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Let me break your hand

Posted on Saturday, 25 December 2021 - 7:21am by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Crewman Leopold Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness

Christmas Eve. In theory, the Eberhardt baby would be here around now. Christmas eve-eve-eve had brought Braxton Hicks and upon checking, a baby who, if they arrived that day, would be in the breach position. Christmas eve-eve had brought a false alarm of waters breaking thanks to a bouncing baby on a full bladder. Today had brought just being all round uncomfortable and in inability to get comfortable.

Adrianna couldn't sleep. She'd prepped for Christmas Dinner and had put her gifts for Leopold under the tree ready for the morning. If anything, the woman should be exhausted, but instead was staring at the ceiling, her mind alive going through a multitude of things from 'did I prepare enough for Christmas' to 'am I ready for a baby'. Right now, her mind was wandering to going over the year the couple had together.

This time last year, Adrianna had asked for Leopold to move in. Then they'd got engaged; had a pregnancy scare; had an argument about the future; been to Ekos; almost lost both their lives; been rescued from Ekos; got married; got pregnant. How could they top a year like that? It was one hell of a roller-coaster, mainly containing good memories, or hopeful memories, but equally a few bad memories that tainted the whole year.

Adrianna’s mind clicked back to reality the second the clocks changed to midnight, as something worse than Braxton Hicks electrified her body. The woman sat up, holding her stomach. This wasn't Braxton Hicks. No way. Adrianna groaned and took a few breaths, regaining composure before calling the CMO. "Eberhardt to Rose," her voice sounded a little strained, "Ryan, I think - - gawd get me pain relief. If this is Braxton hicks then I need something for it."

Ryan smiled, but tried to keep it out of his voice. Angering Adrianna was never a good idea. Angering Adrianna when she was VERY pregnant, possibly fatal. "I'll be right there." He whispered, but it was a loud whisper. He rolled out of bed, and threw on sweats, and a tshirt, then slipped into some trainers. He grabbed the large medical kit that was stationed near the door, and headed to the Eberhardt's residence. If she was in active labor, he certainly wasn't going to make her either come to the door or try and call out for him to enter, so he just walked in.

Adrianna heard the door and was still sat at the edge of the bed, "in the bedroom." She groaned again but kept breathing.

Ryan was already halfway there when she called out. He walked into the bedroom. "Well Merry Christmas Eve." He smiled. Ryan put his medical bag at the foot of the bed. "Do you want to go to sickbay or do this here?" He was already 80% sure she was in labor, without having to do a single scan.

Adrianna pointed to the clock, "merry Christmas, actually." She rocked a little side to side trying to relieve some pain, whilst she considered the question. "Depends, if I'm in labour. If I'm in labour, we may as well go to the medbay. Everything is there as a just in case."

Ryan nodded, then pulled out his tricorder. A quick scan later and he smiled. "Well, I think there is a very good chance you are going to have a Christmas baby." He put the tricorder back. "Ok, up you get." He reached to support her around the waist and help her lever herself off the bed.

Adrianna took the help for a change, without second guessing appearances. She took a breath and grabbed a bag and her comm on the way out to medbay. She hit her badge, "Leo, merry Christmas. Meet you in medbay."

Ryan chuckled, supporting Adrianna as much as she'd let him, they made their way to sickbay. Ryan hit a few buttons on the bio bed and it changed into delivery mode. Scarlet had done a fantastic job with that one.

Adrianna smiled, "If Leopold isn't here in 10, call the guy that took my position and tell him mission Lima Echo four."

Ryan snorted in amusement at the cloak and dagger of that commented, but nodded. "I will.' He then walked over to the wall, and began sterilizing his hands and forearms. The bio bed would do it, but it didn't hurt to be doubly sure. Not when he would be bringing a new life into this world within the next several hours. "Alright. Let's see how things are going." He pulled a stool over, and got the more intricate scanner working.

"Swear to hell, Leopold better get here soon," Adrianna then proceeded to cuss in her native tongue as a contraction took her. It was enough to make a sailor blush let alone a pope.

