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Old Friend with New News

Posted on Thursday, 9 July 2020 - 2:14am by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

After Eyelaya had left, Adrianna remained seated. She was waiting for someone. Inside, her stomach was in knots. Was this the best decision? Last time she asked questions she wound up instantly regretting it with a few phaser blasts to the arm. What the hell was she thinking? Adrianna went to stand up when a man suddenly sat opposite her. "Sorry I'm late, the traffic on the milky way was a nightmare."

Adrianna froze in a strange not sat, not stood-up position. It was awkward, but she slowly lowered herself back to be seated, "you're forgiven? I think. Who are you?"

The man raised a brow, "has it been that long that you don't recognise me?"

Adrianna leant back into her chair a little, looking that man over. He wasn't Italian and certainly didn't have key Baciami features (the genes were strong in that family), so he wasn't family. He may not have even been from Earth as his features were a slightly out, plus his accent wasn't one that was recognisable as one of Earth's array of diversity. It then clicked, "Nick?"

The man nodded his head, "You haven't changed. I'm now the family messenger for Giovanni since Dario is... otherwise occupied. I almost bit Gio's arm off at the elbow to see you again. I've missed you. You're the only Baciami that understands the concept of 'don't shoot the messenger'."

Adrianna couldn't help but relax, chuckling. She ordered a coffee for the pair of them, remembering that Nick had his with smoked coffee beans and one sugar, no milk. He seemed impressed at her memory. Once the waiter left she asked, "So you tracked me down to give me a message."

The man switched to Italian, "your contact asked about the family, without realising Giovanni was around. He told me to pass the message on instead. No one else knows I'm here except him, so you're safe."

Adrianna wasn't sure how to feel about that comment but simply said, as coffee was put down in front of them, "what did he say?"

"He hopes you're well," Nick started, "he misses you, but know you are better here." Adrianna nodded, she'd hoped for more, "you're an aunt again. Franco's wife had twin daughters." He showed her a picture, "thank gawd they look like their mother."

Adrianna finally smiled, running her fingers across the picture, "wow, they do look like Anita. Thank goodness."

Nick smiled, "Giovanni wanted me to tell you he's close to making it safe for you to return. He's working with Starfleet a bit more now to try and help."

Adrianna raised a brow, "messenger or Nick?"

Nick sipped his coffee, "both."

Adrianna nodded, thinking a little, "you tell him that sunsets are still beautiful from space, but it doesn't mean you can stare directly at the sun."

Nick nodded in understanding. He knew the pair had a special bond and often used strange analogies to get messages through with only the pair understanding. "He almost dropped his glass when he heard you were asking about him."

Adrianna looked away and then down to her coffee, "tell him that only the welsh have a word for it, too." Adrianna stood up, smiling down to Nick, "I am supposed to be meeting someone soon. I'm taking some shore leave but I'll be back here in a few days if you need anything. You know how to get hold of me now."

Nick stood up and embraced the woman, "never forget that you are in the right place and that life is for living. Your mother's words. She also told me to tell you she wants grandchildren and you to be married - she's getting impatient."

It was like Adrianna needed to hear that. Her mother always said it instead of goodbye. It was just nice to hear it in Italian and in-person again, albeit not from her mother's lips. The Italian hugged him back, "safe voyage."

"Alla prossima, Piccolina."


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