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On the eighth day...

Posted on Monday, 25 January 2021 - 5:43am by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

"Auntie Ade, auntie Ade!" a little boy beamed up, slightly winded from racing in to see her.

Adrianna was in the process of washing something incriminating of her hands and at the sound of the little boy, washed quicker. She grabbed a towel and dried off before turning round to see the little boy. "Georgia," Adrianna smiled. She tossed the towel in the sink and wrapped her arms around the little boy, "Oh, I have missed you. How was Santorini?"

"Amazing! The lemons! They were the size of your head!" Georgia listed off other 'amazing' things at warp speed. He suddenly stopped and said, "Oh, momma wanted you. She sent me to get you."

Adrianna nodded, "well, I'll have to catch up with you later, cucciolo." the woman ruffled the young boy's hair and went to find her sister in law.

"Elaina, you wanted me," Adrianna smiled to a tall woman. She had a short bob and was very slender, but had a round face, hinting at being much heavier at one point.

Elaina quickly grabbed Adrianna's wrist and pulled her into the nearby cloak room. Why did this place always smell so musty? The coat racks were a river of black, tailored coats and jackets. A few deep red velvet scarves and a few pairs of gloves. "Adrianna, I messed up," Elaina whispered, panicked.

"We have been friends since school," Adrianna whispered back, trying to calm the woman, "the last time you said that to me, you thought you were -" Adrianna paused, "you're pregnant."

"Franco said he didn't want any more," Elaina replied, "we had trouble when I was pregnant with Geogio. He's going to kill me."

Adrianna waived him off, "he'll freak out. Get drunk. Have a realisation. Wake up in New Berlin with one hell of a hangover only remembering the realisation. Then come back, grovelling but excited. ''It was exactly what had happened when Elaina had gotten pregnant with Geogio and when his ex girlfriend had a scare.

Elaina held a gawped expression for a moment. Thoughts ran through the woman's head, "what?"

"Nothing," Adrianna quickly back tracked, "my point is, tell him. You'll be fine. I'm damn excited to have another niece or nephew."

Elaina relaxed and the squealed in a hushed way, "I'm so excited. I didn't want Geogio to be an only child."

***Present Day***

Adrianna stirred a little feeling the bed empty next to her. Leopold was on the night shift, so he was due home soon. She stretched and sat up. She fixed her satin Teddy and looked around a moment.

The woman felt at peace, happy and--


Adrianna scrambled off the bed to the nearby toilet.

Lifting her heat in defeat, a few minutes later. Saliva mixed with remnants of bile, dripped from the corner of her mouth as she panted heavily.

What day was it?

January 25th.

Eight days.



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