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Posted on Wednesday, 30 June 2021 - 5:40pm by Crewman Leopold Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich

Adrianna was in the kitchen, trying to grab a glass of water to try and compensate for just being sick thanks to being pregnant. The Eberhardt's of which she was now related to, we're starting to test her patience. They'd been given access to their quarters as a gesture of being kind and making up for lost time. Apparently whilst they were in their honeymoon, at the very least, Adrianna's new mother in law had taken it upon herself to do a spring clean of the couple's quarters.

Had they not just left yet!?

Adrianna opened a cupboard that she normally kept glasses in, instead of having to replicate every time. Plates. What? Adrianna had already had HER kitchen rearranged once with the Ekosian's on board. Now... Again... Blood may be shed...

Adrianna looked up as the door chimed, interupting her negative thoughts. "Gawd, don't be my mother in law," she groaned. After a calming breath, she put on a smile, though far from meant it.

Leopold entered their quarters once he heard the sound of his wife's voice. "I was going to just run away if one of them answered" he said to her, they bonded over their mutual agitation for his parents. "Adrianna, I cannot find anything in here anymore," he immediately said. "They moved everything around including our bed."

"They'll be gone soon and dammit everything will go back to the way it was. I'll even have you weld the bed to the floor," she groaned, "also don't abandon me with them, or I'll divorce you here and now, in a Klingon fashion." She stepped round the kitchen to greet whoever was at the door.

Leopold laughed. "It was welded," he said reminding her. " happen. Artifical gravity disengaged, everything not bolted or welded down it going up there" he said pointing. "Let alone evasive manuevers that involve barrel rolling or putting us belly up." He knew what she meant though. "They had to go to a lot of effort to unweld and reweld. Don't go planning divorce so soon."

Adrianna waived him off. She'd tear their arms off if she had to. Just a few more days and they'd be gone though. The door opened and she smiled, "Mr and Mrs Eberhardt, hi. Come in."

"There they are! There is the lovely couple!" Leopold's mother exclaimed. She just came on in and gave Adrianna a hug before moving towards her son and kissing his head. She looked at Adrianna. "We hope you like what we did to your quarters. It needed some sprucing up, and the organization...was lacking."

Adrianna wasn't a fan of the contact, but let it happen anyway. That said, she did choise to bite her tongue. She didn't want to offend, "it was certainly different. It'll take some getting used to."

The woman looked to Leopold's father, in an attempt to change conversation, "seems freedom is suiting you."

"Looks like you enjoyed a bit of freedom yourself," his father ricocheted back at her. "You have more of a glow to you than you did behind bars. Enjoying being free?"

"I get back in the ring tomorrow," Adrianna commented. She looked to Leopold, "forgot to mention, but I need some outlet."

Leopold's father looked at Adrianna. "Ring?" The man was curious. "How about we talk business...are you any good? Is there money to be made on this?"

"Starfleet doesn't allow for bets, on the books anyway," Adrianna replied with a shrug, "but I promised one of the ensigns in my department I'd help them get their skills up. I promised because they were being cocky. They are new here but a ship I was on before this one-- I'm friends with their chief of Intel and they're in on the plan. This ensign doesn't know my background and they haven't bothered doing basic searches, so I will enjoy putting them in their place, especially after the previous chief has lied and has dmsaid I'm a big softy. You're more than welcome to watch. It's in the station's gym. There will be a few officers there. Bets, off the books, will be made."

"Can you get me in on this the books and such?" Leopold's father was not one to pass up a get rich quick scheme or any avenue that lead to quick wealth.

Adrianna hesitated internally, but hell, he wasn't Starfleet. She nodded, "Don't bet against me though. You will regret it. The ensign is a human too. He has maybe a foot on me and at least thirty kilos of muscle, but he's cocky and thinks I'm a weakling." She gestured to Leopold, "I'm sure your son can give you at least one hundred reasons why I will beat him in the first round."

His father laughed. "You are an Eberhardt now. We do not bet against our own," he replied. He could see an expression on his son's face. "What has gotten into you, boy?"

Leopold looked at Adrianna. "Is this wise?" He said with concern. "You enter that ring, you are not entering it alone...remember?" He said referring to her pregnancy.

Adrianna couldn't help but snort at the betting against their own comment. Leopold's father certainly had with Leo. Betting freedom. She looked to Leopold and smiled, "he won't lay a finger on me. Promise. He'll be down in the first round, and crying withing the first half of that round. Either way, this is a one off, I have an agreement with tactical and security cheifs for us to take it in turns. You worry too much. We survived Ekos, I can survive some ensign with an inflated ego."

"It isn't necessarily you that I am worried about," he countered. Leopold had to think about family now, his family. The one he and Adrianna were building. "Just be very careful. "

Adrianna smiled. She loved how loving he was, but since Ekos, and certainly since finding out she was pregnant, he was very much protective now. "I will," she smiled, "I promise."

There was still a lot to figure out. This whole marriage thing and on top of that? A baby on the way in the womb of a woman who did not know how to stop. She wanted to charge on through, and that made Leopold uneasy yet he trusted her.


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