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Ekos 14 - Ich Fange Jetzt An

Posted on Saturday, 24 April 2021 - 2:29pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Adrianna paced her cell, albeit slowly and pained. The woman knew she had to keep moving or else laziness would set in, as would the self pity and potentially healing wrong. Each day brought new strength though and whilst still in pain, she'd finally managed to clean herself up a bit better.

The woman longed for a proper shower, though. Here she didn't feel comfortable showering in front of guards, it was inhumane. Whilst she was a proud woman, she didn't want to give the satisfaction of a free view. Thankfully, she was proud enough to shower, just with her underwear on.

Hair still dripping wet, Adrianna quickly changed into a clean prison issued set of clothes. She dabbed her hair dry and looked up, hearing footsteps. König rounded the corner and leaned in a doorway looking her over, "Baciami."

Adrianna stood up straight bracing herself. She looked the guard over, trying to work out what his intention was, "yes?"

"It appears we'll be seeing a lot more of each other," he smiled, though his eyes seemed to hold an element of evil.

"Oh?" she asked.

"Ja, I requested a transfer to the female side of the prison. I believe we made a connection and I'm willing to bet that if I needed more information, I could pry it from you, or at least your boyfriend. He seemed to crack seeing you in your condition," König explained.

Adrianna nodded, following. She thought about it for a moment, "I'm convinced that I do not have anything else of worth."

König chuckled, "you're a good liar, you know that." He stepped over and into her personal space, trying to intimidate her, "what is it that you're not telling me?"

Adrianna stiffened a little. She wasn't about to be intimidated by some man, that said, she wasn't sure he would spare her again. Here though, here she would be out manned, certainly out powered even by just him. The fight wouldn't be fair or worth it. "That 'boyfriend', is actually my fiancé," Adrianna corrected before replying, "I don't have anything that would be useful, though if you decide that you want my family's grappa recipe -- it's a strong alcohol spirit, or my secret pasta making techniques, I have nothing of worth."

König put his arm across her collar bone, pinning her to the wall behind, "if you have nothing of worth, then I guess I'll just have to enjoy making your life hell."

Adrianna felt her back hit the cold, tiled walls behind and she gasped. "I have nothing of worth to an Ekosian."

"But you have information of worth, otherwise?" König demanded, pushing his arm a little harder.

"The universes are big places," she struggled in reply, finding it difficult to breathe a little, "not all of my knowledge applies to a single planet. It's one planet, an insignificant one in comparison to the hundreds of known universes. Ekos is too engrossed in itself to care about others."

He smirked and let her go,watching her slip down, somewhat breathless, "Oh well, I'm sure, I can make that determination."

Adrianna nodded, rubbing where his arm had been, muttering, "most men would take me out for dinner first before trying to dominate."

König grinned, "as fun as I think you'd be -- I wouldn't do dinner first with someone like you." He pinned her against the wall again, "I'd just take." He stared her down, looking her over with a little lust before slapping her hard across the face, making her nose bleed once more.

Adrianna slipped down the wall onto the floor as he let her go. She put her fingers to her nose and muttered something derogatory under her breath in her native tongue.

He glared down at her, "Don't speak that filth." He then turned to leave shouting back, "it's going to be great getting to know you, Baciami."

Ade watched him leave, not getting up for a moment. Leopold's words rang through her mind: just give them something, they can't check if it's true. She grabbed her towel and cleaned up her nose as best she could.

Gawd she'd enjoy breaking that guard, but equally, she'd promised Stillwater that she'd be good. That said… Stillwater wasn't here.


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