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Telepathic Block

Posted on Sunday, 19 April 2020 - 3:50pm by

Mission: Operation: Overdrive
Location: Unknown
Timeline: 2393


Cassia paced the room. Another unsuccessful attempt. She wanted to throw something at the wall. She paced the room as the door opened.

A tall man wearing black entered. His shoulder length black hair hung loose and his dark eyes penetrated her very soul. "Well?"

"I can't reach him. There is a block." She pointed to the sphere. "This thing that the Ferengi sold you doesn't work."

Gaylen sighed. "Alright don't worry about it. Give it a few days. We'll try again." He took her hand and raised it to his lips. "What did you learn from your last telepathic link?"

She sighed. "Nothing useful other then a confirmation that Eyelaya is aboard the ship."

"That is at least a step."

She laughed. "He's a bit annoyed by her." She relayed the coffee story and the shuttle ride.

Gaylen laughed. "Well that's Eyelaya. You need to rest yourself. The doctor was not pleased with the readings from your telepathic centres. We'll try again in a few days. For now join me for dinner and then you need to rest."

Cassia took his hand gently. "Gaylen do you really think that they will find her?"

He sighed. "They almost got her on Vulcan. That... malfunction...." He shook his head.

Cassia took his face in her hands. "We'll figure all this out. I promise you."

He smiled, "You are right." He kissed her lips. "Let's go and have dinner. We should arrive on Bajor soon."

She gave a nod.

Together, hand in hand, they walked out.




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