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The Wedding -- Reflections

Posted on Friday, 17 July 2020 - 11:26am by Commander Soral


“Soral, Lieutenant Commander, Personal log.

It has been an eventful few days. With the ship docked both Alexandra and I set off for our trip from the station to Earth. The trip to Earth was relaxing and it was a time where we both, in a sense, did our own thing yet the quiet and the togetherness was healing.

I have to admit that I did get a chance to rest a little. It allowed my body to relax and I felt as if my wounds were healing. It was just what was needed. Arrival was not so bad either. Meeting Alexandra’s mother I have figured out where her inner strength comes from and where her wisdom comes from, even though not bound by blood the two are very much alike.

I must confess that Laura’s excitement was quite contagious. She is a remarkable person and I cannot wait to get to know her more. I cannot wait to have children with Alexandra so that she may be an influence in their lives. I know that it will not only bring joy to her but to my wife as well.”

Soral paused the recording and headed to the kitchen replicator to get himself a drink of water. Alex and Laura had gone on their vacation and he had returned from the memorial service for Haru’s grandmother. Grateful that he’d brought a portable log recorder he settled back in his seat at the kitchen table.

“Begin recording,” he said to the small rectangular device. When it beeped twice he continued.

“The wedding was…remarkable. Seeing Alexandra in her wedding dress stole my breath from me. She was magnificent. Just going through the wedding, watching her walk to me it erased every problem, every question I had. The earlier occurrence of finding out I had a twin sister was wiped from my mind for the night.

Of course the next day it was brought right back. Not only do I have a twin but I am part Romulan. In itself it is not an issue for me but… I worry about Alexandra. The standing theory going around is that the Romulans had something to do with the Mars occurrence and the synths. I worry that she’ll hate the part of me that is Romulan and then I feel a sense of disappointment. If anything Alexandra has proven her love and acceptance of me. I am projecting my fear of rejection and loss on her and it is not something I ever wanted to do.”

He sipped his drink. “I will need to speak with Vali when I return to the Standing Bear. I require a sharp counselor’s mind and perhaps some help getting through this fear of loss and rejection.”

He paused again. This time it took several minutes before he began to speak again. “Since finding out about Liviana I have not slept. My mind keeps going through images of my childhood and I keep seeing all that I had and didn’t have and all the uncertainty. There is so much that weighs heavy on me and to be honest I do not know if I have the strength to deal with it on my own.”

He turned off the recorder and finished his drink. He stared at the rectangular box for a good ten minutes before he hit the erase button.

Soral put away the log recorder and headed out to the garden area. He knew that he would not be getting any sleep that night but at least he could enjoy the moonlight and the sweet scent of the flowers on this humid night.



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