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Posted on Thursday, 7 January 2021 - 5:42pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Adrianna had debated going back to Italy. The fourth time was a charm, right? Each time, she had put others in danger. She'd abandoned the idea of putting others at risk again. This was a solo mission this time. Having made an appearance once too many times, she knew that the hunt was on for her. It was like the fox was in sight.

With the Standing Bear set to be assigned a venture soon, Adrianna wanted to see her mother one last time.

Just in case someone managed to win the hunt, Adrianna wrote a note for Leopold. It read:

This is one mission I need to do myself. I need to say goodbye properly and close this chapter off.
Should I not return, know that with you, I was my most true self. I love you.

Gulping, Adrianna actually felt more nervous than ever as she stepped to be transported. She'd managed to get to the Baciami residence, but when she arrived, she saw faces through the window.

All of her brothers and their families were there.

None of her brothers had changed. Though her one brother, Franco, was showing signs of a happy marriage - aka he was getting fat. The wives all looked like they were glowing, chatting about who knew what. The children, oh how they had grown. One or two, Adrianna didn't recognise.

She looked disappointed. Her eyes followed the people. They were happy; her mother was happy; her neices and nephews were happy. Was Adrianna?

Life for them was now different, but they were happy. The man of the house was now behind bars, so to speak. The daughter was a distant memory in terms of family life. But, as the French said, c'est la vie. Life truly went on.

Adrianna suddenly jumped and pulled a phaser out as a hand grabbed her shoulder. "I wouldn't plan on staying long," the man warned.

Adrianna didn't lower her weapon, though everything in her told her to. Her brother Luca. He smiled and raised both his hands slightly, "Don't worry. I'm not going to say anything. I'm just late for this party."

Adrianna lowered her weapon slower, "Luca, I-"

He shook his head, "Don't. You did what was right. You were just braver than I. That and you were closer to the centre of things."

She blinked. What? Adrianna finally offered a small smile, "you could leave, you know."

Luca nodded, "I know, but someone had to leave the plans out for you to find."


"You would have kicked yourself for being so close to Earth and not attempted to see Mama," he smiled, "you're human."

"Thank you," Adrianna offered, stunned.

Luca nodded, then looked up to the party, "mother still cries. She wants the family together. She is not angry though. She loves you. She didn't like what Papi had become. You did the right thing. Giovanni-- it won't be long before he loses Baciami. The rest of us are tired of the fear mongouring. We all have families aside from him. We want what is best for them." He looked back to his sister," I hope you have found peace, maybe even love. You really deserve it."

Adrianna looked back to the family. Many thoughts ran through her mind. She looked back to Luca," Mama met him. She practically demanded he marry me."

Luca snorted in amusement, "well, you know her. She knows best."

"I've never been happier," she continued, "he brings out the best in me and expects nothing in return."

"We won't mess this one up for you," Luca sighed, relieved at her peace. Though he looked a little guilty.

Adrianna narrowed her eyes a little, her voice suddenly becoming cold, "What did you do?"

"You are the happiest you have ever been. Does it matter?" Luca rhetorically asked. His eyes flashed up to the family, "you should go."

Adrianna looked back to the family. It was definitely time to leave. She looked back to say goodbye to Luca but he was gone. The woman waited a moment. It felt like she was a bird, taking one meaningful, long last look, before flying south.

There it was. The book was closing. The final pages fluttered to join their comrades and the finale of a hardened cover encouraging all the pages to completeness.

Her heart neither felt broken nor repaired. There was a sense of closure-- a sense of completeness. Now she could move on. Her family built her, but her life now-- that made her. This was sign-- a means to not look back am with regret and guilt; this was a sign to only look back at lessons learnt and fond memories.


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