"I'm sure he'll be here." Ryan assured her, then hoped that it was true.

A shimmering silhouette of a man soon began to take form behind Doctor Ryan Rose, and within a few moments, the silhouette became more defined. The features of Leopold Eberhardt were there, faded, but there. He would soon be sharper looking and more lifelike, less water painting. He became animated as he stumbled forward and grabbed Ryan's shoulder. "I didn't miss the delivery did I?!"

He was worried that he was going to be late for the child's arrival. "I had them do a site-to-site to get me here in time. I know how patient Adrianna is. If the child has any of that Baciami patience in it...I wouldn't make it in time."

"Quit with insulting positive traits and let me break your hand," Adrianna growled as a contraction started to grow.

"I never tire of your foreplay and chipper personality," Leopold replied as he held out his hand and stood near his wife's side. "They are certain you aren't a Cardassian spy, right? You have the aggression one for sure."

"Please, I'd put them to shame back in the day. I even made one cry once. I didn't even think they had tear ducts but--" her words faded to cussing in her native tongue. Priests and even sailors alike may have pushed at some of the phrases.

Leopold looked at them both. "So, is the baby actually coming this time or is this another false alarm?"

Ryan smiled. "Oh the baby is definitely coming, and I'm glad you could make it, or it would be my hand being broken, and I rather need them both for this." He teased.

"What asshole misses the birth of their first child if they can help it," Leopold said taking a small jab at his own father who missed his birth. "Do you want kids of your own, Doctor?"

The question came a bit out of the blue. But it really wasn't a surprising question to ask under the circumstances. "Uhhh." He was saved from trying to elaborate by ...

"Can we focus on the bowling ball coming out of my," Adrianna cussed some more, uncaring about interrupting the pair. If this Labour was anything like the ones her mother had, this child would be born in potentially the next minute.

Ryan was glad for the interruption. He wasn't expecting anything fast. He found that more often than not new mother's thought the baby was imminent, yet they were only 2 or 3 centimeters dilated. A quick check showed that Adrianna was not following that trend. She was fully dilated. "Well somebody is in a hurry." He smiled. "Push when you feel the need." He urged.

Adrianna didn't need to be asked twice. She'd been feeling the urge for a little while. The woman started pushing flat out, with her groans of strain turning to screams by the end.

Time wise Ryan would have thought Adrianna was having her 3rd child. Soon he was easing out a squalling baby girl "Do you want to cut the cord Leopold?" He offered.

Leopold looked at Doctor Rose as though the physician had bestowed a great honor upon him, and in a way, it was. He was present for his child's birth, he had made his parents into grandparents. Now, he had the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord. "Yes, absolutely!" he exclaimed. "I cannot believe that we have done it. We have a family."

Ryan smiled, and handed over a pair of surgical scissors. He clamped off the umbilical cord in 2 parts, leaving about 4 inches between the clamps so Leopold knew where to cut.

"Ooo, fancy," replied Leopold. "You're going to let me use the old method," he added having expecting a laser scalpel to do the job. Instead, Leopold took the surgical scissors and steadied his hand as he severed the umbilical cord.

Ryan was then quick to take the baby and do a quick vitals and APGAR test, as well as giving the newborn a good cleaning. He smiled at the baby girl, then put her on Adrianna's chest. "You have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Congratulations. I'm going to go get some supplies, and give you two a few minutes." He nodded to the couple and then gave them some privacy.

Adrianna smiled, immediately feeling pride for the job she'd done, but also for the baby now in her arms. Gawd, she was beautiful, Adrianna thought before adding out loud, "my gawd, Leo, look at her."

"She's perfect," the new father commented. He had very few words that he could manage, left in awe of the moment. He was happy. He was proud. He was a father, and nothing would ever compare to that.

Adrianna finally looked to Leopold, "she looks like you."

Leopold smiled warmly. This was family. This was what he had been missing all this time; it was what he was always searching for and yet never knew it was what he was seeking. It was everything he could have ever wanted.


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