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Just the surface

Posted on Wednesday, 16 June 2021 - 5:02pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich

Adrianna lay on the bio bed rather stiffly. She sighed internally as a reaction to the stiffness. The woman closed her eyes a moment trying to calm her senses - - this wasn't an Ekosian trick, nor was this an Ekosian 'medical wing'. After a few moments of silence she heard foot steps and opened her eyes to see doctor Rose. "Can we do this in small stints?" Adrianna asked.

"Absolutely." Ryan quickly agreed. "Let's start with the most important. Heart and lungs." He pulled out his tricorder. "Totally non invasive." He pulled over a stool, so he wasn't towering over her. "And just let me know if you need a break."

Ade nodded, "I feel a rattle in my chest since a few waterboarding sessions." The woman seemed matter-of-fact, but she did tense a little as memories flashed by a moment.

Ryan nodded his understanding. "Let's see if we are dealing with any fluid in your lungs. Can you take as deep a breath as you can please." the doctor requested.

Adrianna did as asked though did struggle. Her hands went instinctively to her ribs as they seemed to groan in pain at the attempt. The woman tried to relax, and closed her eyes, finding a focal point where she could.

Ryan kept up a string of pretty much nonsensical babble. He didn't go in for gossip, but he could share the few stories he'd heard that were so wide spread it was impossible to miss them. Hopefully, it would keep Adrianna distracted enough while he worked. They'd done quite a number on her, but none of it was life threatening with the proper treatment. He was more concerned about her mental state, but that would be something better left to T'Lanna's capable hands.

Adrianna held up her hand after a while, "sorry, Doctor. I need a break." She sat up on her elbows, "I know you've probably still got a lot to do, I just -- maybe lunch? Breakfast? I don't know when we are, but food."

Ryan stepped back with an easy smile. "No problem. I make an amazing pb&j. How does that sound?"

"Anything sounds good at the moment," Adrianna offered a smile and sat up properly. "Anything new with you?" she asked, trying to continue his story hour of what she'd missed.

Ryan held up a finger in a universal 'hold on' gesture, then hurried to get sandwiches and water for them. He pulled out the multi purpose tray from the bio bed, and they soon had a small table to eat their meal at. "Here we are." Ryan nudged Adrianna's plate towards her. He conveniently side stepped the question about himself, and instead continued on with his gossip, not really gossip. "What do you think about music in the turbo lifts?" He asked, apropos to apparently nothing.

Adrianna inspected the sandwich, internally cursing the American taste buds or lack there of. Regardless, she took a bite and ate. "I honestly didn't notice. Who's idea was that?" she asked with a little chuckle.

"Scarlet Rogers." Ryan answered between bites. He managed to not blurt out 'my girlfriend' like some giddy teenager, but his expression was twitterpated. "I kinda like it." He added. He was keeping an eye out on her reactions, making sure the food wasn't upsetting her system, and in general keeping a doctors eye on her condition.

"An interest of yours?" Adrianna raised a brow a little intrigued, she knew that look. She hadn't really got to know many of the other heads of department, but she didn't have a bad relationship with any of them. She was genuinely interested, even if just for it to be a calming distraction.

Ryan couldn't help but smile. "Yes." Was all he said on the matter. He finished his water, and cleared his plate and glass. He returned, giving Adrianna whatever time she needed to be ready to continue.

"You smile any more and I'd think you were in love," Adrianna teased a little, "I'm happy for you. A doctor needs taking care of too. I hope you've found that." She gestured back to the biobed, "what next for me? Can we make me look human yet?"

"Thank you." Ryan pushed the tray out of the way. "Just about. " He picked his tricorder back up and gave it a little wave. "Ready?"

Adrianna nodded, "I know in the past I've asked you to leave scars, but I don't want any memory like that. Remove it all as best you can - - especially the swas... The tick? The nazi symbol shaped marks. Nothing to be left if possible. Any means necessary."

"No problem. I'll be able to completely remove the scar tissue." Ryan got to work doing just that.

"Thank you," Adrianna nodded, "how long before I get my voice back, do you think?"

"I can help with that as well. Some anti-inflammatory spray, and a bit of rest and it'll be as good as new." Ryan handed the spray to Adrianna, so the woman could handle it herself. He busied himself with some last minute double checks, making sure everything looked good before releasing her.

Just before he was done, Adrianna suddenly felt herself be overwhelmed by exhaustion. She yawned, "can we take a break?"

"Yes, of course." Ryan rolled his stool back. He was done really, just being overly cautious. All the maintenance stuff he could manage on a second appointment, once she'd had a chance to settle in. "Everything else can wait. I'll let you get home and rest. Expect a call from T'Lanna, and one from me for a follow up."

Adrianna nodded, "Sure, whatever you need, Doc-" By the end of her sentence she was asleep on the biobed, lazily waving to Ryan.

Ryan just smiled. Well at least this way he could keep an eye on her. He grabbed a blanket and covered her before heading off to other task.


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