth with the napkin. "Seems like an interesting person."

"He had potential to be," Scarlet replied, "but he was a bit too intense for me."

She laughed, "Intense? How?"

"You just couldn't shake him," Scarlet tried to reply, "his eyes were just in you. He leant in and tried to take something out of my hair and gave me a rose instead."

Oriana laughed. "Oh my! Now that's sweet."

"Sweet, cheesy, creepy," Scarlet flipped between the options, "either way, weird. I'm not a person that gets hit on. I normally just b km end into the furniture."

Oriana laughed. "Well maybe I'll seek Hamura out then. I could sure use a sweet rose."

Scarlet chuckled, "You can have him. He strikes me as someone that has everyone, in mind.”

Oriana laughed. “I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this Hamura yesterday and I can tell that there is a lot to him. I know it seems weird but I feel like this Hamura and I were supposed to meet.”

"Stranger things have happened," Scarlet shrugged, "I'm afraid that if he breaks your heart, as much as I'd want to kick his bum, I'm more person that would share a bucket of icecream and watch some soppy movie with."

She laughed. "We can do that anyway. How about tonight?"

"I'm going to try and call Ryan tonight," Scarlet replied, "maybe tomorrow?"

"Sounds good." She finished off her meal. "Well I should go, I have a meeting with the station XO, maybe a job?"

"Good luck," Scarlet replied enthusiastically. She finished her sandwich and stood up. "I'm going to change into my actual uniform and finish off some upgrades." Scarlet also needed to think about everything that had transpired that day. Preferably before she called Ryan.



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