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A bit down

Posted on Sunday, 20 June 2021 - 3:46pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich

For the first time in several days Ryan managed to make it on time for their date. He’d invited Scarlet over for a simple evening of dinner and a movie. One of his favorite past times with her, that they hadn’t had a chance to enjoy in awhile. He didn’t bother cooking, but had the replicator make Chicken Parmesan and Caesar Salad. He checked the time as he was setting the table. Good, Scarlet should be here any minute.

Scarlet soon sounded the chime. She was on time, The woman was very excited to be having a moving night with Ryan again, it had felt like weeks. Sure, she'd managed to sneak in a few minutes here and there so he'd eat lunch with her, but it was merely time for a hello and thank you.

“It’s open!” Ryan called out. He took a step back from the table and looked it over, making sure that he hadn’t missed anything.

Scarlet wandered in and smiled, sniffing the air, "something smells good." She walked over to Ryan and kissed him softly as a greeting.

Ryan relaxed into the kiss, letting the stress of the last few days wash away. He pulled back just enough to make eye contact. “It’s just chicken parmesan from the replicator. I wasn’t feeling that ambitious.” He pulled a chair out for her. “It seems like it’s been forever since we have been able to do this.”

Scarlet smiled and took a seat, she lived how gentlemanly he was. "It's fine," she replied, "I'm dating a doctor, you're bound to be busy a lot. I was prepared for this. We just make the most of the time we do get, right?"

Ryan nodded his agreement. “And this time you pick the movie.” He smiled, then began digging in. “Anything new on the tinkering front?”

Scarlet thought about it a moment as she ate,"not really. I've written quite a bit for my PhD. Mainly an intro and a few key points to elaborate on later as reminders to me. Other than that. I've been working on the EMH. Both old and the temp." She chuckled, "The new one is a bit happier now and doesn't call me mother anymore. Took me ages to find that easter egg in the code. Started. Off as an ongoing joke in the team, so we had a daddy, mummy, uncles, aunts, weird cousin. Now it's being used in the field, I think it's creepy to have something calling me mother."

Ryan just nodded. “It seems to be working fine. I’ve had no complaints. I miss Emerick though.” He stopped eating, sitting back and taking a long drink of his water. “I miss him, as silly as that sounds.”

Scarlet offered a small smile, "I know you do. Sorry. I'm working on getting it-- sorry-- him back online. He did a good job at wiping himself. Normally there's a small trace, but he's encrypted it and then some. I've sent over everything to a few old colleagues. See if anyone fancies a challenge." She paused and reached out, putting her hand on Ryan's forearm, "we'll work this out, and if we can't, I'm here -- and I'm not going anywhere."

Ryan squeezed her hand. “I know you are working on getting him back. And the ship is small, but that’s still nice to hear.” He teased.

Scarlet chuckled and sat back, "you sure you're OK? Every lunch time that I've seen you, you seem to be a bit more-- I don't know, just not you. At least not the you I know."

Ryan gave a tiny little shrug. “I’m fine. I really am. I’m just. I don’t know...having a low spot?” He paused very briefly. “It’s not you.” He hurried to add. “Geez, if anything you are making it bearable.”

Scarlet blushed and smiled, "I'm trying." She sipped her drink, "we all go through phases, just know I'm here if you need anything. I'm a good tea maker."

“You are an excellent tea maker.” Ryan smiled his agreement. “I haven’t wanted to bother T’Lanna with everything going on, and I don’t want to burden you.”

"You need to talk to someone and I'm convinced it's T'Lanna's job," she replied, "you wouldn't be burdening me, anyway. Couples are supposed to talk."

For the first time, Ryan actually had a desire to share the not so pleasant aspects of himself. He left the plates and glasses on the table, and led Scarlet to the couch. He started out at the beginning, discussing his mother’s death in childbirth and his father’s reaction. He went through his childhood up until meeting Amanda. It was a couple hours later when he realized his throat was actually dry from all the talking.

Scarlet had a bad poker face. She'd never been good at lying, ever, so she chose to never hide her feelings most of the time, since she was clearly an easy to read book, "I umm, I don't know what to say. I guess I could tell you to look at where you are now and look at the life you have since built, but it's cheesy and you probably know that."

He smiled and kissed her forehead. “It’s cheesy and I know that, but thank you anyway. I have dealt with it. I do have my off times though. I think losing Emerick threw me for a bit of a loop, but I really am ok.”

The number of EMH's Scarlet had helped design, or create upgrades for and research seemed insignificant when she held context. To her an EMH was a helpful, somewhat quirky, piece of programming. Nothing more. Emerick, on this ship, especially in the medical department seemed more like an integrated member of the crew, a colleague and even a friend. "He's not gone-gone. Consider him more like… a guy in need of a holiday. He's taking an elongated break and will return at some point."

“We can hope.” Ryan replied, but clearly didn’t have much faith. He pulled her closer. “It’s not that late yet, how about a movie after all?”

"The movie will make it late, but I can always stay over," she smiled, kissing his cheek.

“I’d really like that.” Ryan replied, getting a bit more spark in his eyes.

"And since you're not feeling great, you pick the movie."

“Ok, ok. But no laughing.” Ryan grabbed the PaDD and started up Aladdin.

"Aladdin?" Scarlet asked, "I can honestly say that I've never seen it. My mum was scared of snakes and apparently it had one in."

“It’s good.” Ryan put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in close. “I may sing a long, fair warning”

Scarlet chuckled, "Gawd! For every song you sing along to, I'll let you into a theme song in my head at any given time like the elevator music - - which, by the way, is going down a treat in the turbo lift… you're welcome."

Ryan chuckled. “Deal.” He’d make sure to sing a long to every song.


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